Gaming Laboratories International - How do they Protect Players?

Is it Safe to Gamble Online or Offline with an Operator Approved by Gaming Laboratories International?

Despite online gambling being a hugely popular pastime, there will always be those who are wary of spending real money gambling online for the simple reason that they don’t feel they can trust casinos with their money. It’s reasonable to have these concerns. After all, untrustworthy operators do exist and are out there looking to scam people out of their money. Thankfully though, the majority of operators are entirely above board. Gaming Laboratories International is a company that specialises in testing online gambling systems. It carries out detailed, rigorous and in-depth tests to ensure that everything’s working as it should and that there’s no bias or unfairness in the games they test. The company is one of the biggest and best known in its field. It has certified a wide range of online gambling systems and continues to be a well respected and trusted leader in games testing.

Gaming Laboratories International was established back in 1989, with its headquarters in Toms River, New Jersey. Later that year, the company received its first contract from the State of South Dakota: to test and vet the very first video lottery system in the US. Since then, the company has significantly expanded its operations, providing testing services for many land-based gambling venues, including casinos, throughout the country. In 2002, its headquarters moved from Toms River to Lakewood (also in New Jersey) - the new building is currently the world’s largest centre for gaming and systems testing.

Over the years, the company has enjoyed significant amounts of growth and expansion. By 2014, it had a total of 21 offices on six continents with more than 850 employees; at this time, its services were being used in over 455 jurisdictions worldwide. The company started out before the very first online casino was launched in 1994. After online gambling started to take off, Gaming Laboratories International branched off into the iGaming sector and is today one of the best-known and most trusted testers of online casino games.

Gaming Laboratories International offers an extensive and diverse range of services for operators of both land-based and online gambling services. The company’s services cover just about every gambling activity imaginable, from casino games and sports betting, to live dealer games, poker rooms and more. They provide a full range of testing and certification services, in addition to an array of professional services such as field inspections, responsible gaming, security audits, project management, auditing, anti-money laundering training and consultation, to name just a few.

It’s worked with a variety of different companies within the gambling industry, including casino operators, game providers and gaming regulators - many of the company’s clients are among the biggest names in the industry. Over its years of operation, they have continually sought to protect and maintain the integrity of gambling, both in land-based venues and online. Its team consists of a large number of experts and professionals with experience in a broad range of areas. Together, the team can efficiently test and review all aspects of a game or gambling system.

The primary way in which Gaming Laboratories International helps casinos is by showing potential customers that the casino is safe, reliable and trustworthy. When carrying out tests, the company adheres to both its own set of standards, as well as the requirements of various jurisdictions throughout the world. While authorities are within their right to establish their own testing standards, many have opted to use Gaming Laboratories International’s standards as a base from which to further develop their own rules and regulations concerning game testing.

This is a sign that the standards established by Gaming Laboratories International are of exceptional quality. The company helps casinos by providing them with this very high level of testing. The certification offered by the company is confirmation that a casino is operating honourably and that its games are functioning as designed, with no bias or unfairness of any kind. In short, the company’s certification lets potential customers know that a casino can be trusted. It helps casinos attract more players as the company’s certification is recognised to be a guarantee of safety and security.

The company strives to ensure that every gambling system it tests is fair and equal to every single person that uses it. It only grants its certificate of approval to gambling systems that have passed its rigorous and in-depth testing procedures. In doing so, it protects players, as it only certifies games that won’t attempt to deceive or act unfairly to the player in any way. It aims to ensure that all gambling, whether it’s land-based or online, is safe and free from bias.

Unfortunately, there will always be casino operators and games that can’t be trusted; Gaming Laboratories International endeavours to keep players away from unqualified games and operators and encourages gamblers to play only at casinos whose games have been independently reviewed and vetted by itself and other similar companies. It protects players both by developing standards that gambling systems should adhere to, enforcing these standards, and only approving systems that meet these standards.

Gaming Laboratories International is a very significant company whose testing, and vetting services cover almost every type of gambling activity, both in land-based venues and online. The company has accumulated over thirty years of experience and is widely regarded as a leader in its field. In fact, its standards have been adapted for use by a large number of jurisdictions around the world. Any gambling system that’s been awarded a certificate of approval by Gaming Laboratories International has been thoroughly reviewed, tested and inspected by the company’s professional team of experts, and has been deemed safe, reliable and trustworthy.

By choosing a casino certified by Gaming Laboratories International, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands and that the casino’s games are compliant and fair.