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What You Need to Know about Fruit Machine Slots Before Spinning the Reels

An Introduction to the Iconic Fruit Machine Slots

Fruits are awesome! Everybody likes fruits. They taste good, they look good, they are healthy, and now, they can also help you win significant sums of money. Fruit machine slots go back to the very beginning of the slots game era. Players enjoyed the colourful fruit symbols that make it easy to distinguish between different icons while looking familiar and friendly. As the decades went by, the fruits symbols have been replaced by other icons, but the fruit machine slot continues to be a top choice for many players.

In fact, the fruits images are so popular when it comes to slots that fruit machines, often refer to all types of slots games in Britain. For our expert guide, however, we will be using the fruit machine term to refer to slots that have fruits as most of their symbols.

This brings us to the fruit machine slots available today. Yes, you can still find games with the classic fruit images on the spinning reels when playing in a casino or when betting on the internet. While most of the fruit machine slots available now are pretty old, there are also new modern releases that pay homage to the classic games. New fruit slots have more detailed icons and can even come with some extra features.

So what fruits are we talking about here? Well, most old-school fruit machines used very similar representations of fruits like cherries, watermelons, lemons, apples, plums, oranges, and grapes. It is not uncommon to also find other famous slots symbols in these games, such as a golden bell, the number 7, gold stars, and BAR icons.

WANTED! Fruit Machine Slots Player Profile

It's good to mention from the start that fruit machine slots are not just for players who like fruits. In fact, most of the players who enjoy these classic games nowadays are slot veterans who nostalgically what to play the games of their youth. It is quite common to fall in love with a slots game after winning big on one or more occasions. Some of the most prominent fruit machines have been added as online versions by game developers, so they are now easier to access. If you like the fruit machine slots game from years ago, you should search for it online; maybe you can play it again.

Another reason why fruit slots are still popular, despite the newer creations with very immersive themes, is because they keep things simple. Most games in this category don’t have complex ideas with a little movie for the intro and animations that last several seconds when getting a winning combination. The simpler graphics are a plus for a lot of players. You can spin the reels and enjoy the game without feeling like you are watching an IMAX movie every round.

Quick & Easy Guide to Playing Fruit Slots Games

Fruit machine slots are more straightforward than most other slots games. The theme is the only thing that is different, and it comes in games with three reels and five reels. While the controls largely depend on the developer behind the casino game, you will typically find the dashboard located under the reels, on the lower part of the screen. Here is where you set the bet you wish to place by selecting the coin size and the number of coins to wager. You might also be able to determine how many lines are active but you should keep in mind that you pay for every line you wish to play.

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A payline in a slots game refers to the line on which symbols need to align to win a prize. In most cases, three or more matching symbols are required to be on adjacent positions on a line, starting from the leftmost reel and going to the right, to win.

Once you have the bet ready and the preferred number of lines activated, all you have to do is spin the reels. If you get matching symbols, you get a prize automatically, and you can begin a new round. Not all fruits are the same when it comes to slots machines. They are ranked based on their scarcity on the rollers, which determines how likely they are to form combinations. Rare fruits symbols pay more than the ones that are displayed more often. You can check out the actual paytable in the slots game from the dashboard.

Entertaining Features to Go Along with the Delicious Icons

Fruit machine slots cover a lot of different types of slots games so while the symbols are similar, the features can be very different. However, you can expect to find several extra functions meant to make the gameplay more exciting by breaking the monotony of just spinning the reels. 

When it comes to the older fruit slots, the features are pretty basic, even when talking about the 5 reel versions. The most commonly used feature is known as a wild. This is a particular type of symbol that can help create combinations by playing the role of any symbol needed on the payline. Wild symbols are often represented by something other than the standard fruit symbols, like a sizeable WILD icon or a game logo.

Plenty of fruit machine slots also have scatter symbols. Unlike regular symbols, scatters can pay in any position on the screen, and they don’t need to stop on the same line to generate a win. In some cases, scatter symbols also have other features attached, like triggering the free spins mode. If free spins are won, these rounds are played straight away while keeping the same bet size. However, the balance does not reduce for the duration of the spins, and all winnings are added at the end.  

Given the classic mechanics that come with the theme, it is not uncommon to find a multiplying mini-game in fruit slots. This feature can be started after receiving a winning combination. Usually, you get two buttons, one to collect the prize and another to gamble it. When you enter the gambling game, you have to predict the colour of a random card, be it red or black. The prize is doubled for the correct answer. If not, you lose the amount gambled. You can opt to collect the winnings at any time or double up the wager multiple times in a row.

Some fruit machine slots can also have progressive jackpots. This is a special prize that increases when bets are placed on the network. Winning a pot is not easy since it usually requires a rare combination of symbols. This means that the prize grows to impressive numbers before it is won. With a bit of luck, you can be the next big winner from the spinning reels!

Professional Tips to Make the Most Out of the Spinning Fruit Symbols

When life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade. When a fruit machine slots game has lemon symbols, you should follow a few easy tips to make sure that you get paid for that lemonade. It is, however, important to point out that slots games have random outcomes based on set parameters. It is impossible to anticipate the result of a spin, and every round is independent of the previous outcome.

Players should try to manage your bankroll appropriately. This is essential when gambling real money and it is pretty easy to do. First of all, you should set limits for winnings and losses where you stop betting. These limits can be per hour, session, day, week, or month. For example, if your bankroll is €1,000 per month, you can set a limit on losses at €50 per day.

While it can sound a bit counterintuitive, you should also set a limit on winnings to ensure that you stop while you are ahead. This can be higher so let's say that it is of €300 per day.

Another way to manage your funds is to bet at a level that you can afford and also makes the gameplay exciting. Gambling small amounts with a high bankroll is often not that thrilling, so it is essential to find the best balance. You should enjoy the game and also bet within your means. The good news is that fruit slots have a wide betting range and you can simply choose the preferred size.

If you enjoy classic fruit machine slots, you should check out some of the newer releases available at the best online casinos. The better visuals can make the experience more fun while still keeping the familiar style and symbols. Read more about Fruit Machine Strategy Here

Fruit Slots - A Gaming Option with an Interesting Mix of Elements

Fruit machine slots are casino games heavily based on chance. Luck plays the most prominent role, which isn’t a surprise given how easy it is to bet and spin the reels. Even beginners can quickly jump into the action without any difficulties and win large sums of money with a bit of luck. The relatively high RTP score in the review is an excellent indicator of how much money a standard slots game pays out to players. The house edge depends on the game, but it is roughly the same as many other favoured casino games.

In conclusion, fruit slots are easy to play, don’t require a high amount of skill, provide a decent RTP, and the results are always random. The added theme and styling touches make the machines entertaining, and many veteran players love the fruits symbols. You can see if you like these games by trying out some of them right now, for free, at a top online casino!