Most Loved Classic Slots Of All Time

Last updated: April 27, 2018

Most of the slots you’ll find at a typical online casino are video slots. They’re so-called because they use video animations and have some advanced features, including bonus rounds and special symbols. While they’re very simple to play, there’s a lot more to them than the easier to play classic slots. These old style classic slots offer a gambling experience that’s a lot more straightforward and less taxing, but by no means less enjoyable.

Classic Slots – What they Are and Where they Came From?

If you trace the history of slots back to their origin, you’ll come to fruit machines. These are gaming machines consisting of a drum with three reels, each one of which displays three symbols at a time, for a total of nine symbols. To spin the reels, you pull a lever sticking out of the side of the machine (hence the name ‘one arm bandit’). Because there are only nine symbols in a 3x3 formation, there are very few paylines - some classic slots would have just a single payline going across the central row, while others would have a few more. The symbols were usually of the fruit variety, but bells, bars, sevens, and stars are also quite common. Over time, slot machines became very popular, and when they came online in the 90s, not only did they keep their place alongside the more sophisticated video slots, but their popularity soared. They also became increasingly advanced and intricate, with new technologies paving the way for all sorts of new gameplay features. There will always be a place at online casinos for these nostalgic classic slot games. While the key aspect of classic slots is that they’re basic, simple versions of modern video slots, a lot of classic slots you’ll find at the online casino do actually have extra features common to video slots.

What Makes the Classic Style Online Slot Game so Popular?

If video slots offer better graphics, sound effects, and a much more immersive gaming experience complete with bonus rounds and advanced features, why then are classic slots still so popular? The main reason is that they are incredibly simple games. These slots stand out because they’re not all about the advanced graphics and numerous features; part of their appeal is the fact that they’re stripped back, and the focus is on the core mechanics of what makes a slot a slot. They’re ideal for those who are looking for a simple, uncomplicated game to play. While video slots aren’t about skill or strategy, there’s a lot to them, whereas with classic slots there’s not much to them at all, so they’re a lot easier to learn and play.

What Kind of Players Enjoy the Classic Slots?

Classic slots tend to be quite popular with those who in previous years would play fruit machines in land-based casinos, entertainment venues, and the like. They grew up visiting these places to play slots and like the fact that online casinos give them the chance to relive this experience. Even though playing an online version of a fruit machine isn’t the same as the real thing, it’s good enough for a lot of players. While many venues, of course, still have fruit machines and classic slot machines, another reason why online versions of these games are popular is that they can be played anywhere. You don’t have to visit a venue with physical gaming machines if you want to have the experience of playing a fruit machine. Instead, you can just try out the online version. Classic slots are also popular with those who are new to slots and fancy trying out simpler ones before moving on to the more sophisticated video slots. In addition, they also appeal to those who, after spending time playing video slots and more difficult casino games, simply fancy playing something where they can switch off and not overthink the game and just relax.

The Top SIX Most Loved Classic Slots of All Time

If you’re keen to try out classic slots for yourself, here are six of the most popular ones that you should definitely consider. They’re all very easy to play, and there’s not much to them at all, and you’ll get used to playing them in next to no time at all.

  • Break Da Bank

Developed by Microgaming, this three-reel slot is themed after a bank heist and has a total of five paylines. It even has a wild symbol, which is the game’s logo; it can substitute for any other symbol and doubles winnings whenever it forms part of a winning combination. If two wild symbols feature in a winning combination, your winnings will be quadrupled. Should you land three wild symbols, you stand to receive some pretty big wins.

  • Mega Joker

Sporting an attractive fruit machine theme, this NetEnt classic slot looks exactly like the typical fruit machine you’d find in any land-based casino. Not only does it have a skill-based bonus game, but it also has a progressive jackpot that’s awarded randomly to fortunate players. Mega Joker looks very traditional, yet these extra features set it apart from your standard classic slot.

  • Triple Diamond

What sets this classic slot apart from others is its large number of paylines: there are nine of them altogether, giving players quite a few chances to land a nice big win! This classic slot was developed by IGT and has a traditional slot machine look and feel to it, with Bars and 7s as symbols. The game’s logo serves as the highest paying symbol and also acts as a wild, substituting for all others.

  • Irish Gold

Slots themed after all things Irish are always famous, and Irish Gold is no exception. This classic slot by Play’n Go may have only one single payline, but it’s still definitely worth playing as it’s bright, lively, and lots of fun with quite a few unique features. There’s a wild symbol and a scatter, both of which help generate some pretty big wins, if you’re lucky enough to land them, of course.

  • Couch Potato

Another slot by Microgaming, Couch Potato sports a somewhat traditional look, with Bars, 7s, and cherries as symbols. The game’s logo serves as the wild symbol, which can multiply your winnings by quite a lot. In keeping with the couch potato theme, the rules of this slot game couldn’t be more straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Bar Bar Blacksheep

Inspired by the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep, this is a special classic slot by Microgaming. Symbols include Bars, sheep, and a bag of wool with the combination Bar Bar black sheep paying out the highest amount. If you land the black sheep symbol as part of a winning combination, your winnings will be trebled.