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Gamblescope Casino Account Approval Meter

  • 0% = No Verification Casinos

  • (0-25)% = Email only

  • (25-50)% = ID to be confirmed

  • (50-75)% = ID + Payment Card to be approved

  • (75-100)% = ID + Payment Card + Proof of address (bills, bank statement)

*Weighted by the time it takes to approve an account*

The difficulty of account approval

An often overlooked aspect of playing real money casino games is the process of opening a casino account. All online casinos have their own procedures on precisely what is needed before players can deposit funds and withdraw winnings. The gambling laws and regulations in the countries in which an online casino operates may also significantly influence a casino’s policies.

The simple fact is, no one wants the long and sometimes frustrating experience of producing mountains of documentation to play casino games. Many players will stick to one casino, not because they don’t want to try something new, but because it is too much of an effort to open multiple new accounts.

Complete account approval transparency

At Gamblescope, we understand the reluctance of many players to go through the process of opening multiple new casino accounts.

It takes effort to go through casino terms and conditions to determine what is required exactly. In some cases, very little is needed to open an account, deposit money and play games. Only when a player requests a withdrawal of account funds are they then asked for proof of identity and address, and so forth.

What is the Gamblescope approval process meter?

For greater transparency and quick reference, Gamblescope has developed a meter that measures the account approval difficulty level for every casino we list. It has been designed to provide players with a quick indication of what to expect at a glance.

We provide this tool to minimise the time and effort required in researching the information yourself for every account you wish to open. We also hope that it will help you decide the best options available when compared with other online casino venues.

How the Gamblescope approval process meter works

Our meter measures the level of difficulty in opening an account compared to other online casinos. We do this by assessing the required information along with the type and number of documents a player needs to produce. Finally, this is weighed against the expected time it takes to verify the information and open an account.

For example, a casino that only requires an email confirmation is easy and fast to open. Therefore, it has a low % difficulty ranking (such as 10%) compared to other casinos. In contrast, a venue that asks a player to submit multiple documents will often take days to verify, resulting in a high percentage score (such as 90%).

It is worth noting that there is also a class of casino that require zero identification when depositing money, commonly known as No Verification casinos, AKA No KYC Casinos.

Helping Players to find the best casino options fast

Ultimately, our new online tool is another example of our commitment to helping real money casino players find the best casino options from the hundreds of venues available fast. We value the opinions of our gambling community. If there are any other features you would like to see to help you find the best online casino options effortlessly, please email us your suggestions to