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8 Online Casino Scamming Trick You Never Thought Possible

Finding an honest casino can be tricky. Here are some things to consider when choosing a genuine casino from shady ones.

1.  Good design of casino site

A top online casino will spare no time, money, and effort on design to demonstrate the site's quality. The design is the face of the casino’s owner. A reputable casino will never take shortcuts in this area. 

2. A quality casino will always have a license

The casino license is usually at the very bottom of the site. It is also worth noting who issues the license. It is better if it’s from the UK, Malta, or Curacao. You can also check the domain of the site. It should be original, and the casino should be listed on the licensor's site, coinciding with the site owner's data.

3. Annoying spam mail and SMS

You come across this. After a significant loss, a player will delete all payments and even change the SIM card. It did not help much because the casino scammers somehow find the player’s number and calls to ask why the player no longer plays?A casino with a good reputation will not do this because they do not need advertising.

4. Various forums and sites about the casino

In them, you can see the rating of the casino and its credibility. It is also an important point. With the help of these casino review sites and discussion boards, you will recognize casinos with a high rating and trust among the gaming community and casinos that are problematic, fraudulent, and unreliable.

5. The software will often hang and slow down

Casino scammers will not willingly respond in that support; under any pretext, they will begin to drag out time for the withdrawal of funds or do not pay at all. There was an example of a real story when players went to the casino site,and everything was fine. It did not portend trouble, until the day they wrote off money from the casino account. Casino scammers like to do this. They go to the player's casino account and, while he sleeps, lose his money at high stakes in various games and then writes to the player you did it yourself. 

6. How to avoid the bait of scammers?

It is simple that casino scammers lure a big freebie and count on players' greed. Do not even think if you are just an ordinary player, you will be able to spot such a casino that does it.

7. Changing the settings of the RTP%

Casino scammers can change the return in slots at the expense of hacked software, making it impossible to win. It is worth changing the recovery from the declared 95-96% to 80-70%, and the chances of winning fall instantly.

8. Conclusion and additional bonus

All of the above was precisely about casino scammers.Such sites can lure dishonest gambling gurus who will deliver a strategy for deceiving players of $1000 per day for 5 minutes of play. Therefore, to not stumble upon such sites, you must protect yourself with solid antivirus and VPN software.