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How Does Alexa Traffic Ranking Work?

There is a straightforward explanation. Many people get confused as to what precisely the Alexa ranking number represents. The Alexa ranking number represents the popularity of a website compared with every other site in the world, and NOT the number of visitors. Therefore, websites with the lowest number are considered the most popular. Who is ranked number 1 on Alexa? Google, of course. You can google that if you don't believe us. 

Here is how we rank the popularity of gambling platforms at

  • Very low traffic: 1-2000 visitors per month

  • Low traffic: 2000-50.000 visitors per month

  • Below average: 5000-100.000 visitors per month

  • Above Average: 10000 -200.000 visitors per month

  • High traffic: 200.000-1m visitors per month

  • Very high traffic: 1m-1.2m visitors per month

  • Extremely high: 1m-1.2m visitors per month

  • Superior Traffic : 2m-10m visitors per month