Pay at Online Casinos in Cash With Cashlib

GambleScope Research Team

Not everyone can or wants to use their credit or debit card at an online casino. Some for budgeting reasons, others do not have one, and a few are concerned about the privacy of their money online. Cashlib offers a fast, safe, and accessible way for gamblers to pay in cash to gamble at an internet casino through vouchers purchased online or at convenient locations throughout Europe.

Online casinos that accept Cashlib


About Cashlib

Cashlib is available in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, and the internet. The payment method accepts transactions using the US Dollar, the British Pound, and the Euro. There is no banking information needed for a Cashlib voucher as it is like a gift card.

Why Choose Cashlib

Cashlib is the right choice of payment method when trying to make internet transactions while paying in cash. Cashlib also does not require any personal banking information while using it. This means that it is simple and confidential to use this payment method, and this can be a benefit to some people when playing at casinos online. This payment method allows purchases of up to 1,500 Euros using up to ten 250 Euro vouchers at a time. If these restraints fit the needed online transaction, then Cashlib allows people to use cash to play at internet casinos. Cashlib is a smart way to pay for things online with cash.

How to Use Cashlib

To use Cashlib, purchase a voucher from a participating website or from a retail outlet in over 150,000 locations across Europe. Pay in cash for a voucher that will have a 16-digit code that is like using a gift card online. This makes playing at online casinos simple and fun, as after entering the code the money will transfer for the purchase. The payment method is easy enough to use, and it should not be any trouble to get the money into the hands of the casino to play with. Stores sell Cashlib vouchers at convenient locations across Europe, and it lets players focus on what is important to them, the games.

Guide to Setting Up an Account

Cashlib involves minimal effort to use. Simply go to a convenient location that sells the vouchers, purchase one with cash, and then use the 16-digit code printed on the receipt to make online transactions. To use Cashlib at an online casino, follow the above process at a participating internet casino, then put in the code on the receipt into the deposit page on the website. This will allow the voucher amount to deposit into the casino account.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Cashlib deposits are instantaneous, but there is no way to do a withdrawal using this payment method. This is like any prepaid card or voucher players use to make transactions at an internet casino. Cashlib is an excellent choice to deposit if someone needs to pay in cash online, but it is important to still have a casino withdrawal method.

Cashlib System Fees

There is a two Pound or Euro fee a day for expired Cashlib vouchers. There are not other fees when using Cashlib. This means that unless someone lets a code expire without using it, a voucher will cost no more than the amount paid for it in cash. The expiration fee charges per day when there is an unused balance on a Cashlib voucher. This is a lot like a gift card and should not be a major problem unless someone keeps the voucher a long time without using it. Cashlib is a payment method that lets people buy things on the internet with cash without a lot of unnecessary fees.


Cashlib is a choice payment method for using cash to play at internet casinos. There are sometimes promotions for using this payment method at certain online casinos. This can mean a free bonus, and that is great news for people who can use this payment method. Deposit times are instant with Cashlib, and that makes getting to play at an internet casino happen faster. There are no fees to speak of for using this payment method, and the balance is good for twelve months before there is a recurring expiration charge for leaving a remaining balance.


There are limits to how useful Cashlib can be for internet casino players. Cashlib is available for purchase in a limited number of countries, even if it is conveniently located in those places. This is less useful if someone does not mind using their debt or credit card online, and there are expiration dates to the Cashlib vouchers. Other payment methods are available at more online casinos, and that is important for most online gamblers.

Cashlib FAQs

What exactly is Cashlib?

Cashlib is a voucher purchased in cash that allows payments on the internet or in this case at an internet casino. The payment method lets people buy things online while still paying in cash.

Is Cashlib commonly accepted at internet casinos?

While not every casino offers Cashlib, some do and those that do sometimes offer promotions for using the payment method.

Are Cashlib transactions quicker or slower than normal?

Players can only make deposits with this payment method, and those deposits are instant.

Is Cashlib a good payment choice?

This is a fine choice if someone wants to play at an internet casino using cash. Just pay at a convenient location and hop online for some gambling fun.

Are Cashlib fees more expensive or cheaper than normal?

Since using a Cashlib voucher before its expiration date means no fees, Cashlib fees are cheaper than normal. Despite this, there is a two Pound or Euro charge everyday a voucher sits with money on it past its expiration date.