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Modern Online Casinos Continue the Golden Age of Arcade Games

Arcade games are mostly known as entertainment machines that require coins to play. They used to be very popular in various establishments and can still be found in certain locals. Most of the machines in this category are video games and pinball machines. Players would enter coins to play rounds and then try to get as far as possible without reaching the Game Over screen.

While the history of arcade games doesn’t have clear beginnings, it is safe to say that the golden age for this type of entertainment was during the 1970s and the 1980s. Arcade machines would fill up entire rooms to cater to the many interested young players.

Following the launch of home gaming consoles, arcade machines quickly started declining in popularity. Most players opted to enjoy games from the comfort of their own homes instead of going to local arcade shops. While popularity was resurgent with classic arcade titles made for gaming consoles, the trend declined in the late 1990s in Western Europe and the United States.

The fondness for arcade games has undoubtedly remained among many players and some casino software providers aimed to bring back some of that nostalgic gameplay. The combination of betting features and arcade game action can be very entertaining, and some titles are recommended if you are interested.

Probably the most popular online casino arcade game is Max Damage and the Alien Attack from Microgaming. It is based on the classic arcade machine, and it incorporates a lot of the same features, including nine levels and boss fights. The main difference is that bets are made when taking down alien spaceships, which can generate prizes and upgrades.

The Best Reasons to Try Arcade Games in a Casino

The kids of the '80s are now old enough to gamble and so casino arcade games can be a perfect fit. Granted, it is not easy to combine the two worlds, but there are indeed plenty of interested bettors that appreciate a good gaming option. If you enjoyed playing on these great games in your youth, you should check out the arcade games at your favourite online casino.

These casino creations tend to require more attention than your regular gambling game. Also, the gameplay is more interactive, and you can't just spin the reels and see what happens. You have to get involved, and this makes it a much more fun way to bet. The potential payouts are not bad either. There can be rewards for advancing through the levels, which add a unique sense of achievement that can't be found in most other casino games.

The only problem is that the variety is not that rich. While the category can include multiple titles at some casinos, real gamers will quickly see that there are only a few options that can be considered arcade games. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to find all of your childhood favourites with the extra opportunity to gamble.

As for the RTP, the rate is usually pretty good and can be similar to the house edge found in casino classics, like American Roulette and slots. Some casino arcade games even have a high score list, and players can be motivated even more to bet to get their name in the ranking.

Arcade Games - Rules for Playing and How to Bet

Arcade games at an online casino don’t always share the same set of rules. There are various options available, and the gameplay can be very different. For example, Bonus Bowling is an option where you can bet on the number of pins hit in a virtual bowling game. You make your selection from the betting screen on the right, and the game round consists of two throws. Payouts are granted based on the total number of pins hit from the two throws. The average RTP in this game is of around 96.53%.

The category can also include familiar titles like Keno and Heads or Tails. However, the game that is the most similar to an old-school arcade machine is Max Damage and the Alien Attack. Not to be confused with the online slots game Max Damage, the arcade option is sure to bring back some memories.

It has a space theme where the player controls a ship and has to shoot down the alien invasion. You can control the Max Damage ship by using the right and left arrows on the keyboard. The space bar is for firing, but you can also enable auto fire from the game interface. The goal is to hit the alien ships and prevent them from reaching Earth. You start with three lives, and you lose one for every alien ship that gets to the bottom of the screen. Bets are not placed when firing but when destroying an enemy spaceship. When they explode, some of them will generate prizes and others can offer boosters, such as extra lives, health, shield, and increased damage.

There are weapon upgrades that can add modifiers to attacks to take down the alien invasion quicker. Freebies in the game are similar to free spins in slots as you don’t spend anything when destroying the aliens but you still get to keep the winnings.

To make the gameplay even more exciting, there are different types of ships, and the payouts can go up to 10,000 coins for destroying any of them. Also, there are nine levels and players can advance by clearing the waves of alien ships without running out of lives. Bosses are available at the end of levels 3, 6 and 9. Each one can generate prizes of up to 110,000 coins.

When you destroy an alien ship or a part of a boss, you pay ten coins from the current balance. To play, select coin value can be set between €0.01 and €2 from the interface. Changing the coin size will restart the current level.  

While it can all seem complicated, the arcade game is reasonably easy to play. It has a theoretical return to player rate of 96.71%, so winning takes place very often. With a bit of luck and the right skills, you can quickly make a profit while fighting off the alien invasion.

Tips to Sharpen Your Skills for Casino Arcade Games

The best advice we can give you when it comes to arcade games is to check the game rules and how to play thoroughly. Since the category at online casinos often features different types of betting options, the gameplay can be very different from one title to another. You don’t want to bet real money without fully understanding how everything works. A perfect way to practice a new casino game is in demo mode. Most online casinos allow their users to play for free and get familiar with the mechanics. You might need to register and sign in on the site in some cases.

If you plan on trying out the Max Damage arcade slot we mentioned earlier, our experts have a few tips to help you destroy the alien fleet. First of all, enable auto fire. Having to hold down the spacebar is not necessary when you can have the ship fire automatically. Then, make sure to focus on the entire screen and not only on a ship that is close or on an upgrade available. You can pick up the extra perks when you have the opportunity since they don’t disappear that quickly.

As for the bet in this classic casino arcade game, we recommend that you select a coin size that lets you go for multiple levels. There is no guarantee that you will get the needed payouts to move from one level to the next since the rates are random. With a balance significant enough relative to the coin value, you should have no worries about continuing your mission. Don’t forget that this is a gambling game and that you can lose money even if you play well and make it all the way to the last boss.

Why Arcade Games Make Great Betting Options Online

Generally speaking, arcade games at casinos are very different than your regular slots and table games. They can be great for trying something new, but they can also require a higher level of skill. In fact, the mix of elements is reasonably balanced. You can find arcade games with a high RTP that are also very entertaining to play. The one we covered in more detail is definitely exciting and a lot more enjoyable than a regular online slots game. You do have to be more engaged to play, but that is half the fun.

There is luck required of course, as it is with every casino game, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to stay in control and not get carried away in the moment. You can start playing some casino arcade games right now to see if you like them as much as we did.