Top Rated Gamification Casinos

by GambleScope Research Team

Top Rated Online Gamification Casino Brands for 2018

Gamification is the latest innovation and trend sweeping through the online casino industry. In case you have not yet heard of this concept, or even know what it is, here’s a quick crash course in online casino gamification.

Gamification in online casinos essentially refers to the incorporation of various elements generally associated with the online video gaming industry. This can include gaming platform components such as mission-based gaming, task completion, and can also include multiple reward elements or situations where players are required to collect specific objects to obtain rewards. These gaming elements are then interwoven into a regular online casino platform in an effort to enhance the overall online casino gaming experience.

What is the Point of Gamification?

The idea behind gamification of the online casino platform is really to create a broader and more rewarding experience for the average player or gambler. Instead of the standard approach of merely signing up with an online casino, making a cash deposit, taking a bonus offer, and then playing a series of standard casino games, players can experience and enjoy more. In fact, many experienced online gamblers, along with the majority of industry experts, believe that the conventional online casino approach is outdated, and is one of the leading causes for the recent drop in online casino traffic.

As more and more gamification online casinos begin to appear, online gamblers can pick and choose how they would like to enjoy their time spent gambling online. The new way of gambling online means that players don’t just experience the thrill of a jackpot slot machine, they want more value for their time. Players that can participate in more competitive elements such as enhanced tournaments with leaderboards, or complete specific missions to earn free spins or other points, will be more invested and therefore happier to spend their time and money at an online casino that offers gamification elements within their platform.

Popular Gamification Options Available in the Online Casino

The interesting thing about gamification in online casinos is that it can offer a diverse range of options to suit either a particular casino's goals or meet the needs of a particular player demographic. For instance, an online casino that wishes to engage in gamification may feel that their customer base responds more positively towards a reward based system. However, on the other hand, another online casino may find that their customer base is more enthusiastic about in-game or platform related benefits, such as accomplishing specific goals.

With an increasing number of online casinos choosing to add gamification features to their platforms, players are now able to cherry pick the sort of enhanced gaming features that they are after. This is especially attractive to the emerging generation of new players who have grown up playing online games and are looking to diversify their online gaming interests with some casino entertainment.

If you are looking to get into online casino gaming that offers something a bit more innovative and rewarding, the following shows the main gamification enhancements available at top online casinos.


One of the most effective gamification elements used by top online casinos to enhance their customers overall playing experience is to offer entry to leaderboard competitions. Leaderboards are popular since most gamers, and casino gamblers are already competitive. After all, competing for prizes is what gaming and gambling are all about.

Leaderboards can come in a variety of options, including daily, weekly, or monthly leaderboards. The way in which most of these boards work is through a system that offers points for either playing certain games, attaining specific scores, or reaching predetermined milestones in slot games and the like. Leaderboards are not an unfamiliar concept to online casinos since operators have been offering various tournaments such as roulette, slots, or blackjack tournaments for many years.

The concept of the leaderboard is straightforward, making it easy for all levels of player experience to participate instantly. The more points earnt, the higher up the board you climb. The exciting thing is that you can measure your progress in real time, which can be seen in a real-world context at Rizk Casino, one of the best examples of this type of gamification in practice. Rizk Casino offers a range of fun online slots as part of their ‘Daily Races’ leaderboard platform. As players progress, they climb up the leaderboard and, at the same time, fill up a special ‘power bar’. The power bar, in turn, leads to another interesting gamification element called the ‘Wheel of Rizk’. This gives players even more opportunities to score points and win prizes, thereby enhancing their overall player experience exponentially.

Loyalty Points Systems

Now, the concept of loyalty points is nothing new and most online casinos have been using these for decades. The difference however with gamification casino lies in how they are presented and what they do precisely. In a standard online casino, you will be able to earn loyalty points, also known as player points, by merely playing certain casino games. For every wager you make over a certain amount, you earn perhaps one loyalty point. After a certain period, once you have accumulated a certain number of loyalty points, you can then exchange them for ‘free’ casino cash or rewards.

While this is of benefit to some players, the entire process is a bit dull and boring. You may also be somewhat surprised to learn that the majority of players don’t even care about casino loyalty points, dismissing them as nothing more than a gimmick used by the casino to keep you playing. While that may be true, it doesn’t do anything to enhance your overall player experience. So, how can an online casino that uses gamification innovate the loyalty points concept?

Presentation and function can make all the difference to a tried and true rewards system, and Ikibu Casinois the perfect example of this in practice. Ikibu Casino offers a loyalty rewards or player points system based around their entire gamification concept, which includes their platform being set on a mysterious and mystical island. In the world that Ikibu Casino creates, players travel all over the island collecting ‘seeds’ which equate to loyalty points. Some seeds are earned as part of a bonus, while others are earned through finishing games and collecting the seeds. Players can then exchange their accumulated seeds for free spins and other cool things in their seed shop. Another gamification casino, Energy Casino, has a similar thing going but with a slightly different look and feel. Instead of seeds, Energy Casino offers ‘energy points’ which players earn by playing select casino games. The big difference here is that players are not just restricted to free spins or enhanced bonuses, they can use their energy points to buy anything from t-shirts and mugs, to gadgets, lighters, baseball caps, and other branded merchandise.

Mission-based Gamification

Mission-based gamification is arguably the most popular option of them all and is probably the closest example of gamification that relates to video games that you will find. There are various ways in which an online casino can present this particular type of gamification, and it can either be goal-orientated, mission-based, or adventure-based. While these may all sound the same, there are subtle differences.

Which one is used to the best effect is primarily up to the individual casino that employs gamification in their casino. For example, Kaboo Casino leads the way in creating a tremendous mission-based gaming experience. You get to pick from different missions, each with different rewards upon completion of the task. The entire platform is very reminiscent of an old-school sci-fi video game and is an excellent enhancement to the already great slots and casino games on offer. However, when it comes to a more adventure-based gaming experience, you will find it tough to beat Casino Heroes. Here, players get to explore a magical kingdom, complete with gaming avatars, which players can choose to help. Casino Heroes has chosen a classic video game platform for their gamification, and players can complete levels, battle level bosses, play casino games, and earn various casino bonuses in the process.

Our Top Gamification Casino Picks and a Little about Them

After learning a little more about gamification and how it is being used in a range of top online casinos, we figured you would probably want to know a bit more about these and other gamification casinos. Here is a list of our top gamification casino picks for 2018:

1. Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino launched in 2012 and is considered by many to be the first real example of a gamification casino. Casumo Casino’s entire look and feel is dedicated to fun gamification, complete with a mascot who seems to be a little cartoony martial arts student. New players are greeted by the character who is essentially your partner in playing at the casino. The more games you play and missions you manage to complete, the more points you earn. As you progress, the characters belt colour will change, just like in real martial arts, which will also help you to accumulate rewards faster. The casino itself consists of a series of ‘worlds’ or planets and, as you progress, you unlock more planets where you can play.

2. Kaboo Casino

It seems many gamification casinos have funny names and Kaboo Casino is no exception. Launched in 2015, Kaboo is gorgeous to look at and defines the new wave of gamification casinos. The overall design and artwork at Kaboo is incredible and has to be one of the best looking online casinos on the web right now. Kaboo very much follows the sci-fi/futuristic video game format and is mission-based.

3. Rizk Casino

One visit to Rizk Casino and it is quite easy to see that these guys are fans of Marvel and DC comics. Rizk Casino is centred on a superhero character called Captain Rizk who is there to help you to your share of rewards, which include free spins, super spins and mega spins. All these different types of spins can be used on a range of slots to unlock substantial bonus rewards and jackpots. Players can also win the opportunity to enter exclusive race events, complete vital missions and can even get a shot at the casino’s own wheel of fortune called the Wheel of Rizk, where huge prizes await.

4. Thrills Casino

Thrills Casino runs along similar lines to Rizk Casino but without the superhero element. Instead, we have a range of zany characters along with a variety of particular challenges that players need to complete successfully to unlock more tasks and gain awesome rewards. The casino also has a cool looking retro fifties bonus ‘o meter. The meter tells you at a glance how you are doing and when you will be able to unlock your next big bonus. Thrills is a great gamification casino for those players still making the transition from conventional online casinos to gamification online casinos.

5. Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes has been around since 2014 and is one of the most popular gamification casinos on the web right now. Casino Heroes uses a cool fantasy hero theme to facilitate a variety of adventures centred around a mythical kingdom where players have to help the hero destroy the evil dragon threatening the nation. Expect great level ups, rewards, buried treasures, boss fights and more.

6. Ikibu Casino

Another one of the newer gamification casinos, Ikibu looks the part of a modern-day online gambling platform! Launched in 2016, it is the ideal option for players looking for something cute, funny, and light-hearted. The whole casino is filled with lovable characters and a mission-based reward system, which allows players to collect seeds. Seeds can then be used to purchase free spins to play tons of great slot games.