Gamblescope Project Philosophy

Gambling is the risk we take to get a beneficial outcome. By this definition we are all gamblers, but some of us enjoy taking risk more than others, the team and i included. We bet it all on you! Our gambling experts community.

If you were to ask me what makes a successful gambler, I would say it is someone who understands how to improve the probability of winning in the long-term. They know the ins and outs of the game, the best strategies to use in different situations, how to find value in a bet, and significantly, a good gambler tries to win consistently but knows when to adapt, change and withdraw.

Like many, I wasn’t always the sharpshooter I am today. As a young man, I would bet on everything that seemed winnable. I once lost my entire savings for an annual holiday on a dice roll. My now ex-partner was less than impressed, and that wager cost me more than a small fortune in cash. I wasn’t about to stop taking risks, so my only option was to get smart, and quickly.

Without the benefit of a mentor there have been many ups and downs, but learning to win in gambling is a learnable skill like any other. Over time, I started to gain considerably more than I lost at the casino, the bookmaker and even in the poker rooms on a consistent basis. I tried to master it all, there was always something new to learn, and eventually, it became a full-time profession.

Surprisingly, it is not easy finding the answers to basic questions with so many vested interests.

My success didn’t go unnoticed. Increasingly, I found myself sharing knowledge and giving advice to anyone who asked. Plenty of pros keep their cards close to their chest – that’s understandable, but for me, it is just as enjoyable (and rewarding) helping others to succeed, and win. The questions I am most frequently asked relate to what and where to bet. Surprisingly, it is not easy finding the answers to these basic questions even today, especially online with so many vested interests at work. This ultimately became the inspiration behind GambleScope.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a free resource and knowledge base driven by experienced casino, poker and sports betting professionals for the collective benefit of the gambling community.

Convincing a few trusted friends and fellow pro's to invest with me was the easy part, we were all aware of the need for a place where gamblers could go online to get honest and straightforward gambling advice. As the saying goes, we are now ALL-IN, putting it all on the line to help fellow gamblers get the best experience and maximum return from their gambling investments.

We hope you will become part of our story and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, so that you too may someday share your insights and wisdom with the GambleScope community.

Together, as one, let us create our very own House Edge.