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Introducing You to Live Casino Baccarat

The trend of live dealer casino games has taken the online gaming world by storm and it only continues to get better. The options combine the convenience of betting on the internet with the authentic feel of being in a luxurious casino. With the use of live video stream, players are shown the action live action from authentic casino tables. This way, you can see the dealer dealing the cards in real time.

Baccarat is, of course, one of the top games when it comes to live dealer casino games. Tables run around the clock, and you can quickly take a seat to bet real money on the cards. Punto Banco is the most played version, but there are also some other variations to check out. For example, in live squeeze baccarat, the dealer will bend the card to show it slowly to the camera.

Live baccarat, along with other live table games, started making waves in the early 2000's. It only took a few years for players to fall in love with the exciting gaming options. Over the years, the technology has improved considerably, and you can now watch the action unfold in HD from multiple angles. Plus, the betting system has also been updated to make the experience go a lot smoother. The future is unknown, but we can expect live casino games to continue to get better and make new fans from around the world.

The most prominent provider for live casino baccarat is Evolution Gaming. It was founded in 2006 and won several awards for its premium products. With the help of partnerships with major operators in the online gaming world, the branded titles from Evolution can be found at quite a few casinos online. Other developers include Playtech, NetEnt, and Extreme Live Gaming.

The Best of Both Casino Worlds - Live Dealer Baccarat

Live casino baccarat has gained a lot of fans at the online casino, and it is a game that should be experienced first hand. As you might expect, it is aimed towards fans of regular casino baccarat who want to have a more enjoyable experience. Since these tables are broadcast from glamorous locations and the dealers are real croupiers, you will feel like you are playing in a prestigious brick and mortar casino.

There are some things to know before joining the table. First of all, live casino baccarat doesn’t usually come in practice mode and can only be played for real money on most sites. It is possible to watch for free and see how the game unfolds before joining. So if you like playing for fun, live casino games are not the ideal options. The betting limits for baccarat are usually favourable and can start from just a few cents while going up to hundreds of euros and even thousands in some cases.

Also, the dealer will only allow a set window of time for customers to place their wagers. This is how it is done in a real casino and keeps the action going at a steady pace. If you prefer playing in your own rhythm, that is different from the one available at the table, we recommend checking out the classic online baccarat version.

Overall, live casino games can be much more entertaining than their standard online variants. You can chat with the other players at the table and even with the dealer. It is very common for the croupier to engage in friendly conversation with the clients while dealing the cards.

Guide to Playing Live Casino Baccarat Right Now

Getting started with live casino baccarat is not that much different than playing regular online baccarat. You will have to find an online casino that offers the game and join the fun. There are usually multiple tables available in the live casino lobby, and you can choose the preferred one based on the current dealer, the betting limits, and the available features.

In most cases, live dealer baccarat follows Punto Banco rules. As a result, the dealer will invariably have a large stack of cards made out of several decks. These are shuffled randomly by the machine. Cards are dealt for the two sides, known as Player and Banker. Keep in mind that these are just the names of the options and the players can choose to bet on either of them. Also, there is an option to bet on the outcome being a tie. You can find some live casino baccarat games with additional options for betting on a pair, which must be formed with the first two cards for one side.

Cards are dealt and scored according to a set of rules. In short, each card with a number is worth the displayed amount in points. Cards with painted faces (King, Queen, and Jack) are not worth any points. An ace in a hand will add one single point to the final score. The winning side is the one with the highest value. One thing to keep in mind is that only the rightmost digit that matters.

When the cards are dealt from the deck, they are quickly scanned by a sensor built in the table. This way, the gaming software can process the results and offer the payouts accordingly without wasting any time. Betting is done on the online interface, which is normally located over the table view for a more realistic experience. Players are given multiple chip denominations and additional betting options as part of the dashboard to make things easier.

Winning Strategies and Tips Brought to You by Our Experts

In order to understand the best betting route in live casino baccarat, we first need to take a look at the house edge. The game is known for having some of the best payout rates in a casino but it also has some of the worst bets. We recommend sticking to bets on either the Player or the Banker. Preferably, it is best to bet on the Banker to win since the drawing rules give it a slightly lower house edge, which can be mean better results in longer sessions. The Banker bet has an overall house edge of 1.06%, making it similar to blackjack.

On the other hand, a tie bet in live baccarat usually pays just eight-to-one. Due to the unlikely scenario that both sides will finish a game with the same value, the house edge the bet ending in a tie is 14.4%. We strongly urge you do not make this bet when playing baccarat even though the temptation is clear.

The live version means that players could count cards to get an idea of what values remain in the deck. However, studies show that card counting doesn’t give the customer any advantage in baccarat. Also, the game is played with up to eight decks, and these are frequently shuffled.

The high RTP for the Banker bet makes it a good candidate for betting strategies, like the martingale betting system, anti-martingale, and Kelly. These don’t improve the advantage over the house but merely provide a few guidelines that can work in some scenarios. No strategy can guarantee a positive result over a set number of rounds.

With that being said, you can consider trying the Kelly strategy. It has been proven to provide better results than betting by intuition. The basic concept is that you bet a set fraction of the bankroll, let's say 10%. This percentage does not change, but the size of the bet will be modified based on previous results.

Another popular strategy is martingale. It usually requires a more significant bankroll or smaller bets to start. When following this strategy in live baccarat, you must bet twice as much if you lose the bet. Once you win, you have to reset to the starting bet size. The advantage is that one win can pay for the rest of the wagers. On the other hand, a bad streak with multiple losing hands in a row can lead to a bet that is unaffordable.

A Great Combination of Fun, Luck, Skill, and RTP in One Game

It is safe to say that the highlight of live casino baccarat is just how entertaining the game is. Thanks to the professional dealers and the smooth interface, you can actually feel like you are in a real casino. And to make things even better, you can play from the comfort of your own home or even from a mobile device, any time you want to. It is the most fun baccarat game, and fans should the Baccarat table casino game should certainly give it a go.

Also, the game remains the same since the rules don’t change. You can learn the necessary regulations within minutes and join a table to win real cash even faster. Skill plays only a small role in all of this since you just need to know what bets to avoid. Place a wager and see if you are lucky or not. Of course, you can also try out some of the mentioned strategies to see if they pay off during the session. The high RTP has helped make baccarat a famous game, and the live version only improves on this legacy.

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RTP 4.4