High Traffic Casinos List in 2022

List of online gambling sites with the highest traffic

High-traffic casinos are online gambling platforms that receive a high number of visitors compared with the competition. A casino with many regular visitors indicates popularity that can only be gained if the venue is honest, trustworthy, provides value, and is fun to play. Here is the current list of the highest traffic casinos sorted by AlexaRank.

Alexa Rank
United Kingdom
Bet365 Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Bcgame Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Bitcasino.io Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
1xBet Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Unibet Casino Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Casino Europa Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
22Bet Casino Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Casumo Casino Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
1xBit Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Winamax Poker Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Club Riches Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
BitDice Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Casino.com Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Coral Casino Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
VulkanVegas Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Casino-X Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
888 Poker Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Cyberbet Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
GG Poker Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
PokerStars Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
7bit Casino Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
MrBet Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Betwinner Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Suprabets Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Wildz Casino Alexa Chart
United Kingdom
Casinodays Alexa Chart

Why is online casino traffic important?

Playing at a high-traffic casino is a safe option for players that do not have the time to research every online casino they wish to try - as recommended. They are most commonly what is referred to as big brand casinos. These are gambling establishments (online and offline) that invest a significant amount of money in marketing. Brand recognition breeds familiarity, and people learn to trust the brand’s values. However, while big online casino brands often receive high traffic levels, they are not always the online venues that receive the most traffic. 

How to find the casinos that receive the most traffic?

The level of web traffic that every online casino, and every other website on the Internet, receives is measured by Alexa.com. So if we have a casino with a rank of 217, more people visit only 216 websites in the whole world. Quite an achievement, isn’t it? But with over 1.7 billion websites on the Internet, even being ranked at 500,000 means the casino is receiving above the average traffic. And 100,000 rank means that the place is very popular. 

Alexa Internet Inc is an American-based traffic analysis company that provides web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on over 30 million websites. You can, if you are inclined, head over to Alexa and conduct traffic research for yourself. However, since the company provides paid-for analysis tools for business, you may find it easier and faster to use the free services of online casino research companies. Such companies have paid accounts and can structure the data to provide easy and quick comparisons. 

How Gamblescope uses Alexa data

Gamblescope retries the Alexa rank of every online casino available on our database. We retrieve and parse the information provided by Alexa to provide clear visibility on visitor numbers worldwide. Because of our parser, Alexa rank is updated live on our casino pages, reflecting the current popularity of the given casino now. We then deploy custom-built algorithms to compare the ranking to other casinos available on our website. Doing so provides a perspective, showing the overall traffic level, from very low to very high. 

The benefits of playing at high-traffic casinos

There are many good reasons why players should play at casinos that have a high traffic ranking. Here are a few:

Bigger Winnings

A more significant amount of gamblers means more money going into jackpots. Which in turn increases potential winnings.  

Better Reputation

The bigger the project — the more reasons for its owners to care about its Reputation. They will simply get more profit by continuously proving that their place is legit instead of turning to scams and dirty tricks. 

More Games

Unlike small casinos, the large ones get ample and diverse traffic. So they can stack their libraries with rare or niche games as there will still be many people looking to play them. 

More frequent Promotions

While small casinos can offer bigger single bonuses at times, the more prominent places have the funds and knowledge to implement more frequent and diverse promotions. This provides greater benefits to players in the long run. 

More withdrawal and deposit options

Popular casinos often offer more payment systems, often even those popular in one or two countries. 

How to Search Online Casinos by Alexa Rank on Gamblescope

Finding the Alexa Rank and the traffic level of any casino available on Gamblescope is straightforward. Click on the review page of any casino, sportsbook or poker website. The Alexa Ranking information of every casino is available in the left-hand column at the bottom of the OVERVIEW section. Click on the ‘About Alexa Rank’ link. Here you can find more information on how Alexa ranking works on Gamblescope and an up-to-date list of gambling platforms with the highest ranking.

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2022