Casinos with EcoPayz Deposit and Withdrawal Options

GambleScope Review Team

Casinos with EcoPayz Payment Method

EcoPayz, formerly recognised as EcoCard, is a European based company. It started operations in 2000 with a focus on processing and servicing online payments. It was to be a substitute for conventional payment methods like MasterCard and Visa, using the ‘ecocard' to ensure complete security and maximum confidentiality when used online.

It has two categories, with one being the EcoCard which is a prepaid account. It enables online payments to be instant with merchants that support it.

EcoCard is a prepaid debit account that allows instant online payments at any of the thousands of merchants accepting this payment method. The primary account used is the EcoAccount. This account has a couple of different versions which all come with their very own prepaid card (EcoCard) which Mastercard operates. There is also a virtual version of the card available, which numerous online casinos all over the world accept. This card is the EcoVirtualCard.

How To Use EcoPayz at an Online Casino

To deposit funds into an online casino is a pretty seamless process. Players must first head over the EcoPayz site and register for an account providing all the required information such as name, date of birth, and banking information. Once you are done with verification, users must then go to an online casino of their choice which supports this payment option.

Players need to select the EcoPayz deposit option at their chosen casino and then enter the amount to be deposited. This would then take you to the EcoPayz website where a username and password might be required to confirm the payment. With the correct information, players then have a choice of how they choose to make a deposit, either by ecoCard, ecoAccount, or ecoVirtualCard.

Withdrawing using this option is also a seamless process. However, withdrawals are only possible with an ecoCard or an EcoAccount. The ecovirtualcard is valid for just a single payment. Withdrawals, when made, can appear very quickly, usually instantly or about two days depending on the amount. Furthermore, there are no fees incurred for withdrawals from online casinos using this payment method.

Using EcoPayz at the Online Casino

There are around 40 casinos that allow deposits and withdrawals to be made using this payment method. Since EcoPayz has a long list of countries it supports, gamblers from these countries can play at any online casino they desire, so long as the casinos in question support EcoPayz.

Benefits of EcoPayz when used for Gambling

There are numerous reasons as to why EcoPayz is the best choice for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Firstly it is secure and safe. Using this payment option dramatically lowers the risk of personal and financial information falling into the hands of fraudsters. This is because that information is only privy to EcoPayZ, stored using both SSL or TLS protocols and it doesn’t share it with any new casino that one might choose to use to play real money games. It also possible because every transaction made is anonymous, so you can rest assured that a third party or an online casino can’t access personal information.

It also helps that using an EcoPayz account is extremely easy and straightforward. EcoPayz accounts can be accessed right from the site, or via the mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, depositing funds into the account is easy as players have a host of options to choose from such as bank transfers, debit or credit cards, even using other e-wallets.

Another advantage is the fact that this e-wallet functions as a bankroll tool, which helps players to keep track on their gambling habits, so they only wager money that they have. Ultimately, this means that players can monitor the money flow to stop the risk of accidentally running a hefty credit card bill. There is nothing worse than depositing into an online casino account, only to find out that it takes anything from a couple of hours to a few days to reflect. With EcoPayz funds transferred appear immediately, so players can begin playing straight away.

Disadvantages of using this payment Method

There are a few downsides to using this method to deposit and withdraw funds at the casino. Fees are applicable when using this service (as they are with many payment methods). Also, withdrawal processes have a somewhat long timespan before the funds reflect into the account, which could be anything from a couple of minutes to around two days.

Since there are a couple of levels to the EcoPayz account, upgrading from one to the other, for example from the EcoCard to an EcoAccount, could take a long time and be a bit of a long-winded process. It is advised therefore to make sure you select the right option from the start.

Final Verdict on EcoPayz

EcoPayz is an electronic wallet which is trustworthy and provides numerous advantages associated with using a regular e-wallet at the online casino. It is very secure and keeps personal and financial information private, making it ideal for use at the online casino. The list of online casinos that accept this payment method is growing. Thanks to card-based and secure end to end payment solutions, players worldwide can attain safe, fast, and instant ways to deposit their funds with ease.