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Discover Card Casinos
Up to 520 Free Spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
100% up to $1000
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No


The Discover Card is a payment option that is mostly used making payments on several gambling sites online. It is one of the leading options for payment of online casinos and enables you to make deposits at poker rooms and online casinos with so much convenience and ease of operation. This card is acceptable for use mostly in the UK, US, Sweden and South Africa. The acceptable currencies include GBP, Rand, EUR, and the US Dollar.

Why You Should choose Discover over other payment options

The Discover debit and credit cards are convenient and fit for different activities to the users, apart from just being used for online casino payment. This is because they can be used for dining, filing up your car with gas, and even travelling. For this reason, they are much more convenient in comparison to the other payment methods.

They have, for this reason, been most preferred by most players of online casinos, because of their versatility. Another reason why this payment method has an upper hand in comparison to the other payment methods is the fact that it allows players to transfer as many times as they can, anywhere. This can be done using both the debit and credit card payment options.

Discover cardholders do not have to pay any annual fees for their cards, unlike other credit cards. Customers also have quite a high limit for credit in comparison to other cards. Clients using discover also get a Cashback of between 2% to 5% of the total amount of money spent, back into their accounts as a refund.

How to use Discover

Whenever you are ready to make a deposit of real cash on your discover account, then you need to know how to use the Discover paying option. To do this, you need to go to the recommended Discover Card Casino sites, to enjoy all the gambling games you want to play. Making a deposit on these Discover card casinos is often quite convenient, hence the likelihood that you will encounter challenges are very minimal.

The Discover paying option offers the best customer care services, coupled up with great bonuses and an amazing experience. All you need to do is find a recommended Discover Card Casino, then sign up for a free account. You can then use your card for making cash deposits at Discover Card Casinos, and you can also get great bonus offers on the site.

Guidelines into setting up an account for Discover

The process of setting up an account is pretty simple. All you need to do is simply apply for free at your banking institution or any other central establishment. You will be required to fill up a comprehensive and simple form. The latter will help in proving that you have good ratings with your respective bank.

Registering at other institutions would require that you use their services to support your claim. Of importance to note though, is the fact that you will not be charged any fees for registration, especially if you are a cardholder. As aforementioned, you will be exempted from any annual instalments. It is also important to reiterate the fact that you will be subjected to 2% to 5% cashback benefits of all the payments made when when purchasing and making Discover Card Casino deposits.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Making deposits for online gambling using Discover is a simple process, that is quite similar to any other credit cards. To begin with, you have to have an account, with a Discover Card Casino and transfer money into your account. Discover is widely accepted, just the same way MasterCard and Visa are.

The next thing to do is to use the navigation button to go to the cashier areas of the Discover Card Casino you are using. Here, you will need to give details for the card information. The latter includes the number, name, date of expiry and a code for security that you may be asked to input. You will also have to state the exact amount of money you wish to deposit into the account.

As soon as you have had your payment submitted, you will receive a response within seconds. If the payment is successfully approved, then you will see the money instantaneously reflected in the account. With this, you can start playing immediately. This, therefore, shows that the deposits are very instant, provided the payments are successfully made.

Making withdrawals from the Discover Card Casinos is quite a tricky affair, because of very stringent restrictions that are given by some jurisdictions. The services for making withdrawals are only possible for the cardholders, only within the territories in which the card is eligible. This makes it quite limiting.

System fees associated with Discover

Discover does not have any fees for annual payments for their credit cards. Also, you will be given a waiver for the very first late payment you make. However, for any subsequent late payments you make, you will be expected to pay a late payment fee. It is also important to note that Discover does not charge any fees for foreign international transactions.

There are, however, some other additional fees for processing, that you may encounter both from Discover Card Casinos and the company; while making deposits. However, these will be highly compensated for, by the rewards and perks that come with the Discovery credit card.


  • Easy to set up since there is no bank account required

  • Has a cashback system that brings great returns

  • Has excellent customer care service

  • Transactions are highly efficient due to the great speeds of making deposits

  • No annual fees payable

  • Has different card options, since it offers different credit card options that come with different benefits


  • Relatively high-interest rates

  • Has country restrictions in its operation

  • Has hidden additional fee charges

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team


Does Discovery allow transactions for gambling?

Yes, they do, and it is a very popular card with most online gamblers.

Are there any financial services offered apart from debit and credit cards?

Yes, there is a whole platform with several multi-optional financial services including cards, debt consolidation and restoration of credit.

Is there any alternatives for the casino withdrawals?

Players using this payment method may be intrigued by the online casino game that is enabled by other debit card and credit companies. They can thus try out new methods.

Can I use Discover to claim any bonuses that are deposit related?

Yes, players should not have a problem is claiming any deposits match bonuses, while funding their accounts using this method. This is very possible.

Is it possible to use the money from my Discover Gift Card to fund my online discovery player account?

This will depend on a number of factors. This includes the acceptance of such gift cards by discovery as a payment method that is eligible. Just ensure that the gift card you want to use is eligible.