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From Simple Card Game to the Most Fun Casino Option

Baccarat is a card game that is available in most casinos around the world. It is famous in Macau and has a significant following in other parts of the world as well. Before it reached its current impressive level of popularity, baccarat was a simple game played by soldiers in the 15th century. The simple rules and the promise of easy money made it a hit among soldiers during the big war between France and Italy led by Charles VIII. When the war was over, the card game was introduced in France, where it started catching on.

Nowadays, baccarat is one the most advantageous casino games due to its low house edge. However, it is also interesting thanks to its extra betting options. On the topic of excitement, Squeeze Baccarat is arguably the most fun version of the game you can find in a casino. The distinctive feature here is that players get to squeeze the cards and reveal them slowly, thus increasing the suspense.

Virtual versions of Squeeze Baccarat did not really light fuses at the online casino, until the introduction of live dealer games. These games allowed for the croupier to manipulate the cards and similarly reveal their value.

Why Squeeze Baccarat is the Best Option for You

If you are not yet sure if Squeeze Baccarat is the best fit for you, we might provide some assistance on the matter. The game is aimed at fans of regular baccarat who want to add a bit more excitement to the gameplay. It is best played in land-based casinos since the feeling of squeezing the cards is what ultimately makes this version so thrilling.

The game keeps the same mechanics, so you don’t have to worry about learning new rules or strategies. The only significant difference is that you will have to know how to hold the cards to provide the best balance of speed and excitement for the reveal. If you think that this is not something you will like, there is also the option to allow someone else at the table to present the cards. The level of fun is similar in this case.

For players who want a faster pace, Squeeze Baccarat is not the ideal variant of the card game. The slow reveal comes at a cost as fewer hands can be played per hour. That is why the tables are usually reserved for high rollers, and therefore the betting limits can be higher than usual.

Your Quick Guide to Playing Squeeze Baccarat

For newcomers, baccarat can be a bit confusing. However, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to learn the basics. The most important part is knowing how hand values are scored since baccarat uses a unique set of rules.

If we take apart a deck of 52 cards, we can see that there are eight values with numbers, ranging from 2 to 9. These will keep their respective point values when playing baccarat. For Jack, Queen and King, the value of a card is zero. Finally, the ace will be worth only one point when it is part of a hand. When the score is calculated, only the digit on the right is considered.

Now that we know how the scoring works, we can head to the table. Three betting options are available: you can place a wager on the Banker, the Player, or on a Tie. Once bets are taken, the dealer will deal two cards for both sides. It is common in Squeeze Baccarat for the starting hands to be dealt facing down. This way, the clients at the table can bend and twist the cards to reveal their value leisurely.

The custom is for the person with the most significant wager for each side to be the squeezer, also known as a driver. It is possible to name another player at the table to be the driver if preferred. However, only one client can handle the cards for the Banker and one for the Player side.

Although it may seem like the person revealing the cards has all the power, the truth is that the cards are the same, no matter who turns them over. As a result, the house edge for Squeeze Baccarat remains the same as the regular version of Punto Banco. Customers are playing against a house edge of 1.06% when betting on the Banker and of 1.24% when betting on the Player.

The Best Tips and Strategies to Win and to Have Fun in Squeeze Baccarat

If you are thinking about trying your luck at a game session of Squeeze Baccarat, we have some expert tips meant to help maximise the fun and potential winnings. The first piece of advice is to check the betting limits at the table before taking a seat. As we mentioned previously, this version of baccarat is popular among high rollers and casinos can have some pretty steep limits.

On the topic of checking the table, we also recommend monitoring the payout rate for a tie bet. Some casinos can offer an 8:1 payout while others are more generous at 9:1. The promise of a higher rate will mean more money when landing a successful tie wager. If you want to play for the best odds of winning in the long run, it is better to avoid betting on a tie altogether since the house edge is much bigger than for the other two betting options.

A playing tip that applies exclusively to the squeeze version of the game is to reveal the cards in dramatic fashion. It is usually best to put both thumbs under the corners of the playing card to hide the numbers. Then, slowly bend the card upwards to show only the top part. Some cards can be identified straight away, such as picture cards (J, Q, and K), while others can't. If the value of the card is not apparent, continue to bend it up or switch to the sides and repeat the process.

It is best not to delay the reveal too much so that the other players at the table don’t get bored. Practicing at home is very simple since all you need is a deck of cards and some spare time.

As for strategies, there isn’t a sure way to win at Squeeze Baccarat. The odds will always be stacked favour of the casino, but only slightly in this game. To maximise your potential to come out on top, we advise you to always bet on Banker to win, despite having to pay a commission of 5%.

There are also some betting strategies that go well with the high RTP and the simple game rules. One such approach for baccarat is called Martingale. When following it, players must double the bet when suffering a loss. When done multiple times, one win will cover all previous wagers and even offer an extra win.

Keeping the size of the bet fixed, while only representing a small part of the total balance, is a responsible way to play most casino games and Squeeze Baccarat is no exception. This way, you will not worry too much for a few lost bets, and you can enjoy the action in a more relaxed fashion.

If you prefer a higher level of excitement, betting big is always very thrilling. However, we recommend customers not to bet more than they can afford to lose.

Another favourite way of gambling is by following the Kelly strategy. Named after a Bell Labs researcher by the name of John Larry Kelly Junior, the concept promotes percentage betting. In other words, players are encouraged to bet the same percentage of the balance on every wager, no matter how much money they have available. If a bet of 20% out of €200 (€40) is successful, the next wager will be of 20% of €240 (€48). If the first bet loses, the wager goes down to €32 by following the same formula.

The Most Exciting Baccarat Version You Can Find in a Casino

When compared to other versions of baccarat in a casino; it is safe to say that the Squeeze variant gives players the most exciting gaming environment. In part, this is thanks to the freedom of bending the cards and seeing them being revealed more slowly. Players at the same table often feel like they are betting together, making the experience even more fun. However, it is sensible to keep in mind that it is still a gambling game and luck has a significant role while skill can only do so much.

The best reason to give real money Squeeze Baccarat a try is the favourable RTP. It is among the best paying casino games available and for that it should not be overlooked. For beginners, it is also one of the most straightforward options to learn. All in all, it is evident to see why the card game has so many fans around the world.

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