Casino Free Trial and Sticky Bonuses

by GambleScope Research Team

Learn all about Casino Sticky Bonuses and Free Trials!

Online casinos can offer many different types of bonuses, and while most of them can look the same at first sight, there can be some important distinctions on close inspection. These differences can entirely change the offer, and it is essential to understand what kind of bonus you are getting before claiming it.

Since it is normal to have some small concerns before joining a new online casino, operators can encourage potential new players by offering them free trial bonuses. This way, you get a small amount of money to try out the casino first-hand without investing anything. These free trial bonuses are commonly offered upon registration, and they don’t require a deposit. They are also known simply as no deposit bonuses.

The free trial bonus at an online casino is small, usually of around €30, but they are great if you want to play first at a site before deciding to deposit cash. Plus, the winnings resulting from the bonus can remain in the account balance for an extra boost when making the first payment. Most casinos will impose limits on the maximum amount that can be won from a free trial bonus and they can even request the bonus back before withdrawing. This brings us to sticky bonuses.

The Difference Between a Sticky Bonus and a Non-Sticky Bonus

A term that comes up when researching casino promotions is a sticky bonus or non-sticky bonus. While these are not called like this by the online casino, it is an excellent way to describe the offer among experienced players. In short, a sticky bonus at an online casino commonly refers to a bonus that can be used to bet but cannot be withdrawn from the account. Only the winnings obtained can be cashed out after meeting the wagering requirement, while the bonus value is subtracted from the casino account when requesting a withdrawal.

On the other hand, non-sticky bonuses can be withdrawn in full after completing the wagering requirement. This means that the balance you have at the end of the period is yours. You can cash out, or you can continue playing more. You don’t have to worry about paying back the initial bonus amount.

So at this point, you might be thinking that non-sticky bonuses are better, which can be true. However, casinos that have sticky bonuses frequently offer more significant rates and limits to make the rewards more appealing.

Instead of getting 100% up to €200, you can get 300% up to €600 on your first deposit. This way, you start with a bankroll of €800 with a deposit of just €200. You have more chances of hitting those big winning streaks, and so you can afford to take more risks with the multiplied balance. Once you complete the playthrough requirement, you can withdraw the difference. If for example, you have €1,000 in winnings ready to go, you can cash out €400 since the sticky bonus of €600 remains on the casino. Even so, you managed to double your starting deposit of €200 while betting mostly with free bonus money.

What Are Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements?

So we mentioned wagering requirements a few times in this guide, and you might be wondering what they are. A wagering requirement is a string attached to most casino bonuses that prevent players from withdrawing the money after initial receipt of the free bonus. Instead, the amount is locked until a certain amount of bets are placed. The wagering requirement refers to the rate that applies to the bonus or the sum of the bonus and the triggering deposit.

A standard wagering requirement, also known as rollover or playthrough requirement, is of 40x the bonus but it can be smaller or bigger, depending on the casino operator and the software. For example, Microgaming casinos usually have bonuses that must be wagered 50 times before withdrawing.

A 40x playthrough requirement on a bonus of €100 means that you have to place €4,000 in bets before you can cash out the funds from the balance. Furthermore, not all games are equal in this regard, and the type of gaming option you choose to play can be significant. Generally speaking, you can play most video slots in the casino, and your bets will contribute in full to the wagering requirement. If you choose to play table games, however, you may only be providing a small part of your bets, around 10%, or none at all to the wagering requirement.

The terms and conditions can present all of these details, and it is recommended to give them a read before accepting these bonuses.

The Online Casinos with the Biggest Bonuses

If you want to chase the most significant bonuses at online casinos, you have a long road ahead of you with a lot of options to consider. It is clear that finding a good bonus takes time and effort since you can't just rely on the ad featured on their sites. You have to dig a little deeper and see if the terms are reasonable.

Despite this, you should not be discouraged. There is an easier way to get access to the casinos with the best bonuses and that is with help from experts. Our team at is always searching for top sites and then presents them in detailed online casino reviews. The featured information not only makes it easy to find big bonuses, but it is also great for comparing options to see which one is the best for you.

Sticky Bonuses vs Non-Sticky Bonuses - Who Wins?

If we consider the best contenders from both categories, it is difficult to name a clear winner. Both types of bonuses have their pros and cons, so it comes down to what you, as the player, prefer. If you want to start with a bigger bankroll in the hopes of getting a long winning streak, sticky bonuses can provide you with the needed balance if you are willing to pay it back later. On the other hand, non-sticky bonuses are not that big, and you have to change your betting style accordingly, but you can keep the final results in full. The choice is in yours!