Gamification Casinos: 10 Reasons Why You Should Explore

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Gamification Casinos: 10 Reasons Why You Should Explore

This Opportunity vs Regular Casinos

As you have no doubt realised by now, the online casino industry is a massive global marketplace that takes up a significant proportion of daily web traffic. The iGaming sector is now entering its third decade, and more online casinos are operating in cyberspace than ever before. With so many operators competing for the same customer base, it is quite easy to see how new online casinos simply fail before they even operate for a month. A point has been reached where there is too much competition and too many online casinos that use a generic approach to their platforms.

Aside from the fact that the online casino industry is oversaturated, newer online gamblers are looking for something innovative and different. The casino gamblers of the nineties might still be around, but they are the veterans and are probably used to the regular online casino design aesthetics. New players, on the other hand, have grown up with sophisticated video gaming platforms, both offline and online. They are not merely content with just playing a few video slots or table games online; they are looking for a more immersive, value-driven platform. Which is why some online casinos, particularly those launched after 2012, are borrowing heavily from the online video gaming industry to attract these players and corner a share of the overdriven online casino industry.

Gamification Basics

Borrowing heavily from the online video gaming industry is called gamification, which is a relatively new term and most industry outsiders have possibly never encountered. Essentially, gamification is the sort of repurposing of popular elements found in video games to create a more attractive and exciting online casino platform. It is the merging of the two worlds into an entirely new way of engaging in and playing online casino games.

Forget about just signing up with an online casino, making your minimum deposit just to get the bonus offer, and then playing the same stock standard casino games. Gamification still offers the opportunity to play casino games of course since this is the bread and butter of the platform, but you get so much more on top of that.

Once you understand how both industries work, it begins to make sense why online casino operators and designers would believe that borrowing specific concepts from the video gaming industry would work so well. They are alike in many ways in both form and function so it makes perfect sense that elements from one could easily integrate into the other.

The first online casino credited with introducing gamification elements was Casumo Casino back in 2012. Casumo Casino introduced the idea of a ‘hero’ or mascot to online casino gamblers and gave them the opportunity to play casino games as well as complete various tasks to win additional prizes. The concept was a huge success, and pretty soon other online casinos were launching with gamification right out of the box.

Top online casinos including Casino Heroes, Rizk Casinos, Thrills Casino, Kaboo Casino, Ikibu Casino, and others are all offering a variety of gamification concepts to add additional value and immersion to gamblers. From the overall design and the look and feel, where players are greeted by crazy characters and action-packed pages, to an array of side games, quests and missions, gamification casinos are turning the industry on its head.

Why Play at a Gamification Online Casino?

Gamification online casinos are the ideal option for anyone looking for something a bit different from the norm. Perhaps you’ve already experienced a regular online casino and found it either dull or off-putting for some reason. Maybe you were just about to give up on playing online casino games altogether. If this is the case, then gamification online casinos could be the ideal option for you since they do not follow any conventional or regular online casino pattern. Gamification online casinos are also the perfect option for anyone that is already into online multiplayer video games and would like to try out an online casino for the first time. Signing up with a gamification casino is a much smoother transition since the entire look and feel will be instantly familiar to you.

Top 10 Reasons to Try a Gamification Online Casino

If you’ve never played at a gamification casino before but have gotten this far and wondering, should you or shouldn’t you, then the following top ten reasons to try a gamification online casinos are just what the doctor ordered!

1. Getting Some Side Action

One of the simplest and undoubtedly most effective forms of gamification proving to be hugely popular with gamblers is the side game. Side games can come in a number of different formats although they are usually always part of some bonus or reward. For example, you can get access to various side games at top online casinos as part of your initial bonus package or as an additional prize for completing a certain number of games or reaching a certain score. Side games are usually very quick and simple games and usually resemble a wheel of fortune or even something along the lines of a carnival arcade side game. The reason for this specific style of games is that they offer a visually exciting and enticing game of fortune where you can immediately see what you have won. Prizes can be anything from a bunch of free spins or free bonuses, to real things like gadgets or even a holiday to some exotic location. Rizk Casino does this very well with their awesome and fun Wheel of Rizk where players get to spin the wheel and collect instant prizes.

2. You Don’t Have to Be Yourself

The great thing about gamification casinos is that they offer an alternative to the usual sign up and play with your username kind of approach. Instead, players are able to create cool avatars, give them fun names, and even dress and accessorise them to their hearts desire. Creating a fun avatar to play with adds an entirely new dimension to online casino gambling that has never been there before. Some gamification online casinos even allow you to use your avatar character within the games special tasks or missions, really giving you a seriously immersive player experience.

3. Adventure Seeker

One of the most exciting reasons to sign up with an online casino that features gamification elements is the chance to go on an exciting adventure or two. Top online casinos like Casino Heroes and Ikibu Casino offer the opportunity for players to really get away from the normal online casino experience and go on an adventure. Help the hero defeat the scary dragon that’s terrifying a faraway kingdom in Casino Heroes, fight level bosses, score points and gain your share of the treasure along the way, all while playing the best casino games in the world!

4. Mission Not Impossible

Similar in many ways to the adventure element found in some gamification online casinos, the mission is a popular feature. Found in great online casinos like Kaboo, players get to play various missions, which are woven into a series of casino games. Complete each mission to gain additional points, bonuses and prizes. Mission-based gamification is hugely popular with gamblers that are already into playing various online multiplayer games that also centre on specific missions, so it’s a great natural transition into gambling online. Missions can include role-playing elements (avatars etc), multiple levels where each level ends or begins by reaching a specific bonus amount, and much more.

5. Leading the Pack

If you happen to be a competitive type, then getting into gamification online casinos that use leaderboards could be your top reason to sign up with one. Leaderboards are a great way to compete online playing a wide variety of casino games. Leaderboards work especially well with video slots since they are fast and easy to play. Top online casinos like Thrills Casino do this sort of thing well with their Daily Races feature. Here players can compete in exciting daily challenges and races and get their names on the casino's leaderboard. Winners walk away with all sorts of great instant cash prizes, free spins and other bonuses.

6. Sharing Your Successes

Of course, since we now live in a socially driven world, sharing everything that happens in your life has become a must for most internet and social media users. This need to share now also extends to online gaming, and online casinos have decided to join the party. Gamification online casinos allow their players to share their success at the casino instantly on top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In some instances, they also offer instant rewards for getting friends to sign up with the casino. Online casino gaming is no longer something to be ashamed or secretive about. It’s perfectly okay to play online casino games and share them with your friends, and you can even play casino games directly on your Facebook page for free, without ever spending a cent.

7. Power-Ups and Level-Ups

The ability to increase the strength of your character in a game has long been a part of video gaming, and now online casinos are starting to offer this cool feature. Power-ups or level-ups give you the chance to boost your play and rocket ahead of the pack and, in the online casino context, increase your winnings exponentially. Thrills Casino is once again a great example of how video game level ups can be applied to an online casino. Here you get a progress bar which you can fill as you play their casino games. The nice feature is that you get to watch your progress bar fill up in real time and, once filled, you level up. Every time that you level up, you get to collect instant free gifts and can then start again, with endless abilities to level up and collect prizes.

8. Scoring Points that Mean Something

Loyalty points have been a feature in online casinos forever and are nothing new. Loyalty points (also known as player points) are incentives to keep playing a given online casinos games. Every time you play or make a real money bet, you get one point. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can then exchange them for cash which then goes right back into your player account, not too bad. There is more besides that can be done with points, as top gamification online casinos like Energy Casino have shown us. At Energy Casino, players earn something called Energy Points (better than regular points) and, instead of just getting a little bit of extra cash back, players can take their Energy Points to the Energy Store. Once at the store, players can bag all sorts of cool goodies, from free spins and bonuses to authentic merchandise including t-shirts and lighters and more.

9. Unlocking Extra Content

Some online casinos that now use gamification have come up with fun ways to unlock extra content. Most top gamification online casinos will offer some extra content, which could include side games like a wheel of fortune or mini-games such as mini-slots and so forth. The idea here is all about fun and a quick win, promoting a more immersive and high-value player experience.

10. Not Your Dad’s Online Casino

Ultimately, what you can take away from gamification in online casinos is that this is certainly an indication of where the online casino industry is heading, and could be the ultimate reason to get into gamification casinos over regular ones. Gone are the days of stock standard casino games offered by lifeless casinos that want nothing more than your money. Gamification casinos almost seem to be less about money and more about people (kind of), where offering a more intensive, value-driven service is the real name of the game.

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