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Is AliPay available to users in your country? Discover if this is a good option for you and view our list of the best online casinos that accept AliPay for players in the country where you live

Who really wants to carry around a big, bulky wallet anymore? Not me, that's for sure. With Alipay I can carry around a digital wallet to make purchases around the world in stores, online and with the press of a finger. Bulky pockets are a thing of the past, when now you can bulk up your bank account through this cool new app. Alipay is the new biggest payment platform around.

Some of the most important facts you'll need to know about this cool new app are, the countries you can use it in, different types of currencies accepted, and the information needed to start getting set up. Some other critical information anyone should know before setting up this app are the wallet-size limits and how much set up time it takes to get going.

There are many good reasons to choose Alipay for the advantages it offers, but the biggest advantage that I see in choosing to use this mobile payment system at Alipay Casinos is the ability to use currency for online gaming around the world. So many financial payment platforms are limited to the purchases in certain fields that can be made. With Alipay online gambling is not a restriction to your flow of freedom to choose what you do with your cash. Running out isn’t a problem either with the financial lending services and other benefits this company provides. Lending money for loans and small businesses are another advantage when choosing Alipay for an e-wallet. A good reason to choose Alipay and not other digital financial platforms offered.

Using Alipay is as easy as downloading it. If you've used paypal, apple pay or any other of those mobile payment giants, you know how easy and cool it is to be the person in line paying with your phone instead of a credit card. With Alipay there are a few different ways to make your purchases depending on if you are going to be paying online or scanning to pay. After setting up an account you can make purchases online by entering your payment information and confirming via facial recognition through the Alipay app before confirming the order and your all set. When scanning, just scan the products QR code from the merchant, enter your password, and you've made the payment.

To set up Alipay, it’s a quick and easy process. Go to on your smartphone and click “download” to get the app on your phone. Once you’ve done this, click “agree” to the terms and conditions. The next page will ask for your phone number and language, pretty self explanatory there. After selecting a language, the page it brings you to next will be asking you to create a username. Once a username is created, select “next” to choosing your location relating to the area code and country that you live. That's it, click the “sign-up” icon and they will send you a confirmation code to enter and the account has been made. From here you can choose your region, explore the app and upload money. Also feel free to upload pictures, passports, credit cards and other information to store on your digital wallet as you become more comfortable.

Casino deposits and withdrawals can be somewhat controversial when it comes to e-wallets, but this is not the case with this payment method. Alipay not only allows customers to deposit money through Alipay Casinos but also lets you withdraw money back from the online casino into your account. Some other e-wallet companies only allow you to make deposits and not withdrawals, creating a one-way funnel. Deposits and withdrawals from and to your Alipay account to an Alipay Casinos are “instant” with the exception of some lag on internet speeds depending on where you are. But for the most part, the transactions are rapid. As long as the online casino accepts the form of payment through Alipay, with a quick check you are good to roll the dice.

The fees and costs charged by the eWallet service provider (and sometimes the Alipay Casinos) are relatively low especially compared to the high-end mark ups of other e-wallet companies. With every purchase, using Alipay there are no transaction charges except to the merchant. Merchants are charged a transaction fee of 55% with every purchase. However, it is up to the merchant if they will accept the 55% transaction charge or hand it over to you as an added cost for using the app. The only transaction fee directly for the customer would come from a withdrawal that is over $2,897 USD. Anything withdrawn over this amount will have a 1% transaction fee charged to the customer.

Pros of using this digital service are many for today's online gamblers amongst other enthusiasts. With an easy to set up, simplistic design, speedy transactions and unique features there are many aspects that set Alipay apart from the rest. The easy to use set up lets you get started, creating an account allowing you to connect to Alipay Casinos online. With its simplistic digital design on your mobile device, it is very easy to navigate through and explore. Speedy transaction times are another great outlook to this app that take hours or sometimes days for other financial platforms to process. Meaning that you can play and get paid sooner, there are so many positives to Alipay.

Cons to using Alipay from my personal viewpoint are that they sell user data, are not accepted everywhere as a form of payment, and encourage loans to gamblers. Selling personal information in the form of data is a new concern of our day in the new tech age we live in. With all that personalized data and information on your account in relation to your current location, finances, personal pictures, official documents and other valuable information, you could be at risk for security. The company sells your data to governments just like how Facebook, Google, and amazon do, opening the potential to be spied on. Another fact is that Alipay is not accepted everywhere, so if the merchant does not accept it, you will be out of luck. And last, why offer loans to an e-wallet community directed towards online gambling? That just doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I use Alipay for gambling in online casinos?

Yes, you may use Alipay for online casinos but only if the online casino accepts Alipay as a form of payment. Usually you can check the onlines casinos financial terms and conditions page you are using to find out if the website accepts this form of payment or not.

Is there a transaction fee with each purchase?

You are charged nothing for the transaction by Alipay but for the merchant there is a 55% charge. If the merchant chooses to pass the 55% merchant transaction fee charge off to you instead of paying it themselves (which they have the option to do) you will pay it. Otherwise each purchase has a 0% transaction fee for the customer with each purchase.

How many people are there currently using Alipay?

Currently 622 million users are active on this payment platform and numbers continue to rise annually.

Can I make withdrawals and deposits with Alipay?

Yes, with Alipay you are able to make withdrawals and deposits.

Are there withdrawal fees?

Yes, withdrawals up to $2,897 USD or more have a 1% transaction fee.