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7.0 Editor's Rating
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  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Poker
  • Poker Streaming on Twitch
  • Аvailable on Mac
  • Sports Betting Operator - EGR Awards 2016


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Unibet Review

An in-depth look at Unibet poker

Unibet poker has been around for quite some time, founded in 1997. Over the years Unibet has migrated between different networks and was previously on the Microgaming network. Unibet now runs on its own network as of 2019. 

Unibet runs on the premises of keeping the games fun for recreational players and has some discouraging elements to poker pros. No tracking software such as HUDs from Hand2note Hold’Em Manager or Poker tracker will work on Unibet poker and it is forbidden. The vast majority of traffic is Texas Hold’Em and Pot Limit Omaha with little traffic to other game formats, which is to be expected on smaller poker sites. 

Deposits and Cash Outs

Unibet offers a wide range of deposits and cash out options for players. Some regions you can even do an instant bank transfer where you will quickly login to online banking via their payment window and deposit however much you would like. 

Debit and Credit cards are allowed as well as online wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. There is a big disclaimer that has come to my attention about this poker site. Some accounts from certain regions will be allowed to deposit with certain online wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, but when it comes to cashing out, Unibet will remove the option to cash out with that same online wallet. Instead you will have to cash-out to your bank or another method which will more than likely incur additional fees. 

Unibet Offers

Unibet offers a first deposit bonus of up to 600 euros with an additional 24 euros of poker cash game tickets. Some of the tickets can be used for cash games and some tournaments. The exact figure of the first deposit bonus and additional money will vary slightly from region to region. Unibet’s traffic is predominately contained in Europe. Unibet’s demographic is mostly players from Norway, Poland, Finland and Hungary and is also a well-known brand in the United Kingdom.


Unibet poker also offers their own rakeback system. The rakeback you receive will be additional to any first deposit bonus you sign up for. The rakeback will range from 10-60% depending how many points from rake you have paid. The points you acquire will accumulate and your rakeback percentage will increase the more you rake; however, all of your acquired points will be reset every quarter. 

Game quality

Unibet has a casual and fun software, making it not so easy to multi-table and has discouraged some poker professionals from bothering to play on this site. This is good news for both recreational players and professionals. The games are softer and filled with a higher percentage of recreational players. This can be a good spot where recreational players don’t lose their money as fast in comparison to tougher sites filled with more professionals and any professional poker players who are able to handle the less accommodating software now gets to play in softer games than other poker sites. 

Pros of Unibet

  • First deposit bonus of up to €600 with additional poker tickets free of charge

  • Rakeback that has the potential of up to 60% with enough volume

  • You are able to play on this site from most parts of Europe 

  • You have the option to play Unibet poker through their website, the desktop application or their very own phone app. 

  • Very fishy games without too many regulars due to the nature of the software and banned use of HUDs

Cons of Unibet 

  • Software makes it more difficult to multi-table and can be more difficult to accumulate enough rake to clear bonuses

  • No HUDs or other tool assisted software is allowed

  • Some shady practices in terms of depositing and cashing out and lots of cases of players getting additional fees when it comes time to cash out

  • Can be low traffic at off peak times without much action


There is no form of table selection like there is on most poker sites. You will enter a pool of players and you will be assigned a random seat at a random table. The software is not that pleasant to use. However, they do offer a 100% deposit bonus of up to £500

Unibet can be a great site to experiment on. It’s on its own network and it could be the breath of fresh air from regs battling each other that you need. The games are soft and the first deposit and rakeback bonuses are nice. There isn’t much reason not to make a deposit and try it out for yourself and see if the software and system is something you can tolerate or manage long term. If you are more of a recreational player than this is probably one of your best poker sites to play on, as the software is more interactive and “fun” than other poker sites and there are lots of weak opponents.  

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United Kingdom Players from United Kingdom accepted

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