Handball Betting Guide
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Handball is an upcoming sport that started as a European sport before gradually gaining popularity as an international sport played on all levels of sporting events. Thanks to the ever-increasing fanbase, the demand for the game has now moved from the handball pitch to the online sports betting space. If online sports betting is one of your pass times, then you are probably wondering how you can start placing bets on handball. Being a game of luck with pretty much straightforward rules, betting on handball is not only fun but also the ultimate moneymaking game. In this article, we share some tips and tricks that you can implement as a beginner when you start exploring the handball betting games.

Benefits and Advantages of Betting on Handball

Betting on handball is easy because; It is beginner friendly you don’t need a lot of experience to get started since the sport is easy to understand also there are plenty of stats available for people interested in betting. These stats give an insight on the analysis of various team’s forms, player performance and the benefits certain teams get when they play in their home field. This increases the advantage of betting in handball.

Why should You Bet on Handball?

Handball is diversified from domestic leagues as the lowest level to world championship as the highest level, This increases chances of winning in the different categories making the betting profitable.

There are various daily betting odds available in this sport among the various leagues making it important to find a market that work for you.

Unique features of this betting market

The unique feature of this sport is it has fewer rules compared to other sports, some of them are; the advantage of having seven substitutes which can be exchanged on a rolling basis. Also, any part of the body above the knee that comes into contact with the ball is a score. This and other features of the sport make it lucrative to bet on.

Main factors that influence the outcome of this sport

There are a number of factors that can influence your decision before placing a bet, such as; location, fighting style and injuries. The location plays a major role, most teams win in their home ground because of the confidence impacted by their fellow local funs. Some players have a unique way of playing which makes it hard for the competitors to score this makes the prediction easier since one team has advantage over the other. Injuries also play a major role when placing a bet, injured players cannot give their best play due to the limitation they have, making the opponents stronger and your bet more insured.

How to place a bet on handball.

Before placing a bet, it is well worth going through the diverse handball betting market which are available on most matches. The most popular handball betting markets are; half-time/full-time, match odds, over/under goals, handicap and accumulators.

Finding the best odds

This is determined by a lot of factors that will be discussed below like; understanding the game rules well, analyzing a team’s form, looking at a team’s home record than away, betting on over/under or alternatively use the handicaps and spread bets strategy. By understanding the game rules one can be able to determine which team is mostly affected by it and hence place a bet on the opponents since they have an advantage. The teams form a major factor to consider since teams with a better formation have the right tactic of defense and scoring goals, the formation help spread the team strength to compensate for their weakness in the areas they previously made mistakes, this makes them suitable to place your bets on. Looking at a team’s record when at home and away can also help greatly. Most teams have confidence when at home since they are the favorite ones and they are familiar with the climatic condition of the place and additionally they are familiar with the field they are playing on. This increases their advantage over the others making your bet more secure.

Placing a bet on handball games

Betting on over/under is a clever way of betting because goals are the number one priority in handball. Before the beginning of a match, the betting companies will set total score for the over/under bet which is the score line based on the potential of the teams playing. You therefore have to bet on either the teams to perform below or above the score line to win. With handicaps betting you have the similar option that is a combination of favorite Vs underdogs, it is hard to lose in it. Spread bets is used to cover a lot of grounds using a one bet, in that you are given a chance to decide on what points difference the results will be. main types of bets available at bookmakers.

  1. Over/under betting
  2. Favorite or outsiders
  3. Handicaps and spread bets

Betting on handball is a fun and adventurous activity for people who have known the game both experts and first-time punters. The sport has more action which entices fans and has a lot of adrenaline moments that help boost the enthusiasm of the fans We hope that with this simple betting guides will be helpful in your handball betting journey.

Last Updated: May 13, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team