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Sports Betting in the US - Americans Want to Bet on Sports!

US Gambling in Demand and On the Rise

A new survey published by the AP-NORC asked Americans if they support the legalization of sports betting in the nation. The results indicate a strong request for gambling options, with 60% of Americans endorsing the legalization of the sports betting industry in their respective states. However, it is good to note that only 42% support betting on college sports, which is now in the spotlight due to the NCAA March Madness period.

Big Changes in Legislation

While the United States has struggled to control sports betting within its borders, things definitely took a turn for the better in May of last year. The Supreme Court didn’t approve the 1992 federal law that banned sports betting in most states. This quickly led to many states introducing their own legislations regarding gambling. There are 10 states where sports betting is already legalized and 30 other states with legislation introduced or passed recently.

The survey mentioned before highlights more support in states where sports betting is already legalized, although the trend continues and gambling on professional sports is preferred over betting on college sports.

The Best Way to Bet on Sports

Most Americans have expressed their interest in betting on sports in casinos, or other land-based establishments. Of course, betting online and through mobile apps is preferred by some potential punters, but the network is not fully in place as of now.

Betting on sports online presents quite a few advantages. First of all, punters can easily check odds and pick the prices that provide the best returns. There is also a convenience aspect to consider as online sports betting can be done at any time, from any location, and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds. If you are looking for a good betting site, has an entire list of options for you to check out right now!

Out of the Americans asked in the poll, 32% said that they only bet socially, as part of office pools or just among friends. 20% have placed sports bets at casinos in the past, and only 10% have used betting apps.

Regardless of their own history with betting, 80% of the participants asked felt that gambling on sports is not a problem.

Growing Interest in the US

Although it has been less than one year since the strike down, more and more Americans are expressing interest in sports betting and other forms of gambling. Having local, legalized establishments ensures customers that they are safe and that their funds are protected.

Projections indicate a steady growth for the gambling industry in the United States, with internet betting being the go-to sector.