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A Walkthrough on the Red Carpet for VIP Blackjack

Casinos offer gaming options for different types of players and for bankrolls of different sizes. VIP versions are the ones where the betting limits are increased to cater to high rollers. In the case of VIP Blackjack, the tables are often located in select rooms or regions of the casino. Players are only allowed behind the velvet rope if they have the right bankroll and can at least meet the table minimum. The improved high limit is usually of €1,000, but it can be increased in most cases if the player requires it and the casino manager approves.

Nowadays, every luxurious casino has VIP tables. The big online casinos also offer versions for high rollers where the bets can be substantial. In fact, there are even live dealer versions of VIP Blackjack that combine the two worlds perfectly. Users can play multiple hands at the same time and bet up to €5,000 per hand in some cases.

The feature is not something new. In fact, blackjack has been available in casinos for centuries, with references to the card game going back to 1600. From the beginning, establishments tried to attract big spenders so that the return would be higher. The original version was a bit different since it used to be played in Spain with a baraja deck of cards. This doesn’t have nines and eights. It was later adapted to the standard deck we know today with 52 cards.

Initially called twenty-one, blackjack got its name from the gambling houses in the U.S. which added a bonus payout for a blackjack hand of 21 made with black cards. While the jack, in this case, could have been either of spades or clubs, the Ace had to be of spades to win the special prize equal to 10 times the bet. Although this particular payout is not available in today's version, there are VIP Blackjack variants that have side bets which can pay as much as 100:1.

Blackjack for High Rollers and VIPs

As the name suggests, VIP Blackjack is targeted towards a particular category of players. The betting limits are increased, and the lowest amount is generally of €25. This makes it quite expensive if compared to the classic blackjack tables that can take bets as small as €1 in most casinos. From the start, it is safe to say that VIP Blackjack is for big spenders and the maximum betting limit solidifies this argument. You can bet as much as €1,000 for one hand in this particular version of the game, sometimes even exceeding this amount.

The bigger bets make this version an unsuitable choice for the majority of players, both in land-based casinos and on online gaming sites. It is also a poor choice for beginners since it can be a costly way to learn how to play the game.

On the other hand, VIP Blackjack is a great fit for players who want to get the best experience in a casino and are willing to put significant amounts of money on the line. There is an entire VIP experience that comes with the table. In a glamorous casino, you will be taken behind the red velvet rope and offered special VIP treatment at the blackjack table.

The game mechanics are pretty much the same, so you don’t have to worry about learning new rules. There are some extra bets accepted for most VIP Blackjack games, and you can learn more about them in our expert guide.

Complete Set of Rules and How to Play Blackjack Guide

Before you put €1,000 on the table in the hopes of getting 21, you should learn the rules and how blackjack is played. It is a card game that uses regular decks of 52 cards each. Most casinos use between four and eight decks of cards, and the stack is shuffled relatively often. After the participants place their bets, the cards are dealt, and a starting hand is made out of two cards. To the win in blackjack, you must get a stronger hand than the dealer.

Blackjack hands are scored based on the sum value of the available cards. The ones for J, Q, and K are each worth ten while the numbered cards have their face value. After the initial cards are dealt, you will be able to see the player cards and the first one on the side of the dealer. Now you have two or more options to continue. If you Hit, you will receive a card from the deck that is added to the hand total. If this card makes you go over 22, you bust and automatically lose. If the value is under 21, you can hit again or Stand. Once you opt to stand, your turn is over. The dealer will then proceed to play his side with the goal of getting a stronger hand.

If the dealer busts or stops at a lower total, you win 1:1. If you get 21 on the first two cards, you win 3:2.

Most blackjack rules force the dealer to stand on 17 and draw to 16. There are also some additional moves based on the situation. If the dealer has an Ace showing, the player can buy insurance for an extra bet and get 2:1 if the dealer gets 21 from the first cards, also known as blackjack. Also, you can Split two identical cards into two separate hands for another bet. If you have 10 or 11 in total on the first two cards, you can Double and add another bet equal to the initial stake for one extra card.

VIP Blackjack often has an extra betting option next to the main square. You can play it by putting chips in the little location. It counts as a side bet, and it pays 10:1 if you get a Jack on the starting hand, 25:1 if you get two Jacks, and 100:1 if you get two Jacks of spades.

Without taking into account the side bets, the house edge in VIP Blackjack played with four decks and with basic strategy is of around 0.6%.

Professional Tips to Improve Your Odds at the VIP Tables

VIP Blackjack is not always the same. Casinos can add their own small tweaks to the gameplay, and these little changes can have a significant impact. When you are looking for a table to join, you should check a few details. First of all, make sure that blackjack pays 3 to 2. This is written on the table, and it is the standard rate. However, some games will pay 6:5 instead, giving the player a greater disadvantage.

Also, check the number of decks used. You can ask the dealer in a casino or look for the game info when playing online. Blackjack with four decks is the norm, but some operators can use as much as eight decks at a time, increasing the house edge with each additional deck.

Then there is the topic of side bets. Generally speaking, side bets in casino games are not recommended. VIP Blackjack is not an exception even with the potential to win 100:1. The odds of getting two Jacks of spades in the same hand are enormous, and so the bet is not worth it. Stick to the regular gameplay and don’t worry about the side betting options. Buying insurance is also not a good idea since it doesn’t offer a return significant enough to merit the payment.

Once you are seated at a good table, it is better to play based on basic strategy than by intuition. There are mobile apps that you can use to have the right move highlighted, but you can also learn the rules by playing more. For example, you should never hit if you already have 17 or higher. For 12-16, you should stand if the dealer has 6 or a lower value card showing. Doubling on 10 or 11 is almost always the best option.

What You Should Always Remember About VIP Blackjack

As you can see from the VIP Blackjack game ratings, the balance is pretty high. Skill plays a more prominent role than luck, which is something that can’t be said for most casino games. With the right moves, the house edge can be lowered substantially, so blackjack has a very generous RTP for a gambling game.

On the other hand, the difficulty level is also higher, and it is not a game for beginners, especially if we consider the increased table limits for the VIP version. Blackjack is an option for experienced bettors who know how to use strategy to their advantage. If you follow the tips provided by our experts, you too can significantly increase your winnings while having fun at the table. You can find VIP Blackjack in different formats so make sure to give it a try if you feel up to the task.