4starsgames - Account closure

Hello. I was a regulary player in 4starsgames for 2 years. I deposited 10k before 1 week and managed to get to 20k. Tried to withdraw and they cancel my withdrawal, asking for documents. I send them all documents, my pay slips for the past year. All they asked it was delivered. While i waited while my account was "verifying "i played the money. So even if my account was verifying i had right to deposit and to play again.

Today i couldnt play anymore they locked the games, So in simple words they left the money in my balance just to play them the other day.

The problem is there they have a cash back beam bonus every monday and they were running promotions from playson. Today my account should be credted with 600+. They dont credit. And tomorrow i was waiting for 1000 from Playson Tournament.

Instead they closed my account they just informed me . They closed because they said i didnt provide documents (In their rules stated that the user have 30 days to submit the documebts)

So i want a refund of 20k, (my account was in verifying state has 5 days) my monday cash back and possible winnings fron Playson Tournament. this is not fair.

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Nov 07, 2022
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