Ducky Luck - Refund declined

After making a few deposits with Duckyluck I realized no matter what I did I couldn’t win past $100 and the minimum withdrawal is $150 for banking. That’s when I decided to investigate and came to find out that they’re not some big reputable casino. Once I looked at my bank statement I noticed their company name wasn't the who charged me. So I called my bank and that’s when I asked what (MCC)merchant category codes they had used and they said it looks like you purchased books, music, agricultural ect. So I reached out to their customer service requesting a refund due to misrepresentation of their company and they said they have to change the codes in order for the charge to go through. I told them that is illegal and they are defrauding me and the bank. I have the messages to prove it.

Quick facts

Date raised
Nov 09, 2023
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