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Is Using Dogecoin at a Cryptocurrency Casino a Realistic Option?

In a time when technology is rapidly changing Our way of life, cryptocurrencies are gaining even greater popularity. Thanks to the ease and seamless and secure way digital currency transactions are handled. First off, Bitcoin and then Ethereum transformed the economic and financial landscape with their groundbreaking technologies. After the success of these coins, a vast array of altcoins came into existence.

Dogecoin is one such alternative to Bitcoin. The crypto began life as a witticism inspired by a famous internet meme of a Shiba Inu dog breed. Since that time, it has become a significant cryptocurrency with a $22million market capitalisation as of 2016. It could be that Dogecoin owes its success to its jovial beginnings, and when compared to the man other cryptocurrencies, it is comparatively alike despite being a new kid on the block.

Another definite reason for its popularity is that it offers anonymity as transactions between users can be processed without the sharing of personal information. Fundamentally, cryptocurrencies have streamlined and increased for people the security and control they have over their very own money. All these characteristics can be found in Dogecoin, which makes it very apparent how and why it has been able to become an efficacious currency. That being said, Dogecoin has a couple of features that make it unique in the cryptocurrency sphere, and that is the fact that it was developed to target a much broader demographic which in turn increases its popularity.

Though Dogecoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency, its rapid and continued growth has seen the number of online casinos that accept it reach a sizeable amount. Enthusiastic online players need not worry about trading their Dogecoins for any other type of currency for payment, as the number of games and online Dogecoin Casinos available to players who wager fairly large. Games available to Dogecoin players include Poker, Dice, Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Sports Betting, and Lotteries.

Like any other cryptocurrency, players who wager with this crypto at Dogecoin Casinos must first acquire a wallet that will allow them to send and receive coins purchased. Obtaining Dogecoin can be achieved by trading another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Once these steps have been completed, players can deposit their coins at online Dogecoin Casinos that and play their favourite games.

The first step would be to download a wallet; a Dogecoin wallet can be downloaded on numerous operating systems or mobile devices powered by Android. Once the wallet is installed, it can be used immediately after a brief synchronisation lasting 1 to 5 minutes. Once this is done, the user is set up and ready to go sending and receiving Dogecoins.

Now here comes the all-important part of how to acquire Dogecoin: the most common way would be to trade it for services or goods, but the most expedient way is simply to purchase it. The standard way to buy is through a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, where players can first acquire a base cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin using a credit card. After that, players can use any of these base coins to purchase Dogecoin.

There was a time when numerous online casinos accepted Dogecoins. However, the majority of these pioneering online casinos have disappeared. Players need not worry about this, as this is the typical case for online casinos in the gambling industry. The ones that remain open are unfortunately not that well known, save for a few long-standing online Dogecoin Casinos. Since Dogecoin is an increasingly popular payment method, these online casinos see it as a way of increasing their business. A disadvantage of having more unknown casinos available to players using Dogecoins is that one cannot vouch for their overall attractiveness, and it is apparently evident as a few of these online casinos have gotten a relatively poor rating from players using their services.

Another reason for poor ratings is that to be fair; these sites don’t often have a great selection of games. The visuals they employ are usually quite unenticing and for the most part, standard, lacking the joyful aesthetics that have been the hallmark of the top online casinos. All this is eventually sure to change when the adoption of Dogecoin as a viable gambling payment option becomes more mainstream and catches the interest of the elite online casino operators.

At the time of writing this article, a quick search online would show a result of around + 50 online Dogecoin Casinos. While this might seem like a decent number, it pales in comparison when compared to the number of online casinos that accept Bitcoin. As things stand at the moment, it doesn’t seem like Dogecoin online casinos are going to be increasing as rapidly as other cryptocurrency casinos. The reason is simple: Dogecoin, while popular, doesn’t rank in the top 10 growing cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin, as a flag-bearer being heavily incentivised and promoted on numerous websites, Dogecoin seems to have been put out in the dark, albeit at this moment in time.

Now the question is, are Dogecoin Casinos a realistic and practical option? At this moment, we would have to say no always, unless of course you already own the crypto and fancy a flutter. Dogecoin casinos are still at an early stage of development, and the ones that are going strong are in pressing need of an overhaul. True, this conclusion may sound a bit harsh, but the good news is that Dogecoin Casinos do have a future. With time and increased adoption, we are sure to see the rise of many Dogecoin casinos that can compete with the very best of cryptocurrency and traditional payment based online casinos and this Doge is sure to have its day.

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team