Interac is one of the reliable payment systems that links financial institutions to other electronic transactions. It has a debit card systems with approximately 59000 automatic teller machines that allow clients to access the services. Interac was launched as a non-profit association in 1984, and it has also partnered with other ventures such as Scotiabank, TD, CIBC and RBC. The system has facilitated bank transfers making it one of the competitive platform for people to make the transactions. Read on to learn more about the interac payment method.

Online casinos that accept Interac



Interac is a Canadian local banking Network that serves customers in the most secure way to ensure they access online and in-store services. It has enabled people to make various transactions that amount up to 60% transactions. It also supports mobile wallet and flash payments. If you are using it for e-commerce transactions, two payment options are available, including mobile web and in-app payment method. These allow the interac card to be used with Samsung pay, Google pay app. For the online, you can use any banking method that accepts the interac. The growth of online banking has facilitated success or interac since most people are getting used to it. Interac is also available in the following countries South Africa, Sweden and the UK. Users from these countries can have access to all the features hence facilitating an efficient and fast transaction. The currencies that are used include Euro, US dollar and GBP. Statistics have shown that these are among the most used currencies, making it possible to use the platform to accommodate these significant currencies. When registering for interac account, you will be required to provide personal information for verification. Some of the vital information needed when setting up your account includes bank information, email, mobile number, and personal details. The good thing is that setting up an account is as fast as you can imagine. Once you have provided the correct information, it will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to set up your account.

Why choose Interac

Interac is getting popular with approximately 20 million Canadians using it to transfer, send and receive the money. The main reason why you should choose Interac is that it is convenient for consumers. People will get ample time accessing and paying for services, making it one of the most efficient ways to send your money to another person or through online banking. It is also a reliable financial institution that allows you to request cash or send to anyone with an email address, bank account and mobile number. Interac is also suitable for business. A study has shown that approximately 54% of companies are using Interac to process the payments. Most people believe it is safer and quicker than ordinary cheques. This allows companies to make the financial transaction in the shortest time. Small business owners can also receive or send money to anyone in Canada through the Interac e-transfer. Additionally, if you're looking for the most secure platform, Interac transfer is the best digital platform that allows you to make financial transactions securely. The security team verifies every transaction to make it safe for all.

How to use Interac payment method

You can conveniently use Interac debit to facilitate transactions. There are ways you can use the platform. First, is processing payments on your e-wallet. You can achieve this by adding the internet to your apple wallet. When you purchase something using the mobile site or the app, your order will be processed, and you'll receive a checkout. You can also use the Apple pay by choosing Interac debit card as the payment method. Afterwards, you will be requested to provide authorization, i.e. Touch or face ID to process the order. Alternatively, you can also add interac to Google pay. For the interac online platform, payments are made in the checkout section. The merchant website will be opened, allowing you to log into your interac platform for you to be directed to authorize your transaction.

Guide to setting up an account

Setting up interac is very easy. All you need is to visit the online platform where you will be requested to provide some personal details, including your mobile phone number, email and your name. Once you have followed the procedure and filled all the required information, you will be required to provide your bank account information to complete your account's setup.

Casino deposit and withdrawals

Gamblers can also use interac in making casino deposits and withdrawals securely and conveniently. When depositing and withdrawing, you can choose Interac as your payment method. The good thing is that your funds will take the shortest time to reflect in your account. Processing time for the withdrawals depends on the casino. The time frame provided to access your money is done within 24 hours for verification by the casino security team.

Interac system fees

The interac pricing system consists of the following components applicable payment scheme and interchange fee charges. The processing fee for Interac debit flash is, C$0.16, interac in-app and mobile web C$0.16.


The following are some of the significant benefits of using Interac payments option to facilitate casino transactions compared to other options.

  • Easy to use
  • Low risks of chargebacks
  • Cost-efficient
  • It is secure


  • It is limited to some regions.
  • The auto-deposit functionality doesn't allow you to choose where the money goes.
  • Some casinos don't provide interac as a payment option.


What is Interac e transfer?

This is a secure way to send money to anyone using online banking in Canada. The transfers can take less than 30 minutes, depending on your credit union.

Can I cancel the Interac transfer transaction?

You can cancel your transactions by login then select the transaction you want to cancel.

Are there limits of the transactions I can make?

There are limits, just like any other financial institutions.

Can I use Interac for my business?

Yes. Interac can work well with your business because it is among the fastest digital platforms to facilitate transactions.