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Quick Intro to the Exciting Game of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game that has plenty of fans in Macau casinos. It is played with three dice and has some similarities to casino craps. In fact, the two games share some history in Europe as both of them are based on a dice game known as Hazard.

While Sic Bo has been popular in Asia for a long time; it only made it to the USA in the 20th century. It was brought here by immigrants from China, and it was adopted by casinos in Las Vegas to meet the growing demand. The game was also added to the casino floors in the UK after it was licensed in 2002.

Nowadays, there are plenty of casinos in Europe and in the US that has at least one table for Sic Bo. The title can also be found at some online casinos, although it is not a standard gaming option. The Asian theme and the simple betting rules can make it appealing to new players, but the actual payout rates and mechanics make it more complicated than other classic casino games.

Loved by Players from Around the World - Play Today!

Sic Bo is a casino game that can be enjoyed by many types of players. It is a recommended option for fans of craps given the fact that it too uses dice to determine the outcome. It is easier to learn than craps despite the fact that it uses three dice instead of two. The betting options are more straightforward, and you don’t have to worry about bets that last for multiple rolls. If you want a simpler version of casino craps, Sic Bo is the perfect option.

Sic Bo is an excellent choice for gamblers who want to try something different. Since card games and roulette tend to get a lot of action in the United States as well as Europe, Sic Bo remains a welcomed change of scenery for most players.

The game has payouts to please various types of gamblers. While the standard bets pay 1:1, there are also betting options where you stand to win 180:1. It has some of the highest payout rates among all casino games, and that can make the game session very exciting.

Sic Bo Guide to Playing and Game Rules

Before you join a Sic Bo table and gamble real money on the throw of the dice, we recommend that you learn the rules. Our guide to playing Sic Bo has been designed for new players and will guide you on your winning journey.

It is effortless to play since all you have to do is place your bets. This is done on the Sic Bo table, which has various gambling options. You can bet on the outcome of the next round and predict the total value of the three dice. For something even more precise, you can bet on all three dice being the same value. Alternatively, players can just select two values out of the three results. Lower on the table, individual dice bets can be placed, and the payout gets higher if two or three dice have the predicted outcome.

Overall, the betting table is nicely organised and detailed. Most casinos include the payout rates for every selection so bettors can make an informed decision. Bets are made by placing casino chips in the preferred locations. When playing online Sic Bo, the process is the same and users can click on the spaces to place their wager(s).

Once the betting round is over, the dealer takes a chest with three dice and shakes it for a few seconds. Then, the chest is opened, and the dice are revealed. The result is final, and the winning bets are paid accordingly. After that, another round is ready to begin, and new bets are accepted. Payouts can differ a bit based on the location as casinos in the United Kingdom can have different rates as the ones used by casinos in Macau. However, the discrepancies are not significant.

Even money bets, the ones that pay 1:1, are for Big (11-17) or Small (4-11). These options are found in the top corners. Given the fact that two outcomes are not covered (3 and 18), the house edge for any of these bets is of 2.78%. It is the lowest edge in Sic Bo, and so it is an excellent bet for new players.

The house edge goes up quickly with the payout rates. The highest one for a single bet is on specific doubles. If you bet on a particular number to come up on at least two dice, the odds of winning are 25 to 2, but the payout rate is of only 10:1. It results in a disadvantage of 18.5% over the casino.

The BEST Strategies You Can Use in Sic Bo

As we covered earlier, not all bets in Sic Bo are equally profitable. While some options promise huge returns, the actual rates are not favourable, and they have high house edge percentages. It is best to stick to the 1:1 bets and build your stack more slowly. A house edge of 2.78% is almost as good as the one you get when betting in European Roulette. As a result, we recommend that you either bet on Small or on Big.

Much like it is with most games of chance, there is no sure strategy that will give players an advantage. If there were, the game wouldn’t be available in casinos anymore. Sic Bo is not an exception to this rule, and it actually has some of the worst bets beginners can make on the casino floor.

When playing in land-based casinos, the roll of the dice is entirely random as the little cubes are inspected and adequately manufactured to the smallest detail to ensure a fair outcome. For online Sic Bo, the random element is even stricter since casinos use certified random number generators (RNG) to determine the results. Granted, you might be able to get an edge when playing online as operators will often provide bonuses, promotions, and comp points to reward loyal bettors.

You should not be discouraged however as we have three proven strategies that can be applied in Sic Bo to make your sessions more exciting and also to help improve the results. Each one can be used on bets that pay even money, so don’t try the following models on other wagers.

A) The Cancelation Model

The best way to use this strategy is to take a piece of paper and write a string of bets on it. Let's use €5, €6, €7, €8, €9, and €10 for this example. Your current bet should be the sum of the first and last numbers in the string. If you win, you cross off those numbers. If you lose, you add the lost stake to the end of the row.

So, we bet €15 and lose. Now, the string has an extra €15 at the end. The next bet is of €20 (€5+€15). This time, we win €40 and then remove the values €5 and €15 from the list. We now have a profit of €5, and we continue with the betting pattern. We put €16 (€6+€10) on the line and lose. We increase the bet to €22 (€6+16), and we win. Now, the bet is on €17 (€7+€10), and we win. The current string only has €8 and €9 on it, so we bet €17. With another win, we have €152 in winnings after betting €107, resulting in a profit of €45.

B) The Double Bet

A more straightforward strategy that follows a similar concept is just to double the bet when losing. For example, you bet €15 on Big in Sic Bo, and you lose. You bet again on Big, but this time you increase the bet to €30. You lose again. Now, you bet €60 on Big, and you win big (in a manner of speaking). In total, you gambled €105 across three bets, but you won €120. You now have a profit of €15. You start over from the initial bet and do the same.

C) Bankroll Management

Gambling responsibly is very important, and so we recommend that you set aside a maximum amount of money you are willing to lose during a session. For this example, we will use 10% of the total bankroll per day. If you have €1,000, you can use €100 to play Sic Bo today. If you spend the €100, you are done for the day. If you win and double the €100, you should also end the session and enjoy the results.

Get an All-Rounded Casino Gaming Experience with Sic Bo

Although Sic Bo flies under the radar in non-Asian markets, it deserves to be checked out. It is a fun dice game where the payouts can really go up. It is also effortless to learn and simple to play. The reduced difficulty makes it an excellent option for mobile betting at your favourite online casino.

The RTP can depend a lot on the bet placed, but you can get a good return if you opt for the even-money wagering options. You can also try some strategies in this case and use a bit of skill to get better rewards during a session. However, luck will always be at the core of the game, and that should make for relaxing gameplay.

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2021 Gamblescope Research Team