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The Oldest Roulette Game that Remains Entertaining

The first records of roulette as a betting game go back to 1796, first mentioned in a French book, which describes the wheel found in the royal palace in Paris. The description even includes the two pockets from which the house gets its numerical advantage and the table layout for placing bets. Although some small changes have been made to the game since then, the concept has remained mostly untouched. It started its life in France, spread to casinos around the world within a century.

Players can now find a roulette table in any respectable casino establishment and countless online casinos. Some alternatives to the double-zero versions have been introduced over the years, the most popular of which removed one of the green pockets to offer a more favourable house edge for the player.

The roulette wheel with two pockets for 0 and 00 made its way to the United States, where it quickly gained momentum. Given its rising popularity in Las Vegas, the name of American Roulette caught on then spread to the international casino community. The title is also frequently used in Canada, in the Caribbean, and in South America. Nowadays, everybody knows that the American variant has an extra pocket for 00 when compared to the European version.

A Casino Game Loved Not Just by American Players

American Roulette found a great home in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Some casinos tried to offer European Roulette, but the general response was that the American version was better and more fun to play. You can now find both versions at online casinos and switch between the two without issues.

The little wheel appeals to fans of betting games that want something different. Most casino options play with cards, dice, or large machines. The roulette table stands out in this regard since it is easy to spot the glamorous wheel from afar. It comes with something different, something that no other casino game has, and that makes it an exclusive, iconic game.

In addition to being pleasing to the eyes, American Roulette is also very welcoming towards new players. Even if this is the first time seeing the wheel spin, you can quickly put the pieces together and figure out how everything works. The drop of the ball is far more exciting than watching cards being dealt and more thrilling than playing blackjack or baccarat. Overall, every player should try different games, and roulette deserves its top spot on the list.

A Quick Tutorial to Playing American Roulette

If you want to learn how to play American Roulette, you have come to the right place. In truth, it is one of the easiest casino games to learn thanks to its simple rules. The mechanics are as straightforward as they get and it only takes a bit of practice to get a grip on the gameplay. To this end, we recommend that you try the free American Roulette games available online.

You will quickly notice the large wheel when looking at the roulette table. It has a series of numbered pockets on it which are mostly red or black. There are also two green pockets located on opposite sides from one another, and they represent the numbers 0 and 00. These two pockets are how the casino gets its advantage in American Roulette since the payout rates do not cover the outcomes. After all bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel and then throws a small white ball in the opposite direction. As the wheel slows down, the ball loses its momentum and drops to a random pocket, thus determining the winning number.

It is this mechanic that has helped American Roulette become famous, which draws suspense watching the wheel spin. Even online roulette games offer a similar experience. Detailed graphics and animations can give players a realistic view of the wheel and the betting table.

The second part of the table is the betting area. The layout can differ slightly from one version to another, but it always keeps the same options. All of the numbers are listed here in ascending order and players can wager on one or several of them. Outside bets can cover set groups of 12 or 18 numbers.

Clients at the roulette table can place their bets by putting chips on the table. You can do so on a particular number or on a line or corner to cover connected numbers. There is a house edge of 5.26% on every bet available in American Roulette due to the two green pockets. A straight wager pays 35:1 despite the fact that there are 38 possible results. Even money bets are the ones that pay 1:1 and they cover half of the outcomes minus two.

After the winning number is determined, the dealer pays the players accordingly, and a new round is ready to begin.

3 Expert Betting Strategies to Use at the Roulette Tables

American Roulette is not exactly the most favourable casino game due to its high house edge. However, it is among the most popular for its exciting mechanics. Many players are interested in the right betting strategies that can help them get ahead and win more. It is good to note however that following a strategy doesn’t actually affect the RTP of the game. Instead, it is mostly used to help improve the results through different mathematical models. Plus, using a strategy can help players improve outcomes over the course of a game session.

A. The Martingale

The notorious Martingale system is possibly the most used betting strategy. You can apply it for even money bets, and so American Roulette is a perfect place to practice. The martingale concept is to double the bet for every loss. Once you win, you have to reset the wager to the starting amount.

For example, you bet €10 on black, and you lose. For the next bet, you have to bet €20. If you miss again, increase the stake to €40. If this time you win, you will receive €80 after spending €70. The profit is the size of the starting bet.

The strategy is not great with streaks. Multiple lost bets in a row can quickly increase the size of the wager while winning streaks are all played at the minimum level.

B. The Kelly Strategy

Another betting strategy that can be used on red/black, low/high, or odd/even is the Kelly formula. When following this strategy, players need to bet a fixed percentage of the available balance.

Let’s say that we have €100 to play roulette. We bet 20% as the starting bet, and we win. Now, we have €120, and so the bet of 20% goes up to €24. The pattern will provide a more significant advantage during winning streaks while limiting the losses during a bad streak.

We also recommend that you set aside a threshold and cash out a part of the money when ahead. Using the same example as before, you can take €100 aside if your balance reaches €200 and then continue betting 20% on every round.

C. Oscar's Grind

We all know that streaks happen quite often in casino games and this strategy aims to take advantage of that fact. The concept here is straightforward. You will have to keep the bet size the same when losing and increase it by one unit for every winning bet. Once a profit is achieved, the session ends, and the process can be repeated.

To illustrate, let's say that we lose three bets in a row, each one worth €1. We are now behind by €3. We then win a wager of €1 and increase the bet for the next round to €2. Again, we lose, and the bet remains the same. At this point, our losses total €4. We win the following round (€4) and increase the stake to €3. We win again (€6). We now have a profit of €1, and so the session can end.

An All-Round Exciting and Rewarding Casino Game

There are many reasons to give American Roulet a spin. Arguably the most important one is that it is fun to play. You can choose from many different betting options and combine them as you see fit for the chance to win more money. Ultimately, roulette remains a pure game of luck where skill only has a small role to play. The rules are easy to learn, and you can get started right now.

The RTP in American Roulette is decent, although not as good for the player as some of the other variants, such as European and French. You can use some betting strategies to help win more, and this will also make things more entertaining. In conclusion, we recommend that you give American Roulette a trial run if only to experience the excitement of chancing your luck on the outcome of a roulette game.