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Here you will find the best Cardano casinos: safe, reliable, with juicy bonuses and a great choice of games. 

10 Best Cardano Casinos

With cryptocurrencies becoming more popular, many online casinos have started to accept them, allowing gamblers to deposit and withdraw in crypto. Cardano (ADA) is one of the crypto coins finding wider and wider acceptance within iGaming circles. 

But due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, a lot is based on trust and ratings, rather than on licenses and regulations. So at Gamblescope we have gathered the best and the most reputable Cardano casinos present online.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain platform based on a proof-of-stake algorithm. Thanks to this, it does not need mining equipment to function, thus presenting a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution. Peer-to-peer transactions within the blockchain are carried out by ADA — the internal coin of the platform. 

Why to Play in Cardano Online Casinos?

1. Anonymity 

If you reside in the region that often gets blacklisted by the majority of online casinos, or available payment systems don’t allow you to deposit or withdraw funds, Cardano is your only hope. Thanks to anonymity provided by the cryptocurrency, you can satisfy your thirst for gambling without anyone knowing it. 

2. Bigger Bonuses

As Cardano casinos are on the rise and fighting for their share of the market, they are often offering much bigger bonuses. While established casinos can throw in some 100 or 300$ welcome bonus, Cardano casinos can and will go over 1000$ or even much more. 

3. Cheaper Transactions

Sometimes it takes 5-10$ in fees to deposit 30$ via conventional payment systems. Cardano transactions cost around 0,5$ which is significantly less, thus favoring those with small deposits.

4. Larger Winnings

While Cardano exchange rate to fiat experiences local ups and downs, generally it tends to grow. Meaning that if you exchange 100 USD, EUR or GBP for ADA, deposit and win, you may get more fiat thanks to additional bonus from ADA growth during the time you were playing. 

How We Choose Cardano Casinos?

As there is no license (yet) that covers crypto gambling, trial and testing is the only way to separate wheat from the chaff. Members of our Gamblescope Expert Team test each Cardano casino’s

  • safety and reliability

  • maximal bonus amount

  • tech support speed, convenience and helpfulness

  • transaction speed

  • game provider choice

  • game fairness

  • min and max bets

We frequently retest the online casinos in our list, adding new ones and removing those not up to our standards. All to ensure that you will be playing in the best Cardano casinos available. 

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