Using Euteller for Gambling Purposes

GambleScope Research Team

Euteller is a Finnish private-owned company that offers real-time bank transfer service. The company allows those with online bank accounts to safely transfer funds to the traders for goods or services.

The transaction platform offers a safe, convenient, and time-efficient payment option. The wallet is easy and straightforward to use, giving those playing casino online games an easy time. This is no wonder the payment system is supported by various online merchants and reputable web-based casino operators.

Online casinos that accept Euteller


What Identity Documents Needed To Have A Full Functionality Account?

Using Euteller is simple; you will only be needed to fill in your ID information. However, you need to have an active Finland bank account that you will be using to make the transfers. If you do not have a bank account, it will not be possible to use this platform to deposit.

What Month Limits In Euteller Wallet?

Though the minimum deposit is $10, there is no limit on cash you can transfer.

Why Choose Euteller?

Secure funds transfer

Not many online cash transfer options in Finland are as trusted as Euteller, and if you are searching for a safe way to transfer your money from your bank account, this is the most suitable option for you to use. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your money transfer is secure, and you can put your focus on winning.


The other reason to use the Euteller system is it will obviate the need to disclose your information to various casinos. Since it is used anonymously, your identity will be guarded, which will help prevent issues like identity theft.


Another reason the Euteller payment option is popular is that it is fast. The platform allows you to make real-time pay to your casino account. Therefore, the credits you buy will be instantly reflected on the casino allowing.

How to use Euteller?

If you have never used Euteller before, here is how to about it.

You will need to sign-in your bookie account once you are logged in, get to the cashier option then select Euteller. From there, fill in the amount of cash you would like to transfer.

You will be asked to pick the bank you will use to make the payment. This is where you select the online bank in Finland that you will be using.

Log into your bank account. Put in a pin to confirm the transaction. Once you are done, the bookie balance will be updated immediately.

How to Deposit With Euteller My Casino Account

Before you deposit using Euteller, ensure the site you are using accepts this payment option. If you are not sure, get to the casino cashier page to find this information.

If the casino uses Euteller, then next step is to register with the online casino and fill in some basic information. After registering, go to the cashier page, choose Euteller as the payment option, then put in the amount of cash you want to transfer and then fill in some forms to authorize deposit. Once you complete this, you will get the funds reflected on the casino within a few minutes.

Pros and Cons of Euteller in Gambling


  • Transfer money from our account without filling in the credit or debit card details
  • Quick and simple transactions
  • A high-security system that will ensure your data is safe.


  • The service is only found in Finland.
  • Limited to making deposits and in case of wins; you will be needed to look for an alternative withdrawal method


Do I Need A Bank Account To Use Euteller?

You will need to have an active bank account since Euteller does not store money but offers a safe platform to help you transfer money from your bank account to the online casino.

Are Instant Deposits Possible With Euteller Or I Need To Wait Is It Some Fees?

One of the reasons this site is popular is because it offers instant deposit to the clients. You will be needed to make a small payment fee of 1.95%