Mega Fortune Dreams

by Justin Iani

Mega Fortune Dreams AT A GLANCE

TYPE OF GAME Progressive Jackpot Slot
THEME Luxury
FEATURES Bonus Game, Progressive, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Autoplay Option, Multiplier, Free Spins, Sticky Wilds
RTP 96.40
Min Bet Size 0.5
Max Bet Size 1,800

As one of the icons of the online slot gaming industry, NetEnt's glorious Mega Fortune Dreams progressive slot is a landmark game for players the world over.

With an astonishing $20M average jackpot winnings given away annually, this slot has secured its place in slot gaming hall of fame. You begin the experience on board of a luxury yacht, surrounded by palm trees and fancy drinks. Its five reels will show of luxury watches and purses, Champagne bottles and glasses, and a ring fit for a princess.

The slot also displays letters from 10 to A, Wild symbols, and one of the most desired Bonus symbols leading to a roulette game to opt for the major prize. Don't miss the Diamond Scatter for a set of free spins to increase your earnings.

Players Review

NetEnt's Mega Fortune Dreams Slot is all about glamour, luxury, and wealth. Its relaxing music instantly took me to a beach with an invitation to fix myself a drink with a little umbrella.

This slot has the perfect name; it's all about dreams. On every spin, I'd get to imagine what it would mean for my family and me to get my hands on that big jackpot. The odds of hitting that mega sweet pot are pretty nasty to be fair, as with all Progressive jackpot slots, but just thinking about it makes you smile and keeps you at the edge of your seat.

From my experience, bonus rounds were disappointing, every prize on the first wheel is very, very low – averaging a mere 25% of my original bet. Given the fact that is hard to get there in the first place, it might be more entertaining to place some sweet rewards on occasion. The free spin mode is excellent and surely pays off for this slot's high volatility.

Be it as it may, Mega Fortune is an incredibly entertaining slot, with a lot to offer. Try not to focus on the big millionaire prize this is a very entertaining slot. With great visuals and fun music, it can definitely hook you up for a few hours without noticing it.



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