An Established Payment Method: Jeton

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If you are unfamiliar with Jeton, you will appreciate having some valid information about this established payment method in order to make an informed decision about using it or opting to use a different method. Jeton is well-established. It is an e-wallet payment method. An E-wallet is a digital wallet used to pay for services and goods. Jeton offers the following:

  • reliable and quick money transfers (over the internet)
  • Bitcoin
  • rapid processing
  • withdrawals
  • transfers (fee-free)
  • easy download option
  • used in over 100 countries
  • 41 currencies
  • safety

Jeton was established in 2017. This is a trusted method for over 500,000 satisfied users.

Valid Reasons: Choose Jeton

The many satisfied users, of Jeton, have offered valuable feedback about this payment method. They have claimed that there are some very valid reasons to choose Jeton as a useful payment method:

  • this is a quick and affordable option
  • it is very convenient to use
  • all payments are secure
  • offers ease with transactions directly into bank accounts
  • a merchant-friendly choice
  • works well for casino use (withdrawals and deposits are instant)
  • a maximum limit (100,000)
  • instant withdrawals and deposits (free)

Uncomplicated: Setting Up a Jeton Account

Setting up a Jeton account is an uncomplicated process. The following items are needed to create the account:

  • the standard details; email address, phone number, home address
  • valid identification; picture ID (government issued)
  • proof of residency; a valid document that will display at least three months of residency showing name and address

It is a simple process to open a Jeton Wallet. The following uncomplicated steps will complete the process:

  • start at the homepage; and go to the Sign up tab
  • the registration form will need to be filled out with valid and correct information
  • an SMS code will be sent to your phone
  • the account will be ready to process deposits right away

How to Use Jeton: Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

There are some simple steps to follow in order to make a withdrawal from Jeton:

  • click in the Jeton wallet; you will need to go into your Personal section and choose your action
  • choose the trading account; be sure to select the currency and be sure to clarify the amount. You will click on the Next button
  • a summary, of the transaction, will be displayed. The verification code will be displayed (by email or SMS0). Click on Confirm Withdrawal
  • a redirection; you are going to be redirected to to the Jeton wallet ID. Click on Confirm The withdrawal will be credited to your account quickly. It should take 24 hours for the completion of the transaction. If there are any problems, the Support Team can be contacted to resolve it.

The following steps can be used to make a deposit into your Jeton account:

  • Log in; to your account (Jeton)
  • the deposit section; click on it to complete the action
  • the amount; your total deposit amount will be entered, accurately
  • instant banking; you will be redirected to the section for instant banking
  • choose your own bank; there will be a list of banks, select yours
  • your bank's website; this will direct you to the bank site of your own bank

All details will need to be entered and confirmed. A confirmation will be provided to ensure the transaction has been completed.

Jeton Availability: The Countries

The Jeton payment method is available on a worldwide basis. It is available in the following countries: Australia, Turkey, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Malta, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Bahamas, America and more 100 countries, through the world, use the Jeton payment method.

About Fees and Accepted Currencies

There is no cost to open up a Jeton Wallet because this is a fee free option. There are no added fees for sending money or to do a payout. It ought to be noted, there are some methods that work with the euro currency. There may be a transaction fee from various international providers (payment). Jeton supports over 50 currencies around the world. If there is ever an issue, with a payment, there is support assistance available around the clock. Just contact the support and receive immediate assistance and the issue will be resolved.

Making a Casino Deposit

A casino deposit is easy to do. Go to the deposit page and choose Jeton as the desired payment method. You will only need to the desired deposit amount. The Bonus code will need to be entered in order to obtain the welcome offer. The next item to do, enter the amount of the deposit. There will be a redirection, to log into Jeton, in order to confirm the actual amount.


Jeton stands out, from others, because it it quick and secure. It is very convenient option too. A sample list of the pros associated with this option include the following:

  • it has been established; it has a reputation as a trustworthy payment choice
  • adopted by several casinos; this is a good sign and has raised the trust level
  • a practical option; it is a registered and authorized as a valid agent. A practical e-money solution
  • a virtual prepaid card; this can be bought right from a reseller. They offer a wide range of currencies and denominations. Using Jeton Pay is a simplified method
  • the ongoing Support services; the ongoing support services enhance the customer service aspect
  • added freedom within online casino choices; it is easy to change currencies right in your wallet


There are some drawbacks, with any payment option, to be aware of:

  • the bonuses; be sure to obtain clear and valid information about matching deposit bonuses in order to avoid any confusion
  • this is a newer payment method, even though it is established
  • there have been some issues with the verification process, some have claimed that it has taken too long to complete

This sums up the pros and cons of the Jeton method for payments.