Speed Baccarat

Presenting Baccarat at Full Speed

Speed Baccarat is a faster version of the regular baccarat card game, usually played in the Punto Banco variant. It aims to eliminate the waiting time between rounds and also speeds things up by presenting the cards straight away. Unlike other versions of casino baccarat, players don’t get to squeeze or even touch the cards since this would take up too much time. With the goal of playing as many hands as possible in an hour, while still keeping everything organised, Speed Baccarat is preferred by many clients and also by the casinos.

The rushed version is a recent addition to the portfolio, which has become popular within the past decade. The roots of the baccarat game go back much further than that, being a card game played between soldiers in the late 1400's. The rules have been polished and solidified over the years, and baccarat has become an iconic game in casinos, especially when it comes to the glamorous gaming establishments of Macau.

Speed Baccarat can also be found at online casinos where the cards are shown as soon as the bet is placed. Playing in this way is arguably the ultimate version since there is no time wasted. When payouts are awarded just as quickly, the pace of the game is very alert. Other formats include Live Speed Baccarat where players are only given a small window to place their wagers and the dealer is pretty quick in dealing the cards.

How the Faster Pace Makes it the Best Game for Players

Regular baccarat is a popular option for all types of players, but Speed Baccarat has a reputation for being the ideal choice for experienced bettors. Having smaller windows for placing bets means that customers at the table have to be quicker when deciding what amount to wager and which side to wager a bet. However, if you are going in with a plan, Speed Baccarat will allow you to put that plan into action much faster.

The rules of the game for speed Baccarat stay the same as with the regular versions, so if you already like playing baccarat, you will probably love playing Speed Baccarat. On the other hand, if you enjoy turning the cards yourself at the baccarat table, this version will not meet your requirements. Players are forbidden to touch the cards, and the dealer will not waste time revealing them to build suspense.

At its core, the low house edge makes sure that players are rewarded for choosing the game. Most other casino options are not as favourable since clients stand to lose more money over time. With Speed Baccarat, you can simply re-bet the same value round after round and get to see quite a few cards during a session.

Learning the Rules Quickly to Win Faster

In keeping with the faster gameplay, the rules of Speed Baccarat can be learned very quickly as well. Even if you are new to the table, it doesn’t take more than a few hands to understand how everything works. Arguably the most challenging part is getting to know the scoring system. All versions of baccarat and are based on the value of the cards. The winning hand is the one that is closest to the score of nine after the cards are dealt.

The final score is determined by the sum value of cards for each of the two sides, Banker and Player. Cards ranging from two to nine are worth their face value. A 10, Jack, Queen, or King is worth zero points. Aces are each worth one point. When the cards are added up, the score is represented by the digit shown on the right of the number. For example, 13 is worth 3, 5 is worth 5, and 20 is worth 0.

Once you know how the hands are scored, it is time to know what the betting options are. In Speed Baccarat, you can bet on the Banker, on the Player, or on the final result being a tie. Some variants can also feature side bets for pairs on either side. The main bets are on one of the two available (banker or player) winning the hand. A house edge of just over 1% is offered on a Banker bet, including the 5% tax taken by the casino. The other betting options are not as good since the house edge will be much higher.

After the bet is placed, two cards are dealt the Player and two for the Banker. According to drawing rules, additional cards can be given if needed. All cards in Speed Baccarat are shown facing up to save time. The dealer announces the final result, and the winning wagers are paid. The table is cleared, and a new round is ready to begin.

Expert Strategies for When You Are Playing Speed Baccarat

It is important to mention from the start that Speed Baccarat is a pure gambling game where the player doesn’t have any control over the outcome of a round. Once a wager is placed, the bet is complete, and the result will depend on the values dealt on random cards. There are usually eight decks shuffled together for playing baccarat in the casino. Only a part of the cards are dealt before the pack is reshuffled. This way, the random element is ensured, and neither the players nor the dealer can know what cards are coming up next.

There are, however, several strategies that have gained quite a bit of traction over the years. They don’t apply exclusively to Speed Baccarat but can be put into practice very well given the low house edge. We recommend betting on Banker for every round since the RTP is higher when employing the following strategies.

A. Fixed Betting:

Fixed Betting is the simplest strategy since you don’t have to calculate the size of the bet between rounds. Just bet the same amount on the same side every time. Fixed betting allows you to enjoy the game and benefit from winning streaks. Plus, wins and losses will cancel each other out, making room for a bit of luck to kick in during the game session.

B. Fixed Percentage:

This betting strategy is more efficient but harder to use on Speed Baccarat. It consists of betting a percentage of the bankroll, rather than a set amount. If you win, the size of the bet goes up. If you lose, the bet amount goes down. This way, winning streaks are rewarded nicely, and bad runs are not as damaging to the balance.

The only problem is that you will have to calculate the amount during the small betting window quickly. To this end, we recommend using 10% of a €100 balance to start with, or something similar.

C. Chasing Streaks

Another strategy used when playing casino games with even money payouts is to increase the size of the bet after a winning hand. The idea is that streaks take place often and improving the stake after one win will result in a more significant payout if another win occurs immediately after.

It is not uncommon for gamblers to be influenced by previous results. Online baccarat games are very good at providing stats and information for recent results (particularly when playing online) that might be considered useful. The truth is that every hand in Speed Baccarat is random and it is not influenced by the previous hands, even when playing with the same stack of cards.

D. Doubling the Bet

What is sometimes the best strategy is to double the bet after suffering a loss and then resetting to the initial amount after a win. The approach relies on the fact that a winning round must take place at one time or another and it will offer a payout big enough to cover all the previously lost wagers. The downside is that you will need a decent bankroll in correlation with the starting bet so that you can afford to double the wager multiple times in a row if needed.

The Fastest Way to Play and Win in Baccarat

In just a few words, Speed Baccarat is a more fun version of the regular card game that it worth exploring by casino experienced Baccarat players. This version of the game is incredibly straightforward. Players need only settle on a bet amount and place it on the table. The dealer will quickly present the cards and announce the winner.

You don’t have to make other decisions that can change the outcome of the round and so luck is essential here. The only thing that ranks higher is the RTP since Speed Baccarat has some of the lowest house edge percentages for any casino game. And of course, it wouldn’t be such a hit in casinos worldwide if it was boring. Speed Baccarat is entertaining thanks to its high payout rate and the potential to win big on successful tie bets.

Speed Baccarat Game Ratings

LUCK 4.1
RTP 4.4