How To Pick Your Best Numbers in Keno?

Many casino games revolve around number-themed probability and Keno is one of those games. For instance, while games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack are card-based, Keno solely revolves around numbers.

There are 80 numbers in Keno, and although it may seem like a good idea to spread your bet across a wide range of numbers, it’s not an optimal strategy, due to the sliding scale and the design of the game. 

Today, we’ll examine what tactics and numbers give you the best possibility of landing a successful Keno hand. If you’d like to find out more information about Keno and try it out for yourself, you can do so here.

However, as is the case with all casino games, Keno strategies are based on luck. No guaranteed strategy ensures you make money from any casino-based game, including Keno. So, keep in mind that there’s not much you can do to sway the outcome of the game. 

Besides, you must always only gamble with money you can afford to lose. This way, you won’t get pulled into the emotional side of gambling. If you begin to chase your losses, you are in trouble, and you should take time out and assess your finances.

What Strategy Works Better Than Others?

Some Keno players believe certain strategies help them more than others, which in fact, is not the case. There isn’t anything to suggest that certain strategies work better than others, however, it may be fun for you to play the game while aiming for the best possible odds. 

The first strategy we’re going to take a look at is choosing cold numbers. Cold numbers are numbers identified as ones that have not been drawn out for a while. So, by the laws of probability, they may have a better chance of coming out next. 

Players try to rationalize the theory of cold numbers but in fact, betting on them doesn’t guarantee higher odds. Although it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that just because the number 5 hasn’t been drawn out for 10 consecutive games, that does not mean it’s less likely to be drawn out again. In fact, it’s just as likely to be drawn out again. Despite some Keno players believing in this strategy, this is not a tactic that generates any more or any less chance of winning. 

So, Do Any Strategies Work Better Than Others?

Another strategy that Keno players look to try out is to pick a consecutive row of numbers, as they believe there’s more of a chance of getting a decent return if they pick their numbers within proximity of each other. 

Again, this may work favorably for some people and might not work for others. There are no facts or figures to suggest this is more profitable - playing Keno is a complete game of chance, with no strategies to guarantee profit at the end of a game.

As Keno generates the numbers randomly, there’s nothing to suggest that one strategy works better than another. In games like blackjack, there’s an element of skill involved, and if somebody is proficient at reading the game, they can put the odds in their favor.

While it is true that the sliding scale provides more likelihood that some selections will come out instead of others, there isn’t a strategy that confirms one will land over another. For example, the number of correct hits slims between 3 and 7 before the odds become astronomical. 

You can see a breakdown of the best odds available in Keno below:

Number of Correct Hits



1 in 843


1 in 86


1 in 20


1 in 8


1 in 5


1 in 4


1 in 5


1 in 9


1 in 20


1 in 61


1 in 254

As you can see, the chances of a decent return are quite volatile and fluctuate wildly. Where a correct number of 3 to 7 hits is your best chance of landing a decent return, it isn’t a tactic to ensure you leave the table with more money.

Some Keno players have won serious cash over the years, including a work syndicate that scooped millions of dollars. So, if you’re lucky, you can win big on the game, but it’s always to acknowledge that these events are extremely rare, and there’s no guarantee you will win a small amount, let alone millions of dollars.

Keeping your selections between four and eight numbers will increase the odds in your favor throughout a few Keno sessions. It is also advisable to learn all the main terms of the game, such as quick pick, race, and cage, to properly understand the game and its rules before you begin to stake your money. 

So, while no method will ensure you always make a return playing Keno, these are ways you can start on a good footing by putting the odds in your favor.