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Flexepin Casinos
MrLuck 500% Bonus up to €100
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
Nationalcasino 100% up to 100 EUR/$ + 100 FS
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
Betwinner 100% up to €300
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
1xslots UP TO €1,500
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
Betvili Casino 5 Star Bonus
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No

Flexepin is designed with respect to security and identity protection. The digital currency alternative allows users to make automatic payments online. The freedom Flexepin gives users is the ability to keep personal information private. Flexepin is a safe alternative to other forms of payment that leave you at risk of getting personal information breached.

About Flexepin

Using a Flexepin top-up voucher is the secure way to shop and deposit money at Flexepin Casinos. No need to share valuable data when making payments online using this unique prepaid voucher. Flexepin is offered by FlexeWallet, housed under a group of Novatti companies.

Flexepin vouchers are currently available at numerous locations worldwide. Territories across Australia, Canada, and thousands across the US and UK are regions one can purchase a Flexepin voucher. Sweden and South Africa also accept Flexepin payment methods.

How to Set Up an Account

Flexepin accepts most currencies including the GBP, USD and EUR units. All you need to set up an account is a valid email address, a working phone number and an active bank account in your name. The Flexepin cash voucher itself contains a PIN specific to your account.

Cash vouchers can be purchased in amounts ranging from $20 to $500, depending on the currency you wish to include. Vouchers can be purchased online via PayPal, then delivered instantly via email. There is zero lag time between the purchase of a Flexepin voucher and the moment you can begin using it.

Why Choose Flexepin

Flexepin is offered in numerous different currencies. Choose the currency of your region then the amount you wish to include on the voucher, after you redeem it the setup is complete. There is little lag time between the acceptance of your payment at Flexepin Casinos and the moment you can start playing games. Options for using a Flexepin voucher include gaming currency or any online recurring payments.

How to Use Flexepin

Flexepin is popular in the UK and Canada. Merchants are beginning to include it as an accepted payment method such as ApplePay or other forms of digital currency. A list of partner websites on the Flexepin homepage gives direct information relating to the exact locations that serve Flexepin customers.

Flexepin is simple. The cash top-up vouchers can be purchased with cash at specified retailers. Storefronts, where one can buy a voucher, include gas stations or kiosks. Flexepin is ideal for people who belong to the category of those that are not the stereotypical banking client. There's a Flexepin store locator on their homepage, ideal for those searching for affiliated retailers.

Flexepin Casinos Deposits and Withdrawals

Flexepin allows you to deposit and withdraw from your secure account at any Flexepin Casino. Flexepin users can load up money as well as spend it at merchant approved distributors or online markets. Flexepin deals with virtual currency, you can receive funds instantly. Flexepin offers instant delivery, secure payment and a voucher or gift card design.

Flexepin Fees and Costs

Flexepin vouchers are prepaid. The monetary value prescribed to a Flexepin voucher is determined by the customer. Purchases can be made at retail outlets like convenience stores or online through their list of approved distributors.

If a Flexepin voucher goes without use during its period of validity (redemption date), a maintenance fee will be applied to the account holder. Monthly administration charges of $4.00 are applied to Australian accounts. The accruing maintenance fee for the other regions is £2 or another currency equivalent. Aside from the small fees associated with maintaining an account, Flexepin has much lower compensation fees than most banks.


  • Protection of identity

  • Little wait time between payments

  • Accepted at most retailers and many Flexepin Casinos

  • Worldwide influence

  • Ability to spend vouchers at retailers online

  • Assurance of security

  • Virtual currency

  • Low maintenance fees

  • Global availability and access


  • Flexepin holds Processor rights over the account

  • Delayed acceptance of vouchers

  • Limited payment options

  • May not be accepted in specific regions

  • Flexepin account is only available through internet access

  • Only five major currencies accepted (USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR)


Flexepin vouchers can be purchased from specified outlets. In some regions, vouchers can be bought online via Dundle.

Flexepin accepts most currencies across the United States, Australia, and Europe. Vouchers are designed like gift card, with over 10 different templates to choose from. In terms of payment, Flexepin vouchers can be purchased using:

  • PayPal

  • Visa

  • Bitcoin

  • Apple Pay

  • and more than 70 other methods

Flexepin is Unique

Flexepin offers customers security and assurance when making payments at Flexepin Casinos. Vouchers are redeemable virtually anywhere with an online storefront. FlexeWallet's service offers a unique alternative to inputting personal debit information.

The personal identification number given to you by Flexepin is unique to your own account, it is completely private. Flexepin is unique because you can access account information directly from their website. Given your PIN, there is no need to create an account with a password you'll likely forget. Flexepin vouchers can be used and purchased with cash. This provides an opportunity for customers who don't have a bank account. The process of purchasing a voucher from a Flexepin store in the amount needed, then spending the money online at Flexepin Casinos using your 16 digit PIN is virtually foolproof.

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team