Trusted Online Casinos that Accept Visa

GambleScope Research Team

Casinos with Visa Payment Method

To get the most from your online gambling experience when playing online casino games for real money, planning how to fund your account is crucial. Credit and debit cards are a great option, and if you are going to plan, you cannot overlook the largest provider in this aspect, which is Visa.

Visa is a great choice for many reasons, but just like every casino payment method, does have some downsides too. In this article, we shall consider Visa as means of payment. Firstly, let us take a brief look at the company.

Brief History of Visa

Visa has roots that go as far back as 1958. Initially, it was a test credit card program run by the Bank of America, and that took off around 1976. This was when a few credit card offerings in existence united under the umbrella of the Visa brand. Some of these included Carte Bleue, Barclaycard, and Chargex.

Visa has now become one of the most recognised financial services around the globe. Presently, it processes more than 60 billion transactions yearly. One fact that is not public about the organisation is that they don't issue cards personally. Instead, they play the role of a provider for other banking and financial service companies to provide their own brand services using Visa.

How to use Visa at Online casinos

The process of using Visa to make payments to and from an online casino account is secure, easy, and fast. The first step to deposit funds is to sign up for the online casino of your choice. Once you have made your choice and ready to deposit funds into an account, the rest is very straightforward.

First, if you are new to the casino, you will have to open a new account. When you are done, go to the casino cashier section and select Visa as the desired payment method to deposit funds.

This will send you to the page where to need to input your Visa Card details, as you would making any purchase online using a Visa debit or credit card. Input the amount you wish to deposit. Wait for a few moments for the transaction to process. After a few minutes, your casino funds should be available immediately for use with wagering real money casino games.

Benefits of Using Visa at the Online Casino


As most people already have this facility at their disposal, making use of Visa cards to make payments in your online casino accounts is easy and convenient to do.

Credit Availability

Although it is not advisable using borrowed cash to gamble, when linked with a credit card visa does enable users to access additional funds to play casino games.


Visa is one of the most renowned providers of financial services around the globe. They have high standards when it comes to transaction security and only uses the best regarding technology. Visa cards also come with programs for consumer protection you can exploit.

Disadvantages of Using Visa at the Online Casino

Just like other means of payments, Visa also comes with its own set of drawbacks.


Not every online casino supports using visa cards to make withdrawals. Even though there are a bunch of online casinos that will let you make deposits with it. Some won't let you make withdrawals.

Possibility of Rejection

As a result of its complex regulations in the banking industry, banks sometimes choose not to authorise payment for use in connection with online gambling. This situation is not as bad as it once was in many parts of the world but can be more of a problem when using online gambling platforms based in the US and Canada.

Payments are Not Anonymous

As Visa facilities are linked to your bank or credit card account, this may leave users susceptible to online fraud.

Is Visa a Good Option to use at an Online Casino?

Visa credit and debit cards are the most widely used method of depositing funds into a casino account. This is because they are a standard facility available to most players making them very convenient and does not require players to open another account to manage casino funds. Visa as an option of payment gives you all the features needed to make secure and fast transactions.

However, in comparison to other payment methods, Visa does have a few drawbacks. It does not function in all Canadian and US online casinos. Also, some casinos only allow for deposits using Visa, but withdrawals can be a hassle.