Online Casino Customer Support in 2023

Casino customer support is more important than you might think! Here’s Why

The level of customer support that you receive from an online casino or sportsbook may not be high upon the list of priorities, but neglecting to consider the facilities provided before playing for real cash could turn out to be something you later regret.

Most players focus their attention on the size of the sign-up bonus which is on offer or if a particular casino hosts their favourite game, but if the customer support is not up to scratch, the whole gambling experience can quickly turn into something of a nightmare.

If you have ever experienced non-existent customer support, you will know only too well that the above statement is not an exaggeration, but there are checks that you can make before you deposit money to ensure that the support will be there to help you if you run into any problems.

There are some quick and easy steps players can take to make sure that adequate customer support is in place, but before we go any further let’s take a look a few examples for the problems that can arise when dealing with online casino customer support.

  • You come across a problem with a withdrawal and despite emailing customer support half a dozen times you are still waiting for a reply.

  • You go to open up the customer support chat facility to raise a technical support issue because the game you were playing stopped halfway through a real money game. To your surprise, they have no live chat feature and phone support is not available until tomorrow morning.

  • You get through to a live chat agent to ask about the wagering requirements of a bonus which you would like to take advantage of only to be told incorrect information.

To say that you can be left feeling frustrated would be something of an understatement, so let’s take a look at the steps that you can take to ensure that the customer support of a casino or sportsbook is up to scratch.

The contact details for customer support are usually in the form of email, telephone, and live chat. A postal address is often also given as an option, as well as a ‘Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) section.

Some people will argue that contacting customer support by telephone would be the preferred method as you would usually get a quick solution to your problem and be able to get on with your casino play. If your question relates to a problem with making a deposit or to inquire why a particular game is not working, telephone contact could be an option.

If your query relates to anything else though, live chat is the preferred option because you will have a record of what you are being told. Let’s look at an example: you telephone customer support with a question about the wagering requirements of a particular bonus because the terms and conditions are confusing.The bonus, in this case, is an attractive one, deposit £50 for a £100 bonus.The telephone operator confirms that the bonus will be credited when a total of £1000 has been wagered, and there are no restrictions on the games that can be played to meet these wager requirements.

So, you wager just over £1000 on European Blackjack, having to make a further deposit with £210 worth of wagering to go as the variance is going against you on this occasion. The only problem is, the bonus is not added as promised. You get on the telephone to customer support who ask you to hold while they investigate as to why the bonus has not been added. After a few minutes, the operator informs you that you do not qualify for the bonus as playing European Blackjack does not qualify towards the wagering requirements. When you explain that you were informed that there were no game restrictions on this bonus, the operator speaks to you as if you are trying it on and despite your protests, no bonus is given, and, in this instance, you end up out of pocket.

Now, if this enquiry had taken place over the live chat facility, there would be an entirely different outcome as you would have proof of what had been said.

With some live chat facilities, there is the option of getting a transcript sent, or you could just copy and paste the chat. Here’s a little tip though. The option of getting the transcript sent to you on many live chat apps only appears when the customer closes the live chat box. If you are playing at several different casinos it is easy to forget which ones offer this option, so make a habit of copying every live chat because when the window closes your live chat usually disappears.

Most of the reputable casinos and sportsbooks these days offer a live chat facility, but what if you come across one that doesn’t?

If there is no live chat available, you should ask yourself why, what are the best alternatives, and is it wise to proceed with an operator that doesn’t provide instant 24/7 customer support. If you still want to go ahead, before you even think about making a deposit, send an email asking a couple of question and see how long it takes to get a reply. Some of the not so desirable operators seem to have an ethos where if they don’t reply to your query, you will forget about the original problem and won’t bother them again.

When you come across a problem and have to contact customer support, it is easy to forget that you are speaking to a real person, even if they are on live chat. It can be an unforgiving job, needless to say, that politeness and good manners can go a long way if you desire a satisfactory outcome.

Even though you may think it’s a waste of time, before depositing any money at a sportsbook or online casino that you are not familiar with, it is always worth contacting customer support first to gauge the quality of support you could expect if and when needed.

Also, if there is no live chat available, ask yourself why. Could it be that the operator does not take the quality of their customer support very seriously or could it be that it is a small-time operation which will be unable to support you adequately when you most need help.

For players starting out in the world of online gambling and concentrating on the better-known casinos and sportsbooks, you will find that they all have high-quality customer support systems in place. Live chat is answered quickly, and the operators that you speak to are usually both knowledgeable and polite.It is after all, in their interests to make sure that you are happy with your experience as a customer.

It is still worth remembering though to stick to live chat for any customer support requests and keep a copy of the conversation transcripts. You never know when you might need to prove something that has been said in an earlier conversation.