Online Casinos Accepting Deposits with iDebit

GambleScope Research Team

With iDebit, Canadian residents are able to enjoy payments that are favorable among many Canadians. Each user is able to conduct banking transfers that are quick and easy. With the first transaction, a user does not need to register. They can simply be a guest, and then decide to use the service as a full member later.

Basically speaking, iDebit is a go between for a user’s bank account and a merchant’s bank account. This is what allows your information to remain safe and not needing to share it unknowingly.

The checkout process for iDebit is also great and they are all handled at that moment of request so that users have instant access to their funds.

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Identifying Information Required for Full iDebit Account

For users to have full iDebit account access, some personal information must be provided upon signup. This information includes name, phone number, Canadian address, ID number, bank account information, and date of birth. If any inconsistencies are found, then a transaction may be refused by iDebit. All users also permit iDebit to validate user identities that may be necessary. These include credit reports and other self-identifying information to ensure that information provided by a user is accurate and true. Verification is only used through third party sources that practice the same standards as iDebit when it comes to user privacy. Due to the difficult nature of online verification, ther is no guarantee that the iden tity of a user can be truly verified.

Monthly iDebit Transaction Limit

After becoming registered and making transactions, users will see that there is a limit for the amount of transactions allowed. Although the limit is small, it does increase based on the amount of the iDebit balance. So in actuality, there is no real restriction on the amount of times for transactions, just the amounts. If you want to maintain a record of the limits, you can do so by checking each receipt that you receive after a transaction.

Why Choose iDebit

The main reason why iDebit is a great method to use is due to its ability to protect the financial data of all registered users. Users do not need to worry about sharing their bank account with casinos. Plus, a credit card is not required as all payments are withdrawn from the bank account on record.

How iDebit is Used

In order to use iDebit, no registering is required. A guest option is available so all that is needed is financial information such as your online bank account number. If you plan to use the full service of iDebit, then you will need to register your full financial documents and self-identify.

For payments with iDebit, logging into the iDebit account is required, or you can make a guest payment. If paying as a guest, all that is needed is to choose your bank and log into it and then approve your transaction.

No personal information is maintained by iDebit no matter the method of payment as guest or registered user. Account security is taken seriously through iDebit’s use of SSL encryption.

In order to get the full use out of iDebit, the user must have online banking access. This process may differ between banks but the process is usually quick and takes nothing more than a call to the bank.

Depositing with iDebit

Although deposits made with iDebit are hassle-free, there is still a need to find a casino that accepts iDebit as a form of payment.

From there, you just need to go through the regular process as all other deposit methods that occur through the casino cashier.

Bank Account Requirement

In order to utilize the full service of iDebit, you must register your bank account information. This is easy and only requires the need to contact your bank personally to have online access enabled so transactions can occur.

Instant Deposits

Having iDebit is a great way to start gambling without waiting for funds to be deposited and available. This is because all deposits are instant, which makes funds available faster than many other payment methods.

Fees do exist but they are low in comparison to other payment options.


  • Efficient and fast processing
  • No account registration required for use
  • Deposit transaction are immediate


  • Must be Canadian citizen to use
  • Transaction limits
  • Cannot use multiple bank accounts