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Presenting a Blast from the Past That You Have to Try Out

When casinos started becoming popular, developers introduced the concept of 3 reel slots. These machines were once massive, using complex mechanical systems to ensure the randomness of results. The spinning reels often had basic symbols, with fruits and lucky charms being the go-to icons. Players would enter a coin and pull on the large lever to spin the reels. They would stop randomly after a while to present the symbols on the screen. Payouts for these machines were granted based on combinations of matching symbols on the paylines.

If we fast-forward to today, we see that three reel slots still have a place in the casino gaming world. There are plenty of options at land-based casinos, and they are usually included amongst in the collections at the best casinos. Even with five reel slots promising more features and more colourful themes, the classic three reels still have a lot of fans and continue to keep players happy.

3 reel slots examples

You can check out some three reel slots online right now, but we recommend that you read this guide first for the tips to help get the most from these classic games.

3 Reel Slots Can Be the Perfect Games for You

When it comes to casino games, three reel slots provide the perfect mix. They are popular and widely available. They are easy to play and generally support a wide range of bets. They can generate big payouts, and this makes them entertaining with every spin. Plus, there is no shortage of versions to try out, especially if you are playing at a big online casino. This combination makes it popular among different types of players.

They are of course preferred by slots fans who don’t want overly complicated features that can disturb their playing rhythm. Three reels slots are much more straightforward, and while most of them have a few extra functions, like wild symbols, these don’t do anything to change the regular pattern of the gameplay. You can spin the reels round after round without much changing except for the bankroll. So if you want to sit back and relax, these options can be the ideal game to play.

Another reason to consider playing online three reels is the house edge, which is lower than average when it comes to slots machines. While the actual RTP depends on the game and there are plenty of variations to consider, most 3 reel slots pay more than there 5 reel counterparts. This can in some ways make up for the lack of flashy graphics and exciting themes when putting real money on the line.

Not to mention that the simple gameplay and small playing screen which makes 3 reel slots the ideal choice when playing from a smartphone device. And yes, there are online machines with three reels that have been optimised for playing on the go. It is an excellent example of the past meeting the present for players to enjoy.

Your Complete Guide to Playing 3 Reel Slots

So you want to try out some of the classic machines. First of all, you need to find a casino that offers them. This is very simple if you opt to play online since 3 reel slots are available on many of the best sites.

Once you are ready to play, you need to set the size of the bet. In most machines, you start by selecting the size of the coin, which can be between €0.01 and €1+. You can place up to three coins per spin. Keep in mind that these machines will often have a boosted payout rate for the highest paying combination when betting three coins. With the bet set, you just have to click on the spin button or pull the lever.

Three reel slots don’t have a lot of symbols and they usually only have one or three paylines. Some options can even provide five lines that are always active. The table with the symbols is presented on the same screen, along with their respective payouts for the number of coins wagered.

If you play a few of these classic games, you will notice that the themes are not very complicated and some standard symbols are used in different variants. Fruits, the number seven, and BAR icons are commonly present. To receive a winning payout, you will have to get three matching symbols on a payline. The winnings are awarded straight away so that you can start a new round.

Extra Features That You Can Find When Playing Classic Slots

While classic slots don’t have as many features as modern 5 reel machines, they can still provide some basic options and extra functions to help players get more winnings. Wild symbols represent the most popular feature by far. A wild is a symbol that can play the role of any other symbol in the game, making it easier to form combinations. If you get two matching symbols and a wild on the same line, the game will pay for three matching symbols. Some wilds can also multiply the prize they help generate by two.

Another feature that can be found in many three reel slots nowadays is a progressive jackpot. This is displayed on the playing screen as a prize that keeps growing when players place their bets. A progressive jackpot can only be won when betting three coins and it requires the rarest combination. Since the prize increases until it is claimed, it is possible for the jackpot to reach impressive figures in some of these machines.

Some games present a mini coin toss game after a win. You can predict which side of the coin comes up in a random throw for the chance to double your prize. If you get it wrong, however, you lose the amount won. Another variation of this feature is for predicting the colour of a random card, be it red or black. This type of bet is sometimes referred to as a gamble feature.

Top Tips for When You Are Spinning the Three Reels

While it was possible to abuse slots machines when they were first introduced, nowadays they use computerised random number generators to determine the results, so there is no way to predict the outcome. They are purely based on luck, and they require minimum strategy to play.

With that being said, there are still some things that you can do to make sure that you maximise your chances of winning. First of all, always bet the maximum amount of coins. As previously mentioned, most machines have an increased rate when using three coins. For example, let’s say that the three rarest symbols pay 800 when betting one coin and 1,600 when betting two. The standard rate for the same combination on a bet of three coins would be of 2,400, but the machine offers 2,500 or even 2,600. This makes it the best bet.

It is better to select a smaller value for the coin and place three of them for a bet than to use a bigger coin. This way you will also be eligible for the progressive jackpot if the three reel slots game has this feature.

We also advise you to do a bit of research and check out the RTP in the game details. A higher RTP means better odds of winning. Of course, this is best done online where you have easy access to a lot of games. And while you are at it, make sure that you find a slots machine that looks good. Modern 3 reel slots maintain the same basic concept but are more comfortable on the eyes with polished symbols and better animations.

Final Verdict

While some casino games can appear too complicated requiring a higher level of skill, three reel slots are among the most straightforward options to play, especially online. It is effortless to start a game, set the bet and spin the reels. That is it in a nutshell; you don’t have to worry about advanced strategies that will help you beat the system. Just make sure to follow our expert tips, and you should be fine. The result is a relaxing online gambling experience that can result in big wins with just a bit of luck.

What makes three reel slots even better is that most titles have a relatively good return to player (RTP) rates. They can also be better than the one in a standard American roulette game so that experienced players can make the most out of the spinning reels. The gameplay is entertaining, although players don’t often get the same thrill to be found in new five reel slot versions due to the lack of extra features. All in all, three reel slots continue to have a place in the collections of games at the best casinos. Given the many fans who enjoy these traditional versions of the game, it is safe to say that the 3 reel options are not going away anytime soon despite the innovation and increased competition in the slot game industry.