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SticPay Casinos
100% up to 100 EUR/$ + 100 FS
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
€1000 +125 free spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
Second Deposit Bonus
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
100% bonus up to €100 + 20 free spins on Starburst
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
100% up to 500€ + 200 Free Spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
100% UP TO 0.1 BTC
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
300% up to €1000 + 25 free spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No

SticPay is an e-wallet or cash substitute that is great for transferring money to online SticPay Casinos. With no cash available to make transactions at online casinos, this payment method is safe and easy, though there is a longer review process when signing up.

About SticPay

SticPay requires proof of legal identity and proof of address to begin transferring money in and out of the account. There is also a second verification process after the account holder makes $25 in transactions. Account withdrawals are available in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, China, and Singapore.

Why Choose SticPay

Picking this e-wallet is a nice idea if the thought of a cashless wallet is pleasant. SticPay also lets people make internet transactions in a way cash cannot compete with. This is a huge benefit to those seeking to put money into an internet SticPay Casinos account to gamble. The payment method is easily transferable to cash at ATMs worldwide. This is a safe e-wallet that is the right choice for those seeking to make a few deposits or withdrawals without putting in or taking out a lot of money.

How to Use SticPay

The process to transfer money between SticPay Casinos and a player with SticPay starts by putting money in the SticPay account and then transferring it to the SticPay Casino. The process is simple enough, and there are plenty of details about how the company website goes into the backend of the process. On the front end, the process is for someone to put money into the account then transfer the money. SticPay Casinos, there should be a form option when making a deposit or withdrawal to transfer money this way.

Guide to Setting Up an Account

Setting up a SticPay account takes only a few minutes and can serve someone well. After signing up for an account, there is a verification process to make transactions that are in line with anti-money laundering regulations. Approval requires both proofs of legal identity and proof of address. Another, more in-depth approval process begins after the account holder makes $25 in transactions with the account. While this process may seem more arduous than some other payment methods, they happen only one time each and after that, there are tons of benefits to this payment method.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

It takes one to two business days to make SticPay Casino deposits. This is entirely from the casino’s end, however. SticPay itself promises to make transactions within a minute. While this is true, the casino has its own process it must go through. Requests for withdrawals will take two to five business days before the funds show up in the SticPay account. This is again from the casino’s end because SticPay itself will take within a minute to make this type of transaction. It is a little frustrating, but the casino is going to really slow down SticPay transactions to a normal speed.

SticPay System Fees

There are fees for using SticPay that can add up with a lot of transactions or a larger one. Fees for deposits range from 1% for an international bank wire to 3.85% for Visa and MasterCard. These are substantial and can take a bite out of gambling money before anyone has even sat at the table. Fees for withdrawals are similar but higher, and they range from 1% for Litecoin, 1.3% for Stic Card, to 5% for international bank wire. The company is clearly penalizing international bank wire here, and that is one of the downsides to this payment method overall.


The cashless nature of SticPay makes it a wonderful choice for transferring money to SticPay Casinos. This payment method gets high marks on the idea behind it, as the card may be useful even outside of the casino as a cash substitute. Using the card to spend money at the casino is a fine idea if there are not countless transactions back and forth between the SticPay card and the bank. The fees are more reasonable when using other withdrawal methods other than international bank wire. The method is secure to use, and there is support for a huge number of currencies, that being SticPay’s operation.


SticPay has a long verification process before an account is fully operational, and that process follows the necessary anti-money laundering regulations. Considering that these are one-time occurrences, there is nothing too troubling about the verification process except for the first time using the account. The fees associated with withdrawals in general and specifically through international bank wire are high. This is the bigger issue with this payment method. SticPay is not a payment method without its downsides but if someone plans on keeping money in the account without withdrawing or depositing frequently, then most of these problems fade away.

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team


What is SticPay?

SticPay is an e-wallet that is acceptable at a variety of internet casinos and other places.

Do many online casinos accept SticPay?

There are plenty of online casinos that accept SticPay. There are also several top-rated online casinos that do.

What is the point to an e-wallet?

E-wallets are prepaid cards that a lot of people use in lieu of cash online and in person.

Why is SticPay better than any other payment method?

SticPay lets people have a card to keep in their wallet that replaces cash that is also usable on the internet. The difference between SticPay and a debit card is that there is a predetermined limit on the money a SticPay card has on it, which can be good for gambling.

Is SticPay safe and secure?

SticPay is a legitimate e-wallet that businesses and people use all over the world to transfer payments in different currencies and as a cash substitute.