Online casinos that accept Bpay


Bpay Brief Introduction

Are you looking for a convenient, fast and secure payment method? Are you a casino game player and looking for a reliable way to deposit your cash? Well, worry no more for Bpay payment method has a perfect solution for you. Bpay is a computerized bill settlement based in Australia. It allows users to transfer their money electronically from the banks or mobile phones to billers with a registered Bpay account.

About Bpay

Bpay system was started in November 1997 and has recorded drastic growth over the years. It has gained popularity in banking institutions with an overwhelming majority of businesses embracing Bpay as a payment method. It was the first global single cash settlement service endorsed across the financial institutions.

To qualify to use the Bpay system, you must have an Australian Company and Business number (ACN or ABN) and a banking association with an Australian financial organization.

How to open a Bpay Account

There are no bureaucracies involved when opening a Bpay account. The process is relatively easy since you only need to have a registered bank account, a legitimate mobile phone number, identity card, and email address.

To start using the Bpay system, you need to get the Bpay biller code and Customer Reference Number (CRN) on your bill and sign in to your online banking account. CRN is a unique number that you are given to establish your account or the invoice being settled. You will be required to fill your Bpay details to make deposits or payments. Your financial institution will authenticate the payment by providing a printed receipt. Once you deposit your money, you will wait till the following day to get your payment.

There is a limit on the value allowed for Bpay payments and the amount deposited in Bpay account from various sources, e.g. credit card accounts. The minimum amount allowed is $1000, and the highest amount you can deposit is $100,000.

Setting up a Bpay account is not free. There is an establishment fee and transaction fee, which amount to $99 and $0.88 respectively with GST included.

Bpay in an online casino

There has been a paradigm shift in online gaming since the introduction of the Bpay system. It is a digital and convenient way to monitor your finances and possess exceptional present technology demand. For you to deposit your cash in casino gaming, you will be provided by a biller code and reference number, which will be used to log in to your bank account.

Bpay has a reliable view section that offers an opportunity to keep track of your deposits from the online casino or any other business you may use Bpay for.

Advantages of using Bpay in Online Casinos


One of the major advantages of using Bpay is that, unlike other payment methods, Bpay is highly secure since you don’t have to enter your data or credit or debit card information, which players love. Over the years, Bpay has gained popularity at the most prominent casinos with full legal requirements and possess the capacity to make legitimate transactions from Aussies’ financial sectors to their casino sites.


Bpay system has been in the market for over 15 years now. Most users have built confidence with this service as it guarantees a high level of reliability. The fact that You can monitor your transactions wherever you are regardless of the time build up its authenticity, a big win for both the business and its users.

Ease of use

If you are looking for an intuitive approach to making an online payment, Bpay is the best deal. Bpay is widely recognized for its simplicity since it can easily be incorporated in the biller’s current platform. Also, the process of acquiring a Bpay account is quite simple, which makes it convenient for users across all demographic set up. You only need a mobile phone to access all the services offered by Bpay system.

Fee policy

Bpay is mostly preferred in the online casino due to the availability of ready fees for the selected banking method. Casino players would choose to hold on to particular bankroll plans and are not prepared to use some portion of it on processing fees instead of gambling on their preferred games.

Customization features

Bpay system has adopted several innovative features throughout the years, giving its users an exceptional experience. For instance, the introduction of view option, which is a useful tool to the users, can access their account anytime and anywhere using their mobile phone. Smart billing was as a result of multiple collaborations between Bpay and various banks and credit unions.

If you are a casino player, you don’t need to worry about wasting your gambling time since you can settle multiple bills from one location, making it easier and convenient. Also, Bpay has a Scheduling tool which acts as a reminder to the users to pay the bills.


One unique feature about Bpay is the availability of customer reference number that is specific to every customer. This makes it more efficient since it is relatively easy to point out customers who have settled their invoices. However, it would be best to crosscheck your invoices before sending since you can make errors when entering the biller code or the CRN.

Limitations of Using Bpay system

If you want a payment method to make both deposit and withdrawals, Bpay will limit you since it does not allow withdrawals. In case you win in your online game; you will require a different account for withdrawing.

Also, depositing money in Bpay account is not as prompt as it is with a credit card or debit card. You have to wait till the following day to get money in your account.

Another limitation is that many casinos have not embraced Bpay as a payment method. Therefore, if you want to use Bpay system,you must research before joining any casino.