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United Kingdom
Welcome Offer up to €2000 - €1000 (1st dep 100%) More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
  • 24-hour cashouts
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Cashback program
Rank #22 of 265 Review
United Kingdom
Welcome Offer 100% up to 100 EUR/$ + 100 FS More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
  • 500$ + 100 Free spins first deposit bonus
  • decent promotions up to 250+$ in equivalent
  • frequent tournaments
Rank #53 of 265 Review
United Kingdom
Welcome Offer €1000 +125 free spins More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
  • Massive range of payment methods
  • Great game library
  • Fantastic bonuses and promotions
Rank #21 of 265 Review
United Kingdom
Welcome Offer 1st deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 150 fs More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
  • Good selection of games
  • 24-hour cashouts
  • No withdrawal limits
Rank #55 of 265 Review
United Kingdom
Welcome Offer 1st deposit bonus: 100% up to €100 + 150 fs More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
  • Live Dealers
  • Fast payouts
  • Live chat
Rank #70 of 265 Review
United Kingdom
Welcome Offer 100% up to €300 More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
  • Unique promotions on top football matches
  • 47 languages support
  • Mobile application
Rank #47 of 265 Review
United Kingdom
Welcome Offer up to 220% on your deposit More Info +
No Pay4fun Deposit
No Pay4fun Withdrawal
Rank #263 of 265 Review

Pay4fun is a good option for people who do not have access to banking in Brazil who are trying to use an internet casino that accepts it. Under these conditions, this payment method comes highly recommended. Not requiring banking information to make online transactions at Pay4fun Casinos makes this a top e-wallet.

About Pay4fun

Pay4fun is unfortunately only currently available in the Brazilian real. Additionally, only Brazilians can use the payment platform right now, as the company is focusing on supplying their service to those in that country. This is one of the biggest downsides to the platform, but other than its availability, this is a premium way to play gambling games at Pay4fun Casinos.

Why Choose Pay4fun

This is a simple to use, effective e-wallet for those living in Brazil. People will find it convenient to put cash aside and use this way to pay instead. In Brazil, this is a fantastic way to pay at internet casinos. Pay4fun is remarkable in the variety of ways available to deposit money into an account. With common credit and debit cards and other payment options for those without banking choices, it is exceptional that there is a payment method for those who do not have other options to pay for things without cash. This is the right payment platform for Brazilians who need to make purchases online without access to banking.

How to Use Pay4fun

Using pay4fun is not an arduous process, and nobody needs to hold back because the transaction process is intimidating. The ease of transactions is notable because it is speedy, straightforward, and usable all over Brazil, not just at internet Pay4fun Casinos. Both depositing and transferring money with pay4fun is simple and intuitive, but if accessing the payment method is not possible, then none of these points mean anything.

Guide to Setting Up an Account

To set up an account, go to the company website and select the option to create an account. Supply the required information on the guided form and then send through the questionnaire. Required information includes typical internet account information like a name, an email, and a date of birth. It is necessary that the user is 18 years of age, and the company will verify the to ensure that the information the holder of the account supplies is correct. Customers must also use an acceptable payment method to deposit into the pay4fun account.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Casino deposits and withdrawals are instant at Pay4fun Casinos, and that is a huge boon to those in Brazil looking to gamble with this way to pay. Pay4fun makes a special effort here to supply an e-wallet that can make instant transactions for those seeking that. This makes the payment platform an awesome choice if the biggest concern someone has is how quickly they can start to gamble. There are some half-dozen Pay4fun Casinos accepting this payment system too, and that means that there is some variety in places to choose from that accept this method.

Pay4fun System Fees

There is one fee possible when depositing with pay4fun. There is a 5% fee for depositing into pay4fun with a credit card. This is disappointing but they are trying here to reduce use of the platform on credit because this brings risk to their business. There are no withdrawal fees using pay4fun, and that is exceptional as far as payment methods at casinos go. No money will get fined moving through a pay4fun account unless the someone makes a transaction with credit.


If pay4fun is a payment method open to someone then it is an excellent choice to use at online Pay4fun Casinos. This is because these casinos flat out do not accept cash because they are online. If there is no way to use a debit card to deposit at an internet casino, then pay4fun is a cashless alternative that works for everyone in Brazil at casinos that accept it. Transaction times are instant with this method, so gambling at Pay4fun Casinos takes less time than other ways to pay. This is a strong choice to pay with if someone has access to it.


One of the biggest drawbacks to e-wallets in general is that they are not always necessary because people are often going to use their debit card to pay for things. Pay4fun is only possible to use in Brazil. If someone is trying to make transactions using a credit card, there is a giant fee to think about. There are a limited number of internet casinos accepting this payment type. It only makes sense to use pay4fun if someone is Brazilian, and even then, if they are without access to a debit card.

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2021 Gamblescope Research Team


What exactly is an e-wallet like pay4fun?

E-wallets are a way to leave cash behind and keep a wallet without any. Pay4fun caters to Brazilians that want to live this way. It is also an excellent cash substitute at online casinos. People often use e-wallets to make internet transactions because cash is impossible to use online.

Are there any fees for using pay4fun?

The only fee for using pay4fun is a 5% charge for depositing with a credit card. This is because tolerating credit brings risk to their company.

Are deposit and withdrawal times rapid with this payment method?

Pay4fun makes a special effort to have instant transaction times.

Is this the right payment platform for use at online casinos?

On the conditions that someone does not have a bank account and is Brazilian, this is the perfect payment method to use at internet casinos.

Do a lot of internet casinos allow pay4fun?

There are some half-dozen internet casinos allowing pay4fun.