Scatter Symbol in Slots Explained

Slots are the most lucrative of all casino games due to the extra detail in design they possess. Sleek graphics, captivating soundtracks, and multiple animated game themes characterize the peculiarity of these slot games. However, the pinnacle is the various bonus elements slots games offer gamblers. One of these bonus elements is the Scatter symbol.

Slot enthusiasts are familiar with the term but unfamiliar to novice gamblers new in the fantastic world of slot gaming. Therefore, we'll explain what a Scatter symbol is, the most powerful Scatters, and everything you'll need to know herein. Read on!

So, What is a Scatter?

Presently, practically all online slot games come with unique features and symbols specific to each title. One of the most famous symbols among slots is the Scatter. You'll find the symbol mostly in 5-reel video slots but rarely in 3-reel slots.

A Scatter is a special symbol capable of creating a winning combination even without attaching to any payline. Unlike regular symbols, which have to line up on a payline for you to win, the presence of Scatters anywhere on the reels can complete a winning combination. Therefore, a Scatter symbol can land anywhere on the reels and set you up for bonus games, free spins, and other prizes. Hence the name Scatter.

How Scatter Symbols Work

Typically, Scatters are the highest-paying symbols in slots. However, Scatters are game-specific, meaning they work differently depending on the game you're playing. Usually, you can be sure of earning more prizes when the symbol appears. For example, Scatter symbol slots pay for winning combinations in games without bonus events.

On the other hand, Scatters may reward you with free spins, bonus games, and additional bonuses, as mentioned earlier. Landing a certain number of Scatter symbols on a single spin will launch these bonus features. In a nutshell, Scatters boost your winning chances and multiply your payouts.

The Most Powerful Variations of Scatter Symbols in Slots

There are several types of Scatter symbols in slot games, with each offering a different reward. The reward you'll get will depend on the variation of Scatter symbols you land. Thus, let's look at the Scatter symbol variations you may bump into:

Free Spins Scatters

As its name suggests, the free spins Scatter symbol awards players with additional rounds or free games. Usually, you'll win between 5 to 10 free spins for matching 3 free spins Scatter symbols. 

Nonetheless, you can receive up to 20 spins or more if you match more than 3 of these symbols. With these additional spins, you can multiply your payouts and increase your winning chances simultaneously. So, this is one of the most common and potent Scatters.

Bonus Round Scatters

The feature of the bonus round Scatter is rewarding players with a bonus mini-game. You'll trigger the extra mini-games by matching three (3) bonus game Scatters. The bonus game allows a player to select one of the available choices. Usually, behind the objects, there are hidden cash prizes. So, if you choose correctly, you'll receive additional money. 

In addition, choosing the correct object may open a new individual game that offers higher payouts. This happens with progressive slots where you can win jackpot prizes from the bonus games. Slot enthusiasts globally relish the entertainment that comes with these bonus rounds. 

Wild Scatters

Wilds are slot symbols that can substitute other in-game symbols, and we already know what's a Scatter. A Wild Scatter symbol can act as a Scatter and a Wild. Therefore, a Scatter symbol can turn into a Wild in specific slots, meaning the Scatters will behave like substitutes for other regular in-game symbols.

Slot machines can have a Wild symbol work as a Scatter symbol, triggering the bonus feature after pairing a specific number of them. Wild Scatters are fascinating since they replace purposeless symbols on reels, increasing your chances of pairing high-paying symbols.


Undoubtedly the Scatter is a vital symbol for gamblers playing online slot games. It makes gameplay more entertaining, and, above all, the most significant wins come from Scatters' bonus features. Even with slots lacking bonus events, landing the Scatter symbol may triple your final payout.

We advise beginners to play the demo versions of slots to familiarize themselves with the special symbols and gameplay. Later you can play with real money at our recommended online casinos.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What do Scatters look like?

The Scatter symbols may differ depending on the slot machine but are unmissable. Typically, they're big, eye-catching symbols, sometimes labeled.

How can I tell a slot has Scatters?

You can get this information by checking the game's paytable. You'll see the Scatter symbols and all the bonus features.

Are Scatters available on all slot games?

As a standard, most modern 5-reel slot games have Scatters. Nonetheless, it's hard to come by Scatters in traditional 3-reel classic slot games.

What are other bonus features attached to Scatters apart from free spins?

Although Scatters' free spins are a staple, you can win other bonus features like cash prizes and bonus games.