Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Tips - How to Win This Season!

Sports Betting Tips for the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Out of the many popular sports that bettors enjoy placing a few wagers on, hockey is probably the most difficult to handle in the postseason. The NHL playoffs are normally packed with surprises and this makes them very different from the regular season. As a result, bettors can run into some difficulties when making their online betting selections. To help you get through a successful 2019 NHL Stanley Cup postseason, we have prepared some gambling tips from our experts.

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Seeding

When it comes to the NHL, the seeding for the playoffs is really not that important. Statistics from the past years show that top-seeded teams are often knocked out by much lower seeds right from the early rounds.

Instead, it is better to look at the momentum of the teams when picking favorites for betting. This plays a bigger role in the postseason than the seeds earned during the season. In other words, teams that are starting the playoffs after getting several wins in a row are often more likely to continue their momentum in the next games, even if their seeds are not that high.

Even top teams that opted to rest key players in the ending games of the regular season risk losing their momentum when the players are put back on the ice for the playoffs.

Pay Attention to the Goaltenders

A good goalie can make or break a playoff series. Hockey bettors have seen some awesome performances from goaltenders over the years that won key matches. So, if you want a good idea of how the team will perform in the playoffs, the best way is to check out the performance between the bars.

For example, the Boston Bruins and the New York Islanders have managed to keep the pucks out of the gates in the 2019 NHL season, allowing an average of 2.59 and 2.33 goals per game. As for the San Jose Sharks, their opponents got an average of 3.15 goals and they have the lowest save percentage in the league.

Consider the Team's Resilience

Hockey is a tough and difficult sport and this affects all of the players on a team. When considering which bets to make during the playoffs, it is very important to look at the overall talent on the side and what they went through during the season. Teams that got here after playing long series of six or seven games can appear tired and beaten up. Plus, injuries can easily ruin NHL bets. Consider how the team is doing and if there are any health risk to take into account before placing those wagers.

Some of the teams got banged up significantly early in the season and are now ready to begin in full force.

The toughness of the team heavily relies on its depth. Some clubs continue to rely on a few key players to get that W but opponents will likely be ready to lock them down straight away. Teams with solid lines that can keep the overall gameplay strong are far more likely to remain standing this June.

The sport is not for superstars but for resilient grinders that can handle the rough pace of the playoffs. Don’t get too invested in single players when betting on overall winners this postseason and make sure to see the full line-up and in what condition it is.