Using Zimpler Payment Method for Gambling Purposes

GambleScope Research Team

Every gambler knows just how exciting it is to place a bet and hope to walk away with the prize. It is a great way to pass free time and you stand the chance to make more money. In order to enjoy gambling you need to play at a reliable casino and most importantly, a reliable payment method to use to deposit and withdraw gambling funds. One of the available methods is Zimpler. What is this and should you use it?

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About Zimpler

Zimpler is a Swedish company that was started in 2012 as PugglePay with the aim of providing a mobile payment solution to people making online payments. The company’s mission was to provide a simple and easy payment option. Until 2016, PugglePay e-wallet made it easy for people to manage their finances on their mobile phones before rebranding to Zimpler.

Zimpler allows its users to send and receive money in their bank accounts around the clock. You can use any bank account with Zimpler and easily transfer funds. This payment method has been used by many gamblers since it was launched. It is important to note that this payment method is only available for users in the UK, Sweden and Finland.

Identity Documents You Will Need

Creating a Zimpler account is really easy. Head over to the Zimpler website using your phone or computer and enter your phone number. A code will be sent to you. Enter this and your account will be activated. You will then be required to choose a funding option. The two options you have are paying by bill and credit/debit card. Paying by bill means that the amount of money you deposit from Zimpler into a casino will be added to a bill that will be sent to you via text message. On the other hand, you can link a card that will fund your Zimpler e-wallet. Your phone number and funding details are all you need to have a fully functioning account.

Are There any Limits on Zimpler?

Zimpler does not have a limit on the amount of money you can deposit to an online casino. It is up to you to determine how much you would like to play with. Be sure to look at the casino’s terms for any limitations that may be placed on deposit amounts. If you wish to be a responsible player and limit your deposits, Zimpler allows you to do this. You can set a limit and the app will keep track for you.

Why Use Zimpler?

It may not be as advanced as other gambling payment options like Skrill and Paypal but Zimpler is much simpler. It even allows you to fund your e-wallet through a bill you can pay back in 14 days! To ensure that all transactions are secure, the Zimpler website has 256-bit encryption that secures all data.

All one needs to register and login to Zimpler is a phone number. Users do not need to provide personal data every time they log in. What is more? Zimpler can be accessed from mobile devices.

How to Use Zimpler

Zimpler can be used to pay for anything purchased online ranging from new furniture to subscriptions to casino play. Once you have created a Zimpler account you will only need to enter your phone number to make payments. When you enter your phone number and the amount you would like to pay, Zimpler will send a verification code to you. Enter this to verify the payment.

How can you deposit to your casino of choice? You will need to select Zimpler as your payment method of choice. You can do this in the ‘payments’, ‘banking’, ‘Cashier’ or any other similarly named tab. Click on the deposit button and you will be prompted to enter your phone number. A passcode will be sent as a text message. Type this to login and you can choose the payment method (bill or card), specify the amount and complete the transaction.

The amount you deposit into a casino using Zimpler reflects in your balance immediately without any delays. However, if the casino has restrictions a delay may arise. Go through the casino’s deposit terms and see how soon you will actually access the money deposited.

Pros and Cons of Zimpler in Gambling


  • Safe and secure.
  • Fast.
  • Simple.
  • Two funding options.
  • Works on mobile.


  • Charges fees.
  • Not available on all casinos.


Do You Need a Bank Account to Use Zimpler

You do not need a bank account to use Zimpler unless you are using a card issued by a bank as your funding source.

Does Zimpler charge?

Yes, you will be charged for all deposits made using the Zimpler e-wallet. The fee charged will depend on the amount you are depositing. The good news is that there is no delay in depositing money on your casino account.