Neosurf Casinos

The Neosurf online payment method was originally founded in France in the year 2004. The prepaid card is currently available in Africa, Canada and Europe. This card allows for customers to be able to buy vouchers with values ranging between EUR 10 and EUR 100. Players are therefore able to use the cards to make payments online and participate in Neosurf Casino gaming activities. The Neosurf cards ensure utmost safety by ensuring 100% protection and privacy of your banking details.

Here is a selection of top Neosurf casinos reviewed and rated by our experts:

Neosurf Casinos
10 £ + 100 % up to 300 £
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal No
£10 + 100% up to £100 + 100 free spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
Wager £10 on slots Get 100 Free Spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
Bitcoin Deposit Bonus + Non Gamstop
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes
20€ + 100% up to 190€ + 100 Free Spins
Deposit Yes
Withdrawal Yes

Advantages of using the Neosurf Payment Method over others

The use of the Neosurf Payment option has several added advantages in comparison to the other types of payment options. First and foremost, Neosurf is very easy to use since it is simple and provides a very safe opportunity of using cash to play online at Neosurf Casinos. Additionally, Neosurf offers a great chance of allowing you to pay cash in a secure way while playing, without necessarily giving any disclosure of your personal information.

Many people also prefer this payment option, because you are able to use Neosurf coupons to buy online using very simple procedures. You will not even need to make any registrations for your Neosurf voucher and personal details while using this payment option at Neosurf Casinos. You will also be able to make Neomiles earnings from each purchase and the card is always ready for immediate use all the time.

How to use the Neosurf Payment Method

Neosurf allows you to easily make payments online at Neosurf Casinos without having the obligation of giving some of your personal data such as credit card information. All you need to do is to get your Neosurf voucher bought from either a point of sale online or at a kiosk point of sale. The voucher will then allow you to make an exchange of your money for a pin code for Neosurf.

This pin code is then printed on the voucher. With this particular voucher, you can access very many online points of sale to make online payments. The shopper is only able to make payments up to a certain maximum value using the voucher. Any value that is not used is retained on the voucher and can be used for any future purchases.

Guidelines to set up a Neosurf Account

In order to get started on setting up an account for you simply need to go to the Neosurf website, and click on the option for ‘Sign Up’. The process is very efficient and fast to complete. Once there, you then need to key in your email address, select a password of your choice; which you will then be required to confirm for security purposes.

Next, you will give the details of your date of birth and full names. After you have done all this, an activation link will then be sent to your email. When you click on the link, the registration for your Neosurf account will automatically be activated and completed. All you will do next is to add detailed personal information such as your telephone number and home address. After this, you then need to agree to the terms and conditions for Neosurf to get started.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals using Neosurf payment method

The process for making deposits using this method at Neosurf Casinos is rather a very simple procedure. All you need to do is, first of all, buy a voucher for Neosurf from any nearby shop. Next, you can then choose a casino that allows the Neosurf payment method, and make Neosurf your deposit method of choice.

After so doing, you can now make a decision on the amount of money you want to make as a deposit and input the code from the back part of the Neosurf card. At this point, you can now make a confirmation of the transaction and start playing right away.

For withdrawals, however, the Neosurf card does not have any options available. This is because the prepaid card for Neosurf works as a voucher that does not allow for any withdrawals to be made.

Neosurf System Fees

The vouchers for the Neosurf payment system are often sold in varying currencies depending on the specific country in which the purchase is happening. The vouchers are debited in accordance with the exchange rate for the currency and an additional fee for exchange. The exchange fee is usually 2%. Of importance to note also, is the fact that the principle for Neosurf voucher is given to customers for free. However, a fee of EUR 2 is charged, after 6 months of last use or one year after the initial purchase.


  • Allows for complete control of all your expenses

  • You are able to pile up cards, then later use them for deposit purposes

  • Is very easy and simple to use

  • Ensures utmost security

  • Is highly reliable and efficient


  • Does not allow for withdrawals to be done

  • Has limits of up to EUR 100 per card which is quite limiting for users

  • Vouchers have to be purchased manually

  • Limited to specific countries

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team


What are the available payment methods that can be used to make deposits into the Neosurf Account?

Some of the available proposed deposit methods for adding money into your Neosurf account include Bank Transfer, Voucher Neosurf and Bank Card.

How long does it take for money to be reflected in my Neosurf Account?

You may have delays varying, depending on the method you used to deposit money into your account. However, it is important to note that deposits made by both Voucher Neosurf and Credit Cards are immediate. On the other hand, those made by transfers for the banks may take up to 48 hours to be reflected in your account.

Is there any possibilities of making a cancellation of payments made using the Neosurf Account?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to make any cancellations of transactions while using the Neosurf payment method. In case of such a problem, you may need to contact the site partner where you made the payment for further instructions.

What are the user fees to be paid using the Neosurf Account?

There are no user fees at all to be paid while using this payment method on any partner site.

What are the exact sites that can accept the Neosurf method of payment?

There are quite a number of sites that accept this payment method. You can visit our website to find the full list of all the sites that are our partners.