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Today, there are many ways to play competitive online poker for free. For instance, many options, like free roll tournaments, allow players to play for free with the chance to win real prizes. Where to play, however, much depends on your current location and the device you are using. Here are our top lists for the best free competitive poke sites by device and IP address.

Best Places to Play Online Poker for Free Against Real People

This page aims to help poker players find the best sites to play poker online for free. Here you will find information on free poker sites and freeroll online tournaments, where players can win real prizes without risking money, and answer the most frequently asked questions about free chips poker - which online poker site is the best?.

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  3. Iphone Apps

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Best free poker sites allowing instant play in browser

  1. -Free-to-Play: Unlike its counterpart, (which is the real money version), is a play-money platform. It allows users to play poker games without the need for real money transactions

  2. - World Series of Poker website, where you can either play for fun or take steps towards winning World Series and becoming the greatest Poker player.

  3. - Zynga Poker Website with no deposit poker, that claims to be the most popular one. Play poker online against others

  4. - Free poker website featuring Texas Hold'em, with only email verification needed. Online poker not real money

  5. - Popular website for playing Texas Hold'em and Omaha, but you need Flash Player installed. No gambling.

  6. - the official World Poker Tour website, where you can play for free and experience the real Texas Holdem poker, or go pro and climb up the organization's leaderboard

  7. - It offers a single-player campaign where you travel from town to town, playing poker and aiming to become the Governor of Poker.

  8. 888poker - They provide a variety of free poker games and tournaments.

Applications for Iphone (iOS) 

  1. Pokerist - Discover the world of Omaha and Hold'em in one App. Chat with other players. Texas hold'em online free multiplayer

  2. Poker R-Soft - Get free chips several times a day, arrange or join private games with password protection, spectate other player games.

  3. WSOP - Easy to find a table for every skill level because of million of players using this app. Other features include Facebook connect, guest mode, multi-level tournaments, chips every 3 hours.

  4. Zynga Poker - One of the world's most popular online poker games with a variety of games. Higher stakes, bigger payouts and a lot of tournaments available for those wishing to play professional!

  5. DH Texas Pokers - Offers a convenient log-in via Facebook, daily lottery, super chip package and VIP tables. Those playing a lot will love the online rewards and special offers.

  6. Appeak Poker - If you just want to try your hand at poker and play a few fun games then this app is for you. A good first step in your journey to become a poker pro!

  7. Poker Heat - 100,000 monthly users mean that you will easily find a table to match your skill. Best free texas holdem online

  8. Coin Poker - New poker platform that is quickly gaining popularity, not least because of the smooth and amazingly convenient application.

  9. PlayWPT - An app from a leading poker organisation offers quick and easy registration. You can earn free chips every two hours or buy chips for a very reasonable price.

  10. PPPoker - This app attracts players with different prizes - Gold Coins, Gold Tickets, Points and VIP Cards. Play poker online free

  11. PokerFace - Great poker application to play with friends as it features face to face interaction. Online poker free multiplayer. Online poker against other players

  12. Pokerrrr - One more application for team game, that allows to create closed friend clubs or join your friends in the other clubs.

  13. Poker World Mega Billions - An iPhone / iPad poker application for those willing to play for real money.

  14. PokerUP - An app for those enjoying Social Poker with its main feature being the ability to chat and play with people from your phone contact list.

  15. Mega Hit : Texas No Limit Holdem app offering loads of free chips at login and crossplay against millions of players on PCs, tablets, Smart TVs and phones.

Android Applications

  1. Poker Heat™ - Offers a large variety of poker rooms, 10 poker leagues and 1,000 daily chips. Delivers an experience like no other. 

  2. Appeak Poker - Tiny app only 38 Mb suitable for those using older phones and Android versions. Supports English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish languages.

  3. TX Poker - A popular and positively regarded app with 51679 total reviews and an excellent average mark of 4.3. Dash Poker, Sit-N-Go tournaments available.

  4. Jackpot Poker by PokerStars  - Good choice either for beginners and for those considering serious skilled games.

  5. Poker Heat - Top app in UK and Canada with 100,000 Monthly Users, very convenient if you are from there as well due to timezones.

  6. Ultimate Qublix Poker - This poker app offers credits on install which attracts a lot of player so the tables are full. A lot of chips at hand is encouraging, so expect high stake games.

  7. Poker Extra - Constantly updated app with Facebook login and a full functional guest mode.

  8. Coin Poker - Professional poker app suitable for experts only. Free no limit holdem. Free online poker uk

  9. PlayWPT - One more free poker app from a renown organisation. A lot of real people of all skill levels. Free online poker tournaments

  10. PPPoker - This fast application with a nice interface and multitabling offers a true online poker battlefield.

  11. Poker Mafia - An application from a company being around since 2000's with a lot of real players. 

  12. Pokerface - New generation online poker software that offers face to face games with friends.

  13. Pokerrrr -  Offers a lot of poker variations like No Limit Hold’em, OFC-13 card poker, Short Deck Poker, Pot-Limit Omaha, Round of Each, Sit-and-go. Tables are always full.

  14. Poker World Mega Billions - Offers possibility to play with free chips and those bought for money. We suggest not to deal with cash, as there are reviews from players spending a day without winning a hand.

  15. Poker UP - This app offers the best online social multiplayer poker in 2021. Weights only 86mb, making it useful for older phones with limited storage capacity.

  16. Mega Hit - Its features include connection via Facebook account for instant play and the peek cards feature.

PC Poker software for Windows

  1. Swcpoker Club - one of the few surviving PC poker apps. Also has Android, iOS and HTML5 browser versions , ensuring competition and full tables via crossplay. Multiple quality Seals from poker clubs. (Player Reviews)

The Difference between Playing Poker for Free and Real Money Games

Playing Poker on practice tables with chips and Real Money buy-in poker is NOT the same game. This may come as a surprise for some since the game rules remain unchanged, hand rankings are the same, betting structures are the same, in fact, you play the game in precisely the same way but with one crucial difference – RISK.

The element of risk alters the way people play. In free poker a player has nothing tangible invested and has nothing to lose. Consequently, nothing is stopping a player making audacious all-in bets and seeing another players hand at a ridiculously high price. When a player has real money on the line, you better believe they take every hand seriously, and think carefully about how they play their hands.

With that being said, there are plenty of reasons for players to hit the free practice poker tables online in best uk poker sites. If you are new to Poker, using practice tables will help you to learn the game without taking significant financial risks.

Even if you know how to play the game and have experience in real money poker games offline, practice play tables will help you to become familiar with the platform and the software in use, making it easier to jump into a real game and hit the ground running.

How to play Poker Tournaments for FREE

Most of the major online poker platforms offer what is called ‘Freeroll Tournaments where players can compete for real money and prizes without having to pay a buy-in fee. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But there is a very good reason why the big online sites sponsor this kind of event; they want to convert practice play players to active pay-to-play customers.

Poker rooms know that moving up a level from playing fun practice play games to buying into real money events can be a daunting experience for some. Freeroll games give players an excellent opportunity to enjoy the thrill of playing poker for real cash prizes without the financial risk. They also provide the chance for players to assess their skills playing against better opponents; since there are real prizes to be won, they attract more serious and potentially dangerous opponents, who will not likely make ridiculous all-in bets for fun.

Before buying-in to real money poker games, consider the interim step of gaining the necessary experience through Freeroll tournaments. When you start to win real money and prizes, you will be ready to buy-in and play real money poker games.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a Freeroll Tournament?

A Freeroll tournament is a free entry poker event that offers cash and non-cash prizes without the need to buy in with real money.

How Can I enter a Freeroll Tournament?

Entering a FreeRoll poker tournament is straightforward. First, you will need to have an account with a poker room that offers FreeRoll events. Then you must access the list of competitions available and register for the Freeroll game you want to play. Tournament games commence at a specific time and day, so ensure you will be free when the game starts.

What Poker Games Can I play for Free Online?

The most common game of Poker played on practice and real money tables online is No Limit Texas Hold’em. Most Poker rooms also offer a selection of other poker game variations such as Omaha, Stud, Razz, Horse etc.

Can I send Chips to Another Player?

Not always, but some social media poker apps, such as Zynga Poker have this feature.

What is the best poker app for iPhone?

Our poker experts rated Pokerist as the best mobile poker app for iPhone. Other good options for iOS include WSOP and Zynga Poker. 

What is the best free poker app for Android?

There are many poker apps for Android. Amongst the best as rated by our professionals include Poker Heat. TX Poker and Jackpot Poker. This page lists our top 18 as assessed by our poker pros.

What is the difference between freeroll and real money poker games?

There is no difference between freeroll tournament poker games and real money buy-in games. The rules are the same, and the only real difference is in the way people play. Players tend to be less cautious when there is nothing at stake.

What are the main benefits of free poker games?

As many would agree, poker is easy to learn and hard to master. If you are new to online poker, chances are you will be playing people with a lot more experience. Playing in practice play mode and freeroll poker tournaments helps players become familiar with the online game and software before risking their money.

What site offers the biggest freeroll poker tournaments?

It changes regularly, but 888 poker consistently offers some of the most significant events and prizes for players worldwide.

What are the best free poker apps for 2023

Pojerking and Zynga Poker were the most highly rated options for both devices.