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Fastpay is the best e-wallet option for players in Iraq, allowing users to make fast and secure payments straight from their mobile device. To learn more and find the best online casinos accepting Fastpay where you live, see below.

Fastpay is an excellent payment method available to only a few people worldwide at only a slice of internet casinos. If someone has an Iraqi phone number and plans to use one of a few internet casinos, then Fastpay is the obvious choice to pay without cash.

Online casinos that accept Fastpay

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United Kingdom
Welcome Offer 100% up to €300
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Bonus 100% up to €300
Monthly Traffic 877,679 #117 of 664
Opened Since 2007
Accepts your Geo
United Kingdom No
United Kingdom
Allows VPN No
Accepts Crypto Yes
Number of games 2000+
Number of Software Developers 17
Payment Card verification No
ID verification for cashout Yes
Min Deposit €1
Monthly withdrawal limit €600,000
Max Bet on slots €500
Max Bet on roulette €10,000
Max Bet on blackjack €5,000
Live Dealers Games Yes
Deposit: Yes
Withdrawal: No
  • Unique promotions on top football matches
  • 47 languages support
  • Mobile application
Traffic Position: #117 of 664
Monthly Traffic: 877,679
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About Fastpay

Fastpay is an e-wallet from Iraq that lets users make transactions from their mobile phone. Users of Fastpay must be 16 or older and have an Iraqi mobile phone number to sign up with. To sign up, someone will need a photo and a national ID. At the time of the first withdrawal, the agent must see an original ID.

Why Choose Fastpay

Fastpay lets people make money transfers, make online and physical purchases, and lets people buy cards for internet products and services like iTunes, video games, apps from the app stores and play online games at Fastpay Casinos. Another reason to choose this payment method is that there is no need to carry cash anymore. This is one of the major benefits of e-wallets, and Fastpay is no exception.

Transferring money is another benefit to online casino players because online casinos cannot take cash to make deposits and will not give it for withdrawals. This is both because of the online nature of these casinos, and because they need to take steps to prevent money laundering through their facilitates. Fastpay is a convenient method to get around the cash issue by playing at Fastpay Casinos.

How to Use Fastpay

If the required documents are readily available and Fastpay is available to someone, this is an easy payment method to use. Payment transfers are not difficult, and they only take a few simple steps. The most difficult part of using this payment type is having an Iraqi mobile phone number. This makes the payment method one of the more obscure to users across the world, but if this is not a problem, this is a fluid way to make transactions at Fastpay Casinos.

Guide to Setting Up an Account

To open an account, download the Fastpay application, install it on the device, and then use it to sign-up for an account. This process is simple and guided inside of the application. Next, log in to use an account. The process is simple and easily handled once the application is open. Use a search engine to find the Fastpay website to download the application.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawals from a Fastpay Casino account take minutes to have the money in hand. This is a quick process that should not hamper anyone. There is not a listed amount of time for Fastpay deposits on the company website, but many e-wallets offer rapid deposit times. There are some internet casinos that offer Fastpay as a payment method, but they cater to an Iraqi audience, and the casinos are likely to be in Arabic or Kurdish languages. The biggest drawback of deposits and withdrawals with Fastpay is that it is only available at some Fastpay Casinos because the payment method is exclusive to Iraq.

Fastpay System Fees

While there is no fee to leave a Fastpay account alone for a long time, there are some fees associated with withdrawing money from an account. The amounts themselves are not terrible, but it is still something to consider when using this payment system. There are going to be fees for sending money, but there are no fees from Fastpay for receiving winnings. The structure of the fees to send money to Fastpay Casinos are similar to the fees for withdrawing money from an account. The fees to send the money to Fastpay Casinos are reasonable, but they will take a bite out of the money someone came to play with before they have had a chance to gamble.


Having an e-wallet is an exceptional idea if paying in cash is a common type of transaction someone makes. Online Fastpay Casinos do not take cash, and so this is the right idea for these people. If someone has access to Fastpay then this is a wonderful payment method if the internet casino accepts it. This is a great choice of payment method for those in Iraq.


Fastpay casinos is for people with an Iraqi phone number only. This severely limits its usefulness to most people looking to play at an internet casino. There are some fees for transferring and withdrawing money this way. This is not a very commonly accepted payment method. This is not the right payment method for people outside Iraq.

Other Payment Methods

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Fastpay accepted at many online casinos?

Fastpay requires an Iraqi phone number to use, and so it is not a very common payment method. As such, support for it is less important to many online casinos, and often it is unacceptable.

Is it possible to have multiple Fastpay accounts?

This is fine if the user signs up with a different email address and mobile phone number, even if the accounts use the same name at signup.

Are there deposit or withdrawal fees using Fastpay?

There is no deposit fee with Fastpay, but there is a 1% withdrawal fee to take money from a Fastpay account.

Is there a fee to send and receive money from the casino?

Transfers of under 50,000 IQDs are free, but there are increasing fees of 1,000 IQD for transfers up to 100,000 IQDs, there is a 2,000 IQD fee for transactions up to 2 million IQDs, and there is a fee of 1% of the transfer amount from there up. There is no fee to receive the money using this payment method.

Will there be a charge for leaving the account unused for a longtime?

There is no fee for not using the money in a Fastpay account.