Cookie Policy

This cookie policy document has been created so that we may be completely transparent about our use of cookies. Our guidelines provide information about how and why we use cookies and what the data collected is used for through their deployment.

Gamblescope uses cookies to give our users the best experience. All visitors to this website from an Internet Browser will receive cookies with consent on first use. It is not strictly essential that to accept cookies from here, but before you take action against their use, we would encourage you first to read the information presented on this page.

A cookie is a data file saved on a computer or device when you visit a website. They record your actions and preferences over a period, so users don’t have to keep re-entering information every time you visit the site. Cookies can also help to personalise the content you see to make it more personal and relevant to your interests. Simply put, cookies make your experience of using a website faster and easier.

Cookies are what is considered to be Non-personal Identification, meaning they do not contain personal information that might identify the user. Instead, they recognise the computer and other technical properties and parameters. With that being said, cookies may on occasion be linked with the personal information you have voluntarily submitted that is stored on our servers.

To find out more about the Personal Identification Information we store, please refer to our Privacy Policy Page here.

Ultimately, we use cookies to give our users the best possible experience when using the website. Depending on the types of cookies in use at any one time, they generally enable us to recognise the user and their personal preferences. In doing so, this helps us to optimise our systems to provide our users with a more relevant and engaging experience.

There are many types of cookies that we may apply. Some are necessary on a technical level to enable the website to function correctly, while others are placed strictly for user convenience and can be considered non-essential.

Typically, we will use a combination of the following types of cookies:

Technical Cookies

These are what we would consider essential cookies employed for multiple reasons. They may, for instance, be used for basic functionality such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the GambleScope website. They can also be used to filter bots and spam or to accelerate the delivery of website content for faster loading times.

Preference and Functionality Cookies

Other types of cookie are designed to record and remember information to give users a consistent experience. Preference and functionality cookies may, for example, retain information about language preferences or the users country location information. They can also significantly speed up the use of specific services used by GambleScope such as live chat, blog commenting or video replay.

Static Web Analytic Cookies

Cookies used for website analytics collect and report information anonymously. Primarily, they help us to understand how our website is used so that we can collate and aggregate data and learn specific details such as how many visitors we have in a given period, where visitors come from, and the pages visited etc. This information is useful in helping us to understand the type of content that is of most interest and how we can improve our website and its content.

Advertising and Marketing Cookies

This type of cookie can be regarded as non-essential, but useful nonetheless in helping us to personalise the users experience to deliver targeted content specific to personal preferences. These types of cookies often originate from third-party service providers employed to deliver particular services that run on this website.

Third Party Cookies

On occasion, GambleScope will use the services of other organisations on this website. External service providers may set cookies on this website to gather non-personal information to be retrieved by their servers. Typically, these types of cookies are used by advertising and social networks. Third party tracking cookies may also be used by our affiliate partners to analyse and measure the performance of the agreements we have in place.

This cookie policy does not cover the use of cookies by third parties connected with

To use this website and get the best possible experience, visitors should agree to the use and storage of cookies on a computer or device. It is nevertheless possible to use the GambleScope website without cookies enabled, but visitors with cookies deleted or disabled may encounter significantly reduced functionality with slower performance and some services unavailable.

For site visitors and users who do not wish to have our cookies stored on their computer or devise, it is possible to deactivate and delete them from the system settings provided by the internet browser in use at any time.

The majority of internet browsers will allow users to disable and delete cookies from the browser settings. Below are brief instructions explaining how to disable and remove cookies from the most popular Internet browsers.

Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet options > General tab > Browsing history > Settings

Click on settings, select files and the cookies you wish to disable. Close window.

For cookie management support on Internet Explorer click here

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox menu > Tools > Options

From the window select Privacy tab and choose cookies to disable and remove.

For cookie management support on Mozilla Firefox click here

Google Chrome

Chrome menu > Settings > Advanced settings

In the privacy section, click on Content setting and select ‘Block sites from storing data’. Click X on cookies to remove or select ‘Remove All’.

For cookie management support on Google Chrome click here


Settings > Preferences >

When the window appears, select Privacy/Security and click on ‘Show Cookies. Choose cookies you wish to delete or ‘Delete All’.

For cookie management support on Safari click here

Other Browsers

Consult the documentation that the supplier provides for guidelines on how to disable and delete cookies from all other Internet Browsers.

GambleScope reserves all rights absolutely to delete, change, amend and update this policy as and when legal, business and technical needs change. Typically, this could occur when legal and regulatory requirements dictate, such as in changes in EU Data Protection Laws for example.

We publish the date of each policy modification, which can be viewed at the bottom of this page. We would advise users to review this page periodically to stay abreast of the most recent updates to this cookie policy.