by Justin Iani

Prohibition AT A GLANCE

TYPE OF GAME 5 Reel Video Slot
THEME Crime and Adventure
FEATURES Three types of Bonus games, Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, Wilds, Auto-play Option, Double gamble game.
RTP 94.50
Min Bet Size 0.01
Max Bet Size 1000

EvoPlay gaming software developers came up with the right combination of danger and glamour of the 1920's, by saving us seats in front of an impressive nightclub scenario. Make sure you're packed and carrying at least a revolver when you enter this rocky habitat of mobsters and smugglers.

A spectacular blond host will root for us every time we win. The whole setting is a work of art, with an array of symbols such as old microphones, boxes filled with alcohol bottles, mafia members, handbags, and even golden ashtrays.  

Getting three handbags will grant you a pistol, and after getting ten of those, you'll enter an accuracy bonus game, which is pretty entertaining. However, the Scotch bottle is the one you really want to match since it will start a round of 20 free-spins. Make sure you get to all three different bonus games, and you will do great.

Players Review

I love it when software companies listen to their creatives and start thinking outside the box. This game is a breath of fresh air sitting among so many cards and treasure chests filling the online slots market. Vintage being the keyword here.

Its uniqueness begins at the very concept of the game: they made me feel like I was inside The Untouchables movie, and that Al Capone and his wife were my dinner date. I really can't tell if what I liked the most about it was the music, or the gorgeous red-dressed singer at the top of the stage and next to my money.

This game has relatively medium volatility, so expect anything from it. The fact that there are three different ways to trigger the bonus games, and an alternate free spins round, just kept me going longer than I had expected. Fabulous jazz music and sound effects, intensifying during the bonus rounds, added to my experience.

You'll definitely want those three retro cars to match to get the free spins. After that, you'll have an opportunity to double -or triple- your earnings, and even get +20 free spins! I ended up doubling my initial entry by the time I got 250 spins. Not bad.

A great slot to break the routine, IMHO. Go try it out!

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